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Haunted By The Night Watchman on 2014-09-22

The paranormal experiences that I am about to narrate were experienced by my mother and her whole family. The year was 1986-87. My mother, then unmarried, was living with her family comprising of her parents, two brothers, sister in law and twin nephews in their apartment at Andheri, Mumbai. The ...

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Hi Lynev! Thanks for the informative links. Since yesterday I was wondering if the toy stores keep girl and boy themed Ouija boards like they have for most other toys. Actually I was also trying to imagine a pretty pink colored Ouija board 😆. So your comment cleared my doubt.

As unfortunate as this is, I too under any circumstance won't allow a Ouija in my home.

Thanks again.
Miracles51031 - Thanks for your reply and the links. Wow! Ouija board in a toy store... Still can't come to terms with it.
Welcome to YGS.

No offence to you but many things in your story make me doubt the authenticity of it.

Firstly, do toy stores really sell Ouija Boards in UK and other western countries? Because they surely don't here in India. Please enlighten me because I genuinely would like to know. Secondly, the fact that your friend's Mom allowed you kids to use Ouija in the first place. Also it is hard to believe that she didn't interfere even when it moved violently across the board nor when it verbally abused you. It just doesn't sound right.

You mentioned about you and your friend suffering due to this. I would surely like to know more, just in case I am wrong.

Date: 2014-11-27
Welcome to YGS.

It sounds like residual leftover energy which was not strong enough to manifest itself completely. Just my guess.

Thanks for sharing your story.
Date: 2014-11-09
Being a dancer myself it is difficult to believe that the idol caused the unfortunate incidents in the family. Dancers do pray to Nataraja before practice or performance but I know some dancers who pray regularly before Nataraja's idol. Also Lord Shiva signifies Tandav (dance of destruction) and Goddess Parvati signifies Lasya (dance of creation), but Nataraja symbolizes both Tandav and Lasya, as Lord Shiva is said to be incomplete without his better half i.e. Goddess Parvati.
Date: 2014-11-04
Sorry for hijacking but couldn't resist.

Emily - Ekadashi - eka meaning one and dashi meaning ten- is the eleventh lunar day of the lunar month in the hindu calender. It occurs twice in a month i.e. Once in a fortnight and depends on the transition of the full moon to no moon and vice versa. So one ekadashi falls during the growing phase of the moon (light) and the other during the reducing phase (dark). One ekadashi is marked by a 3/4 full moon and the other by 3/4 dark moon. It is believed to be an auspicious day in the hindu culture and is considered a best day to fast. Hindus link all good and bad happenings to the tithi (lunar day) in the hindu calender including birth and death. So if someone dies on a significant day like a full moon day or a no moon day it is believed that they show their presence on every full moon or no moon day thereafter. I believe that is the significance of ekadashi in this story. Hope this helps. Sorry for the length.

Roohan- I am sorry for the loss of your uncle but it was good to hear that he came back to fulfill his promise to your mom. Thanks for sharing your story.
I completely agree with valkricry regarding the behavioural pattern of cats. I 've had many pet cats at my house. One of my cats tried to get out of the house when it fell sick. Though we managed to stop it and took it to the vet, it died the same day so I guess it was trying to seek solitude during its final moments.

As for the story, regardless of it being exaggerated or not, I am heartbroken for all the pain the cat had to go through.
Hi notjustme and many thanks for your comments. I agree that it could be the spirit of the watchman lingering in the building. You said my family could have been there at the wrong time. Are these spirits easily attracted to emotionally vulnerable people? Because my family was surely depressed over mom's brother being diagnosed with brain tumor. Are such things possible?

Anyways thanks again.
Hi Sheetal Thanks for your comments and opinion. May be it was a residual haunting and the watchman's murder was just a coincidence. Frankly speaking I am not sure. Thats the reason behind sharing the story on this forum. Thanks again