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Peanut And Pa on 2017-04-24

Animals have always been a big deal to my family - we grow up with them as brothers and sisters, when we are grown they are our kids, they are family. I grew up with Annie, a nine pound white pound rescue miniature poodle that my mother and grandmother brought home when I was eighteen months old to ...

Coming To Say Goodbye on 2016-02-09

I've been an avid reader in this site for about a year since having stumbled upon it but this will be my first time writing to share an experience. I have had several paranormal experiences in my life, though, fortunately, nothing so dramatic or utterly frightening as some that have been shared here...

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Date: 2017-10-18
When I was 21, I ran away to San Francisco to elope with my first boyfriend. The whole thing was both terribly romantic and absolutely heart breaking as we decided at the last minute not to go through with it. That's been a decade ago now but still to this day whenever I hear 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco,' I feel like throwing a rock at the speakers!

When you described the man... Flannel shirt, work pants, boots, pipe, old way of speaking, 25 or so... You could have been describing that boy I ran away with down to the last brush stroke. We took a walk down where you were several times while I was there. Too bad we never ran into your fellow - he might have met a kindred spirit... Though since we did not meet him, I hope it was because his wife and daughter finally arrived. ❤
Date: 2017-10-17
As there is still part of her left - sending a few positive vibes her direction couldn't hurt. I wonder if she is out there wandering more because of her own sense of shame and guilt than any cosmic (call it what you will...divine, heavenly, etc) judgement - ie that if someone could get her to forgive and accept herself perhaps she could be crossed over. It just seems sad for a woman to wander alone like that just for having been a prostitute - worse still when one considers the likely violent tragedy of her demise. If it isn't something the OP feels comfortable doing then I hope someone crosses her path that can help her find her way to the other side and peace.
Date: 2017-10-12
Thank you for including your photos! I am no expert on photo analysis but it sure looks to me as though you caught something in both. The first on the left with the time stamps looks like a fellow wearing cavalry boots with spurs. The right boot and spur are what I see the most clearly... Maybe there's a horse there too but we just can't see it. Otherwise, the reason why a pair of boots might be 'floating' under a tree run to the sinister... In the other I see a human figure that seems male to me judging from the width of the shoulders - the bulkiness there leads me to speculate that he is wearing a uniform. Something about the outline of his head lends itself to a flat cap or kepie.
Date: 2017-10-10
Well, someone in that neighborhood is a monster! I sincerely hope it was some sort of a freak accident...

Its odd for me to come across this story this morning. I often joke that I was 'raised by' my mother's miniature poodle, Annie. She passed when I was 17 and she was 18. I haven't been lucky enough to dream of her since then (nearly 15 years) but for a hand full of times at most. Last night, I dreamed of her (and the dream wasn't exactly warm and fuzzy... A neighbor had come over, wanted to meet her and there she was... But I kept on trying to explain to the neighbor that she was dead -yet there she still was...odd). Strange indeed 🤔 I nearly dropped my coffee when I saw your story pop up!

I understand your feelings of hesitancy regarding sharing of your paranormal experiences. You don't need to feel worried about the reception you'll find here - this is a great community. Mind you, they will ask questions but no one means any disrespect by their speculation and questioning - they ask because they are genuinely curious and interested. Welcome to YGS 😊
Date: 2017-10-10
I wonder if folks with otherwise fairly 'normal' sleep cycles report be awoken by the paranormal at 3 am because the body is at its most relaxed at about that point in its wake/sleep cycle making it more likely to pick up on little sensations that would otherwise go unnoticed. My mother has been a nurse for 48 years and between hospitals and nursing homes, her experience has taught her that there is something about the wee hours of the morning - the body is at its most vulnerable. If a patient has not been doing well, that's the time when they'll most likely slip away.

Mind you, I am NOT in any way buying into or supporting the idea that 3 AM has some occult significance or that it is the devils time etc... What I am saying is that it is a time of day when the body's natural rhythms are at a low or at some place in their cycle when they are creating very little of their own energy of any kind making for less interference and more likelihood of tuning into or picking up on something possibly paranormal.

That's my thinking on the whole 3 AM thing anyway. 🤔

As for your pesky ghosts - they do sound mischievous indeed! Maybe try talking to them? Set down rules or be stern with them - another contributor to the site (I am sorry, I can't recall who just now) wrote of an incident where their keys had been absconded with and they told the spirit 'ok, very funny - I am going to leave the room and when I come back, those keys had better be on the table.' (or something along those lines) and sure enough the keys turned up. Perhaps your resident ghosties just need discipline (that does sound funny!). Maybe pick up a toy cell phone and keys from the dollar store for them to play with so they'll leave yours alone. 😁
Date: 2017-10-09
Have you ever seen 'Drop Dead Fred'? Its a rather obscure 80s movie but worth looking up - its a comedy about a woman whose child hood imaginary friend turns up again when she's an adult - chaos and hilarity ensue!

I've never had any imaginary friends that I know of but I've always spoken to someone... Just never had a clear picture in my mind of who or what that 'someone' was. I still talk to 'them' though I pass it off more as talking to myself lol
Living next to an old mass grave, we get a ghostie or two now and then - including one who did just what you described to me. I could hear my husband brushing his teeth when this entity curled up behind me in bed. He too was wonderfully warm. I wasn't afraid, though... It was as if I couldn't be afraid if that makes sense. After a few minutes... I started to see the shape of him in my mind's eye - that's when I 'saw' him prop himself up on his elbow, lean over and kiss my cheek. I could feel the kiss. Then he laid back down as he had been and held me until I fell asleep.

I don't think that what either of us experienced was a negative entity and I didn't feel at all drained. He seemed to be wanting to give comfort or wanting to make a connection with someone if only for a few moments.
Maybe the green flash was a residual replay of the explosion. That's the only thing I can come up with, anyway. Do you think the girls were explosion victims or simply lived in the house? Have you ever gotten any impression of what they might have been wearing? Research on the property might give you a clue - bearing in mind that something may have stood in that spot before the current house.

Either way, the girls sound charming. I like the idea of putting toys out for them. You may be able to get footage of them if you leave out toys in the evening with a camera trained on them (there are free apps that can turn a tablet or smartphone into a motion activated camera). And maybe try talking to them - if they startle you, let them know that they are welcome to stay but there are rules ❤
Date: 2017-10-07
I have found that, to a point, the more I happen to be reading about and seeking out documentaries etc about the paranormal, the more the activity (though, not, in my case by any terribly dramatic amount) but that could be simply because I am at that time more likely to be aware of everything because I am thinking about it more...it's a mental feedback loop.

I still don't see any evidence that you are dealing with anything demonic or evil. Have you tried talking to them? Either just straight out talking like you would to anyone or attempting an EVP session? Often times just talking to them and setting ground rules helps a great deal - you also may be able to learn something about them. Have you done any research on the house and surrounding property?
I have always had a phobia of hospitals and nursing homes even though my father is a cardio-pulmonary surgeon and my mother a registered nurse specializing in gerontology. I wonder if its because of the preponderance of spirit activity/energy in such locations. Now that I think of it, my physical reactions to such places are exactly what folks describe during a paranormal experience - cold feeling, chills, hair prickling at the back of the neck, feeling watched etc... It is both an interesting and somewhat chilling thought... I'm not sure which is preferable to be able to see these spirits as terranigma or only sense them but not see... Either way, I keep my distance from such haunts (oh yeah, pun COMPLETELY intended!)

And I realize as I comment that this is an older story but I was drawn here by aisyah's comment so hopefully others will be too:)
No, there is absolutely no indication that this was demonic activity. "Praying to" your best friend in the way you mean is absolutely fine, a positive way to deal with loss and hopefully feel a bit of closure. I do the same thing with my grandparents who passed when I was about five - they are still around and give little signs now and then... This has been going on for 25 years now - pretty sure I'd know by now if a demon was, in fact, behind it. I am no demonologist but I don't think giving comfort to the suffering is precisely their forté.

Yes, with the paranormal it is possible for things to go wrong but opening up a door to the sinister while thinking about your late dear friend happens far more often in the movies than in real life.

Trust your gut and your heart. If your heart says speak to him, then you should speak to him. If your gut says the response was from him, then it was.
Date: 2017-10-02
The place names there sound like something out of a fairy tale! Yet another place I would love to visit one day.

That poor young woman - I hope someone was with her when she passed. She seems like a lovely spirit who (quite literally) took a shine to you.

It would be interesting to return and stay in that room again - maybe thank her and see if you can communicate with her.
Go Boy in Blue! What a tremendous spirit to have lingering about! Whether your vigilante is living or dead - he is a fine soul indeed! Maybe do a bit of research about the area - if a young man was killed at a public shopping mall, it likely would've been newsworthy... Maybe you can clear up the mystery:-)
Date: 2017-10-02
I am glad that matrix899 brought it up and to find that you didn't think the old gentleman was wicked - I didn't get that impression either:-) As your grandfather saw him too and as he seems to change his clothing with the seasons... Perhaps he is not residual. Maybe he is a spirit of the forest - meaning no harm to any person but not wishing to interact with them either. Or perhaps a time slip... But I am leaning towards woodland spirit. I get a rather good feeling about the old fellow:-)

I love that both you and your grandfather saw him giving you an experience you can share with a relative you were never able to know in life. I have a few little experiences like that with my grandparents who passed when I was about 5 and I know how wonderful and special those little things can be ❤

Your home town sounds positively charming and I truly hope my travels take me that way one day.
Date: 2017-10-02
I don't get the feeling this was sleep paralysis or that all cases of sleep paralysis are strictly products of one's own mind. Given your line of work, you know how to assess a threat and, in this situation, your mind said THREAT and I tend to believe it!

I wonder if the shadow figure was not directly associated with the others. Given that neither you nor your wife felt particularly threatened when he was around - that he showed up to watch over when you were in a vulnerable position (I.e. The shower) - and the dream you had right before the attack where he was trying to chase you away from there (had he been the threat, I think you would have awoken far more disturbed by the dream). It sounded to me like he/it may have been trying to watch over or warn you.

As to what the attackers were or what they were looking for... It does seem like they and their leader were quite interested in figuring out just what made you tick. This is far fetched but... Grief can transform a person and, after enough time and torment, I would venture that it could transform one's spirit as well - could your lioness been what remained of an army widow still searching for her love lost in war? Fanciful, perhaps, but just a thought.
Date: 2017-10-02
Granted, the Smokey Mountains are a spooky place and they have earned that reputation. My grandparents grew up in the region and they would testify to that were they still around to do so. My grandfather grew up running whiskey in a Model A Ford through those hills and passes in the pitch black of the night with no headlights on - came near enough to becoming one of the ghosties himself!

That said, I am a bit on the fence about this account primarily because of the persistence of the thing. I could have swallowed the first encounter readily enough and possibly even the second but it continued... I don't know, it just seems too involved to be likely. But, it may not be fair to write off a paranormal encounter simply because it seems unlikely...aren't all paranormal events just that in their own way?

I don't know - either way, it certainly was a richly entertaining story and I'll stick with a firm 'I don't know' on its veracity.
Date: 2017-10-02
Poor Dolly! I get the feeling that you are right in your assumptions, Meldel... Love has the capacity to warp the human mind when it is not returned. Sounds like life with Tom was not pleasant even though she wasn't married to him... What a nightmare it might have been had Bernard not come along! What a tragedy that a vindictive soul was able to spoil her happiness...

Did Dolly ever seek out any sort of religious or spiritual help? A cleansing or blessing of some sort might have helped shake Tom's (or his father's) influence over her. I hope she found peace and happiness.
Date: 2017-10-02
I had the banshee thought too as I read - it does seem to fit. There also seems to have been a spirit (or more) present in the home. Perhaps a woman living there in the 70s lost a child, could not cope with the loss and took her own life. Maybe those experiences made her more attuned to mothers and children and she sensed the impending loss. Maybe that's what banshees really were in ages gone by - the heart broken spirits of mothers who had lost their children.

Forgive my leaps there... But it all seemed to fit in my own head:-)

Can't wait to read your other experiences!
Yup, those were just the stories I was referring to, Red. Common enough and none of them too far fetched to be beyond the place of reality - sadly, I'd bet that many of them are at least half true while many are contrived to keep teens in line. Not to say that I get the sense that this account was a contrivance on the part of the OP:-))
Oh yeah, Redwolf... I still have one of those crumby cr***y horrible awful no good very bad archaic all gas no electric stoves! Hmmm does it show that I'm not a fan? Hah! It has two pilot lights for the four burners up top and two for the oven inconveniently buried in the bottom - all can and frequently must be (re) lit with a lighter or match and often go out with little or no provocation leading to unnerving amounts of gas seeping silently into the kitchen. The (mostly) constant presence of the lit pilots also makes it a constant and significant source of heat... Not so grand in Virginia in the summer with no central air.
Apologies to gas stove lovers - I have heard all the arguments in favor of gas - I just do not like them. 😜 😊