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Paranormal Experience Or Paranoid Experience? Part 2 on 2014-10-13

Just wanted to give everyone a bit of an update. If you read my other story, you know the strange things that have been happening to me. If you haven't read my other story, then, please take a look at it and comment. The other night, after reading some stories on this website, I decided to try d...

Paranormal Experience, Or Paranoid Experience? on 2014-10-06

To begin, I have read quite a few stories on this site, and I decided to submit my own, just to see if anyone might be able to enlighten me. My father passed away in July of this year, after a one and a half year battle with cancer. He was in and out of treatment from January of 2013, until aroun...

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The recordings save automatically, and it is identical to my old phone, the phone that I had had for three years before. The only difference was that my contract was up, and I upgraded to a slightly newer one that worked exactly the same. And white I was recording, I didn't move a muscle. I was literally barely even breathing, because I was half expecting to hear something with my naked ear.

As for the paw, there was no way it could be a trick of the light or tiredness. I work nights, most of the time, so I sleep during the day. I had gotten off a night shift the previous night, and had slept most of the day, because I had another night shift that night. (12 a.m to 6 a.m.). I had gotten up about two hours before, and had been sitting in the living room playing on the computer. I was wide awake and well rested, and because there weren't any lights on in the house. The only light that may have possibly been on was my computer, but I have that set so that the screen automatically goes off after 1 minute, so the house was pitch black. We are far enough from the road that streetlights cannot shine through our windows, and that night the moon was clouded over. When I saw that shape, there was nothing that could make my mind play tricks on me.
My phone is brand new. I just upgraded it less than a week before I posted this, so, there was no way it could be because the phone was getting older.
Yes, the car thing only started in the past couple of days. If it had started sooner, I would have gotten it checked out, because I am one of those people who takes their car to get looked at the second it has any kind of problem, or anything that I think might be a problem.
THe car door was checked, and there was nothing wrong with it, no reason at all to explain why it came open.