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Peanut And Pa on 2017-04-24

Animals have always been a big deal to my family - we grow up with them as brothers and sisters, when we are grown they are our kids, they are family. I grew up with Annie, a nine pound white pound rescue miniature poodle that my mother and grandmother brought home when I was eighteen months old to ...

Coming To Say Goodbye on 2016-02-09

I've been an avid reader in this site for about a year since having stumbled upon it but this will be my first time writing to share an experience. I have had several paranormal experiences in my life, though, fortunately, nothing so dramatic or utterly frightening as some that have been shared here...

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With regards to the question about the closets. My thinking is that it takes entities a certain amount of energy to manifest - any other ambient energy present (from noise to light etc) creates interference requiring more energy for the entity to manifest itself. In my opinion, that explains both the closet thing and the equally as mentioned 3AM thing without attributing any erroneous occult significance to either - closets are typically (at least comparatively) dark and quiet as are the wee hours of the morning creating areas of 'least resistance' for manifesting or mucking about. That's just my thinking on the whole thing anyway - just a thought:-)
I don't get the impression that Cyclone is trying to fool anyone. He seems like a young man taken too soon who has found a purpose looking after a new young family. He may not have gone with his parents because he knows they have to move on and be happy again. He may not have crossed over because he isn't ready yet. He seems to be happy where he is right now - I say let him enjoy this time on earth. I think he'll know when it's his time to cross over- my guess would be when your children are grown.
Faulty knick-knack or Homma? I think in situations like this one no one can really judge but the people that experienced it and its up to their gut feeling. If you truly got the feeling of your grandmother's presence in these events, then I think that's exactly what was going on ❤ Sounds like she was quite a lady and it is wonderful that you were all able to share this experience ❤
Sad to hear of the disintegrating plantation house - those old buildings are so beautiful - and the little girl as well. Too bad performing a proper search of the property for the body would be difficult - you would need access to GPR to even make it feasible. In situations where a child has been killed (accidentally or otherwise) the bodies are often concealed at the home somewhere on property. Maybe on a calm (brave) day when the noises start up, you could meditate and ask her where she is - maybe call your friend over and ask her to do it with you - finding her might be the only way her soul will find peace.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.
Date: 2017-12-10
I have the same problem with my phone and only at night at my apartment. I figure it could be because the Wi-Fi reception is the worst in that room and a phone can run its charge down constantly looking for a signal. The same could be true for your phone in a room packed with boxes. Maybe we should both experiment with leaving our phones in airplane mode over night to see if the batteries still run down, try leaving it elsewhere in the house over night, leave it in that room all day etc... I have also had quite a bit of paranormal activity in my apt (given that its nearly 100 years old and overlooks a late 19thC mass grave, its hardly surprising) - so if the nocturnal battery drain can't be explained by the physical then there are plenty of paranormal options;)
Date: 2017-12-09
I am on the fence with this account. My questions begin with those brought up previously by the others and grow from there to doubt.

I'll be out here on the fence - its the holidays so I brought the eggnog (and you can be sure there's spirits in THAT!)
Oh the archaeologist in me weeps for the loss of the information that could have been gained from the remains in that sand pit - especially since they were found with coins in the same context which would've made dating them so much easier. But its true, archaeology in the 1930s wasn't nearly what it is to day and you can't blame kids for being kids. Often its stories just like these that lead academics to re-examine places like that often to discover that not all information has been lost so there still may be hope:)
Seems as though the likelihood of a response from the OP might be slim at this point but on the topic of paranormal entities causing physical maladies - it is a common theme in accounts from India and some from Malaysia and the Philippines. Here in the West, we are far more likely to hear of scratches or bruises. In either case, these are situations where the paranormal is said to have caused physical harm and if we are to credit each in their context why not when the contexts are reversed?
Date: 2017-12-09
I am willing to believe the OP's gut instincts here - if she doesn't get the feeling this thing is evil, I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. And if anyone has any lingering doubts, why not use a cleansing as a test? If the OP wants to prove (to herself - she doesn't have to prove a thing to us) that the entity is good -as most seem to advocate that cleansings get rid of specifically negative entities - then performing a cleansing should have no effect. All in all, it might not be a bad precaution to take just in case.
Date: 2017-12-08
I hope the OP responds - this was a very interesting story and seeing the photos would be great. Did you do any research on the farm house? Any idea of its history or when it was built? Do you have any recollection of what the man was wearing or any distinctive qualities to his face or the way the beard was styled - any such details could lend a notion of time frame to your nocturnal visitor.
Date: 2017-12-08
What a lovely story and an untimely loss -hug- have you heard from her since? Is the house still in the family?

My grandparents too passed too early - at about the same age as your mother. They were 68 - cancer. If you have a look at my story 'Coming to Say Goodbye' - you'll see an interesting similarity between our accounts ❤

As always, your writing style is so engaging and I look forward to reading more of your experiences.
Date: 2017-12-07
One way or another, it seems like your house needs a cleansing. It seems like your parents would be open to discussing something along those lines given what they have willingly disclosed to you about their own experiences in the house. If they don't seem enthusiastic about participating and you are still uneasy about the house - maybe pick a simple cleansing that makes sense to you and go to on your own. I am not saying to defy your parents - just sometimes, in life you have to follow your own heart and do what you truly believe is best - and a simple cleansing isn't going to hurt anything or the house. Bear in mind that cleansings often need to be repeated and probably just going ahead and planning on a repetition every week or so for a bit would be a safe precaution.

If you are worried about performing a cleansing yourself or talking to your parents about it, you can also try talking to the ghost. I don't mean going out and purchasing anything like a pendulum or Ouija but just sitting down in the room where the man is said to have passed and talking to him (either out loud or in your head). Set down ground rules (ex. I know you are here and that's fine but you need to understand my family and I live here now with our cat and we aren't going anywhere. This is our house now but you can stay if you stop scaring us and the cat.) In many cases a simple talking to does the job. So at least you have options.

Keep us posted and let us know how things go ❤ ❤
Its always sad to hear of the past being plowed under in the name of more concrete and 'progress'. Many old family graveyards wind up this way- especially those where the families have been too poor to afford large durable grave markers.

When my mother was in high school in the mid 1960s, she spent a semester at the local public school (she had been in Catholic school until then and begged to go to the public school where all her friends were going - at semester's end her parents put her right back in Catholic school for having had too much of a good time at public. Anyways...) She used to sit on the school steps with her boyfriend during lunch period and watch the earth movers digging up an old graveyard (the oldest monuments dated to the early 1700s) - the coffins were old and disintegrating many fell to bits scattering bones here and there as the backhoe's scoop ripped them from their resting places. The remains were loaded into a dump truck with the rest of the dirt and debris and carted off to an unceremonious end at a land fill. And for what were all these people uprooted - the records of their existence erased? A tennis court... One I have rarely seen in use more than a hand full of times my whole life and one I would NEVER set foot upon after dark!

Given that society went through more than a century during which time it was preferred to bury your loved ones on your own land - you have to wonder how common such occurrences are... As a person with an interest in genealogy - the potential for lost information alone is tremendous. I am hoping the graves found during the construction of the factory were properly documented and moved.
...and then I click to the next story and answer my own question!:-)
That would've given me the jitters too! Can you share with us what else you experienced there?
Date: 2017-12-04
I am in agreement with the rest. The pentagram is a symbol of protection. Likely it was there to protect inhabitants from whatever was in there. Seems like a good strong cleansing might have done that place a lot of good. I am glad that the family was with you during this experience and you didn't have to go through it alone.
Are there any non-paranormal causes that have been explored? Heating systems can cause strange sounds as can plumbing and as both have conduits from upper to lower floors and vice versa, that could account for the sound's movement. Or a raccoon running on the roof? Just want to make sure all bases are covered.
Date: 2017-12-04
Actually, I just recently had something somewhat similar happen to me. Just this last Saturday around dusk I was waiting for my husband to come home. I laid down on the bed for half a second and suddenly both of my cats took that as an invitation for a cuddle fest so I was stuck (K/P= kitty paralysis - the state of being unable to move for any reason until the cat gets up). I laid there relaxed, closed my eyes thinking for a moment and when I opened them, there was a little boy standing in the doorway. His image looked like the negative after image image you see after you look away from something very bright to darkness. He vanished instantly.

I wasn't dreaming and I don't think you were either. Maybe look into the history of your area - from his description, he sounds like a frontiersman type - a trapper, miner or prospector. As such, there might not be any specific documentation of him but you will likely be able to turn up evidence of such activities if they ever took place in your general vicinity.
Sometimes, the old methods are great. Think of so many of the devices we use today from app scanners to radio scanners, EMF detectors, voice recorders, video cameras, night vision, infrared... How easy it is to tamper with electronic equipment - even accidentally - and there are dozens of tiny components that can malfunction. The simpler the method, the less vulnerable it is to such interference. Many folks still use the dousing rod and pendulum method. I can't say its any less or more accurate than any other more modern option- but newer doesn't necessarily mean better.

I don't mean to sound pedantic - sorry if this reads that way ❤
I don't have too much to offer on the paranormal side though I think marking the bills is a good idea. Maybe put some sort of noise maker on your purse so it makes a sound if somebody tries to open it - bells, chimes etc - on the door of the closet too even the door to your room. Also if you have a spare tablet or phone hanging around, you can download an app called 'Alfred' that will make the two work together as a motion sensor camera and viewer- and its free.

I do have an idea for your laptop. Batteries wear out and they will block your computer from getting electricity. If you can remove the battery, do so and plug it in - it should power up just fine. I have been running my Toshiba like this for years:)