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The Doll on 2014-09-17

Greetings, I am an aspiring filmmaker attending several local colleges; in 2014 I decided to shoot some supernatural short film subjects. After completing several projects using dolls (poppets) and a voodoo ritual at an abandoned zoo and then the Bronson Caves weird things started to happen. I am...

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Date: 2014-09-22
We do not believe! WE FEAR.

[at] valkricry You are spot on. Are you English? Several other things have happened that point to your information and theory are correct. What I really needed to know was the spirits "MOTIVE" for harassing me. You gave me that answer. For that I thank you.

About two weeks ago, I couldn't sleep, it was about 2:00 AM. I heard a low voice say: "PLEASE STOP." I wondered what was meant by this. I jumped about five feet, I had chills down my back.

I have taken you adivse and apologized to the spirit in the evening and told the entity I meant no disrespect. When I woke up this morning and going through my music on my iTunes, there was a song title that was erased. When I looked closely and typed in the title it was of all things "In And Out Of My Life". Hopefuly this will end this CRAZY series of events.

I thank everyone for there input.
Date: 2014-09-21
[at] FirehouseDracula Thank you for your responses. Just to be clear I am a film student, NOT an actual filmmaker but simply attending a local community college. The short film projects I have made were in January, February 2014 and have nothing to do with the current release of Annabelle.

All the work I have done is academic and NOT for release to the public. Nor am I seeking any publicity, funding, money etc. I am not a screenwriter looking to write a feature either. I am simply taking some classes in digital photography at a local college, along with a digital workshop for film editing.

[at] valkricry Thank you. All interesting comments and I agree. The doll in question with the button eyes was actually purchased at a thrift store and I was going to modify with a costume and take away the buttons etc.

I agree also that what I was doing was a student project and would not be believable that was not my aim. Which is why I am a bit shocked. Events overcame me after editing my footage in April and May.

Interesting comment: "Ok, for the sake of giving you some insight into why these things maybe happening (and putting down the discrepancies, and confusion as to writing ability), it is possible that you somehow irritated a spirit. Most spirits, like their breathing counter parts, do not like to be mocked. By the way, if you had added the details to your original post you gave in your comment, things may have been answered a bit differently."

Interesting thank you for your response. I will take your advise and see what happens.

For the record I will post the student film ritual chant used in the project. Personally I think it is a bit comic book but maybe I angered something.

"The ground crieth blood beneath me. You will not be ready to see the light. Come the dawn you will be gone. GONE! My shadow will fall upon you. My hand will reach out and take you. I call upon the powers of wind and fire. AFFLICTION AND VENGEANCE!"
Date: 2014-09-20
Thank you for your information and responses. I have asked the webmaster to post a image of the "DOLL" in question, so everyone can view the item. If you do not want to believe me that is up to you. But I am telling honestly what has happened, be as cynical as you like.

Regarding the plastic hand soap bottle being "THROWN" at me. I had washed my hands, dried them on my T-shirt and completely turned around. My hand or towel was no where near the plastic soap bottle. Itwas if something was mocking me! As if to say use SOAP and water when washing your hands.

The event On the washing machine I have never had a problem with it, the lid was down and should have been completely operational it would not operate when I put the coins in, I tried opening and closing the lid several times and I check the electrical cord and the connection, the electrical plug was firmly paced in the outlet.

On my mobile phone, I have had the unit for three years and I have never had a problem in particular after I had just paid and topped off. Strange it would claim that my entire account is invalid.

Regarding what I thought was a work of fiction or a joke. I previously did not take religion or any occult, witchcraft seriously. Not all but the vast majority of what I have read or seen in film was a work of fiction and fantasy. When I gave the doll away in one of my art classes. I explained to the individual who designs costumes for dolls what had happened. Too be honest I was frightened and stunned. That I was not comfortable with the item and that items, small things would literally disappear and then later reappear.

Also telekinetic activity of the plastic hand soap dispensor being thrown at me when I turned my back. I had an arguement with one of my classmates regarding religion and his advice was to turn to the Christian faith and pray. I told the individual respectfully that I didn't believe in religion. I then mockingly make the sign of a pentagram I then said, "I call upon the powers of earth, wind, fire, and water... Vengeance!" Again, this done in jest and left the class.

A week later I returned to the class and I was informed by the individual that I argued with was visably up[set and she claimed the item, a large necklace that was carefully placed in a wooden box had disappeared from the box after she had taken it home and she could not locate the item, although she had carefully placed the necklace in the box after the class. OK, you can say that she just lost it right? You can say I am wrong. I wonder if the "Entity" heard the arguement and decided to take this item to spite the individual.

That same day before class I was with other friends who I discussed these alarming and strange events with. A cynical friend exported another cut a digital file from my iMacnot being series, one friend said, "Hail Satan" and then wrote on an end credit card NATAS. Satan spelled backwards. That afternoon, I spilled some salad dressng on one of my lenses of my glasses. I tried cleaning it and it smeared on the lense. I left the restaurant I had walked a block and my clean lense FLEW about 5 feet. Let me be clear it did not come loose and simply drop to my feet or ground. It was as if something had punched with force and it flew from the frame of my glasses over five feet in front of me and then dropped.