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Little Children And Three on 2014-09-30

As mentioned in my story "The Staring Man," I worked for several years in a haunted retirement home. This particular incident happened while I was working dinner in the advanced care unit. There was one sweet little lady there who was completely out of her mind. She wandered around the locked un...

The Staring Man on 2014-09-30

I don't have many personal paranormal experiences. I'm not at all sensitive to them, definitely not compared to some of my friends. However, if you constantly put yourself in a hot spot with an open mind, you're bound to come across something. In this case, the hot spot was a retirement home, the...

The Things They Know on 2014-09-30

I've only heard my father tell this story a couple times before, and only once did he tell me the full account -- or at least, as much of the story as he could bear telling. He told me shortly after I came home and shared with him my first, and likely my last, ghost hunting adventure in a demonic ho...