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My Daughter's Experience on 2014-09-30

I worked at Peter W. Thompson Academy, an accelerated high school for students who had trouble thriving in a regular school setting. There were lots of students with behavioral problems, serious family issues, failing subjects, and many were teen parents. It was a last resort for many kids. Peter W....

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What a great story! Very creepy experience indeed.

My husband is a police officer, and he has had a similar experience while searching for a suspect. Maybe I can get him to re-tell me and get it posted here. Thanks again for the post!
Date: 2014-10-17
Please change your user name. It's incredibly offensive, and it looks like I'm not alone in my thinking here.
Date: 2014-10-03
Thanks to all for the kind comments. Upon talking to other staffers at the school, it seems my daughter is not the only one with an experience. Another story...