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Something Walking On The Roof At Night on 2014-09-30

I live in far Western Texas in the middle of a large town/small city, between New Mexico and Mexico. I was awoken on an early morning in mid/late July 2011 around 3:30am and heard at least three "creatures" on my roof. One that seemed to be running around in circles over living room which is the roo...

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Sunday August 30th 2015 between 4:05am 4:20am incident:

I just came home from my friend's house. My iPhone was dishing out a nice selection of songs on random. So I decided to stay in my car parked in my driveway. It is in front of my house. The car was running and the doors were locked. I was rocking out to the music when I looked in front of my car and saw something about four or five feet tall move from right to left in front of my car. It is hard to describe it, it looked like it was gliding. A Semitransparent "thing" that just moved by. I guess like when you see a reflection of jet plane pass over head in a window. I fumbled around to get the headlights on. But only saw the back of the other car parked in front of me. I moved my head around and looked through the windshield. It was definitely not a refection or glare from something else. I took a glance to the far left of my house and saw the same thing passing through my yard in front of my house and then along my neighbor's fence. On the same line and route that it did when it was in front of my car. I don't know, I blink or something. But it was not there anymore. I glanced at the clock in my dashboard. It was still the same time as it was before. The same song was still playing. So no missing time. I continued on rocking out. I was not going to let this event ruin my good time. A few songs later I saw the same thing pass behind my car in the rear view mirror. I turned around and looked, but I did not see anything. I did not see anything pass in the side mirrors either. I gauged its movements. It should have passed left to right this time. I should have seen it pass down the sidewalk or down the street from my estimate in the mirror. But I did not see anything. I music is good so I tried not to let my fears get to me.
After a while a dud song started playing and I have been in my car for about 30 minutes. When I should have inside asleep already. I walked inside to put my stuff away and changed my clothes. Outside I heard a helicopter that was moving around in large circles. First I heard it in the front of the house. Then the back of the house. Then like it was circling back around. It began to fade, but it sounded like it was going around as though it was looking for something. Then I noticed I heard something else as the sound of the helicopter is fading in the distance. I heard what I can best describe as humming metal somewhere outside. I gently putted down my cat on the floor and decided to see what is going on. I opened the front door and took a cautious look outside. But I did not see anything. I decided to go down to the sidewalk and looked around. I did not see anything, anywhere. Nothing in my yard, or anyone else's yards, nor on any of the rooftops, nor in the trees, nor in the sky. I am guessing I missed whatever happened. But I heard this faint sound in the distance about every six to eight seconds. The best way to describe it is like cricket, but NOT. I started to feel creeped out and decided it is best to come inside and turn on some lights.
Oh I am not saying it could not be aliens. It really did feel like I was in the movie Signs at the beginning when the cast see and hear something on the roof. A]nd at the beginning of the attack when the aliens are on the roof and gain access to the attic. Funny those aliens had a way to "cloak" themselves as well. Their malicious intent could seem demonic to a religious individual like my friend. But I think I am letting my imagination run wild. Looking back I think that is how I explained. "OMG I felt like the movie Signs came to life for me last night." The experience feels more "solid" and "real" than a haunting.
Thanks everyone for the responses. I knew when I said I lived in Texas that people would get a little confused. I do indeed live in Texas, but on far western end it is vast desert valleys and mountains here. The landscape and climate are exactly like the rest of southern New Mexico and very similar to southern Arizona. There are no possums (thank goodness because I think they are scarier than unexplained footsteps), racoons, squirrels or even large rats (at least not in this part of the city). I also do not live near anywhere that is rural. It is a nice most peaceful inner city neighborhood near the center of the city.

Sheetal - I did not hear any voices, just footsteps/walking and some running on the roof. But when I was going around the house during the first event I had this feeling like whatever it was could see me or knew what I was doing.

Elnoraemily - There is virtually no humidity here. I am not a roof expert but it is your typical pitched roof. Held up with wooden beams and plywood (I think that is what it is) with shingles that resemble sandpaper fixed together and to the roof with tar.

I recently installed sensor lights around the house but none of them were triggered last week.

The only animals we have in this part of the city are cats, dogs, small birds.

There is another story on here about a girl from California that also has something walking over her friends' houses. In her case it sounds like something is trying to make contact. But that does not seem to be the case with my situation. Now that I read her story I am always looking up at mine and the neighbors' roofs hoping to see something.
Date: 2014-09-28
I live in far west Texas, between New Mexico and Mexico. I can remember something very similar happening to me twice now. The first was in mid/late July 2011, I woke up around 3:30am and heard at least three "creatures" on my roof. One that seemed to be running around in circles over living room which is next to mine. A second one that seemed to be going around the house. And a third one that seemed like it was jumping on and off the roof in the front. My house is basically circle layout under a square roof. Every room except mine and the bathrooms have two entrances. So you can walk completely around the house. That night I was the only person awoken buy the sounds I went around the house in the darkness trying to see if I could see anything in the house and to see if my family and pets were okay and all inside. Everyone was safe and fast asleep and I did not find anything in the house. But I had this strange feeling that whatever was on the roof knew where I was inside the house. As I went around I tried to stay in the shadows while I looked out the windows. I never saw anything. I eventually went back to my room when it quieted down and stopped. I listened in my room while in bed but did not hear or feel anything I eventually fell back sleep. I told my family about what happened that night and no one believe me. I told my friend who did believe me and told me they were "demonic aliens" that have the ability to cloak themselves somehow and he fended one off with the power of crist outside his house one night. While a great friend he does not seem to have a sense of logic and easily believes things to be aliens/ghosts/spirts and conspiracy/coverup without thinking rationally first. So I have to most dismiss his claims. I never talked about it again with anyone and I eventually wrote it off as a dream (even though in the back of my mind I knew it was not). Every July since then I sometimes stay up until four hoping to hear something and I never have. Until last week, I already forgot what night it happened. So let's just say on one of the nights during the 14-17. This time I was completely awake and had been all night. I was doing homework when I heard something walk over my room at exactly 3:31am. It sounds exactly like a way a person would. Maybe child, about 50-150 pounds in weight. Again I went around the house everyone was safe, asleep and inside. Once again tried looking out the windows and doors but did not see anything. I think this time it was just passing by. I would like to know what is really going on.