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2nd Generation Paranormal Issues? on 2014-09-30

First let me start my story when I was a child, I'm sorry this may get kind of I grew up in a very active house, not an old house by any means but still VERY active. We bought the house in about 1987 or so when I was 4-5. The house was built in 1984 and was in a nice neighborhood. I ...

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also to avoid further confusion, the apartment was my dads as well, when my parents got divorced I had issues with my mother at the time, and moved into his apartment, I was a junior in high school at the time. Mother got crazy house, she soon realized she hated it still, and put it up for sale, father REPURCHASED house, and still lives there to this day
sorry for the confusion, I wrote this when I was up late at night when I could not sleep. The house I lived in before was my parents house, we moved in there when I was 4, I moved out at age 18 my father still to this day lives in the house. I came back to clean out his basement and had my last experience at 29. My current house, mold has been ruled out, over the last year we have had new floors, roof, furnace etc, and more than one home inspection, so I know there isn't mold... It actually was a thought that crossed my mind when it started happening. The dogs were three different breeds, three different ages, and came from different places, one had a brain tumor, one had cancer that was inoperable, and one went into liver failure, vet had no reason for it, we had after death checks done, no poison etc. My daughter has started off slow, she started when dogs were alive, but it was small stuff like I need a night light, can you stay in here until I sleep... You know 4 year old stuff. As time went by it became I have to leave the full light on, I have to leave her door wide open, I had to remove her closet doors, she got a 3 foot teddy bear from grandma that she used to love, that now makes her scream and cry if its in her room, she tells me it talks to her at night and keeps her awake, I have found it stuffed in multiple places it does not fit, where she is trying to hide it from her. She keeps telling me that if I close her door, the bad people will get her, and they don't like me at all. I ask her to describe them, and she says no or nothing when I ask about them. She seems more and more terrified as time goes on, and just some of the things she say are creeping me out, and make me think of me growing up. I still feel nothing in this house though, like I said I just want to feel like I'm not going off the deep end