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Is My Daughter A Sensitive? on 2016-06-15

I have shared on this sight before and I am truly starting to believe that I am a sensitive. This is not something I want and it is not something that I like to dwell on. I have two daughters, they are 11 and 2. My 11 year old has never been afraid of anything. She never wanted to sleep with a l...

Someone Looking Out For Me on 2014-09-17

All of my life I have felt things. My earliest memory of something like this was laying in my bed at night and seeing a woman with a parasol standing in my bedroom doorway. Sometimes she had 2 little girls with her. This was always a silhouette, never clear or lifelike. I was never afraid when I saw...

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Date: 2017-08-21
Something very similar happened to me. What really caught my attention was your description of a blue light and a knowing she as always there no matter what house you lived in. Turned out she was protecting me. See my story if it helps. You can go in my profile and it's "someone looking out for me."
Date: 2016-07-26
I have experienced sleep paralysis before. Mostly when I was in my teens. It was very frightening, but it does have a scientifically explained cause. Thank you for sharing!
I noticed things with my youngest very early on. Never with my older one though. And as my younger daughter is getting older I notice much more fear in her. I keep assuring her as small as she is that she doesn't have to be afraid, I just pray I am doing the right thing and hoping that something isn't terrorizing her.
This may sound totally bizarre, but just this weekend we had an experience. I was making soap. As a hobby I make candles and bars of soap. My husband was in the kitchen with me while I was pouring up soap and the children were both asleep. Plain as day we hear a kind of whine like a child does and a pouty, "want to help." We BOTH heard it. We froze and looked at each other and he simply said, "I heard it too."
Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. I didn't expect to receive such helpful feedback. It is much appreciated. I will visit Rook's page and see what I can do to protect us and start reading about what it is to be an empathy/sensitive. Thank you all again.
Thank you! I will do that. Artisanlady, Do you feel spirits as well? Can you sense when someone else, who you can't physically see, is in the room?
I don't exactly know what to do with this "sense", "ability", I don't even know what to call it. I just remember as a child being afraid of things I felt or thought I saw and being told over and over again it was just my imagination and if I told it to go away, it would. I always just thought this was my way of calming myself down. I posted one other story on here about a guardian who saved me in my opinion. That was different though. I wasn't afraid of her. I feel kind of crazy to be honest. I hear things and sense things. I can sense the energy of a place when I walk in. Not sure if it's a gift, but I certainly have no idea what to do with it.
First off, I know that you had some of these experiences before you took ambien, but ambien is known to have very strong side effects. Were you on any other type of medication when this all happened? I also think stress can be a trigger. My only other thought is that we can "freak" ourselves out. I am not doubting your experiences, but consider that your frame of mind might have something to do with it. I'm very glad you are doing better. Try to surround yourself with positive things and stay focused on good, not darkness. Good luck and take care of yourself!
I have been to the Crescent MANY times. As a child I had no idea it was haunted. I just thought it was a beautiful hotel and we loved going there. I never experienced anything there, but would recommend this as a beautiful vacation spot. And who knows, maybe you will witness something!
dreamergal - where in Louisiana do you live? There are so many haunted places here. I live in New Orleans; there is a ghost story for every corner.
This happened to me quite a few years ago now and it still brings tears to my eyes. It is an amazing and humbling experience to know that your family looks out for you even if they never even dreamed you would be born.
Wish-not - She only spoke to and appeared "life-like" in my dream state. It was only a silhouette or the blue glow when I was awake. I never saw a full bodied apparition or heard her speak when I was awake. I have also never had any dreams like this before or since then. I truly believe it was her job to take care of me before she could really move on.