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The Friendly and the Angry Ghosts on 2008-05-27

I am Merwin Meibos and I live in Holland (heerenveen). From when I was young (5/6/7 years old), I encountered a variety of ghosts. I could always see them, but I lost this ability when I reached puberty. Because of this, I lost my faith in ghosts until these new ghosts appeared in my room. I say gho...

Ghost From a Former Life on 2008-04-07

Let's start with some background information. I am Merwin Meibos, I'm 17 years old and I live in Holland. I have lived in a place called Mildam my whole life until we moved to Heerenveen two years ago. In Mildam I had never encountered any paranormal sightings or anything, so as you can guess I was ...