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Creature Of The Woods on 2014-10-08

My story takes place in the woods next to my house in Springhill, FL. Now for a mental picture there were two set of woods seperated by a retention pond that was always a barren waste land. Well to start off me and my neighborhood friends were all playing manhunt, it was approx 2200 hours or 10p...

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Date: 2015-03-10
True they could but picture if you will the stocking of like a leprechaun. They were green with darker green stripes it was very odd. And at that age I simply chased after it until the end of the forest then nothing. Alot of my friends have seen this thing, whether it runs or leaps in the trees but only at night. Now when I told my grandma this she told me it sounded like a leprechaun wanted to keep you away from their gold. Now I am Irish and have heavy irish traits. I have moved but I still drive by the woods and wonder. And P.S. While your in there it feels as if you are being watched.
Date: 2015-03-10
[at] Griff84 honestly I don't know what I would of done if I would of caught it. Probably freaked out, then got no clue. But kind of does make you laugh a bit LOL

[at] nectarvore thanks for the information, great insight on it. I never really dug that deep. But me and the guys from the old neighborhood talk about it as we have all see these creatures running between the two woods, as they are seperated by a dried up retention pond.

[at] ifihadyoux I have tried but all I really got a good look at is the legs, and just drawing legs aint going to do much good LOL.

And sorry everyone for the extremly delayed responses, but I have been extremly busy with work, school, and kids. Thank you though