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Flash on 2014-10-14

I wouldn't want to make this long and bore you guys out. I suggest you read my first story "The Room Upstairs" to understand this story-line much more easily and also to understand the description/location of the happenings. First things first, I am photophobic in nature. Well, not to the extrem...

Blows On The Door on 2014-10-13

This is one of my first experience with paranormal activities, though I'm not really sure if this experience can be called 'paranormal'. Well, I'm just not sure. Can someone give me a head's up on this situation? As I've written in my previous story, "The Room Upstairs", my family and I moved to ...

The Room Upstairs on 2014-10-06

I wouldn't want to disclose my name, take no offense please. I have had many ghostly encounters since my family moved to our new house. I would be writing about those soon. But it (ghostly experiences) had not bothered me until some weeks ago, because I thought it was only my imagination. Well, I...

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Date: 2014-10-24
yes... It is that elnoraemily. But what about the flash I experienced?
Date: 2014-10-18
Thanks for your words aggers and sushantkar. Sorry for the late reply. As you said sushantkar, to get my terms a little better with the almighty. Okay... Accepted. But why has it happened to my friend too? He is a religious guy. From the bottom of his heart.
Date: 2014-10-18
Hey... Thanks for reading. No... My sister and her friend haven't heard anything. And yes... The door I bolted is on my floor... You enter from it and you will find a small living room which has another two doors. One is for my room and the other's, my sister's
Date: 2014-10-18
Yes... I'm sorry... School life is very hectic... I went to the doctor as you all advised... There is nothing wrong he said, my doc. Except for the usual photo phobia. And no. No shadows. Everything is normal.