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This is going to be a long story but I believe it will make me feel better sharing it, for I know many people have had many encounters with supernatural entities and unexplainable experiences. This is a story that started during in the summer of 2008. At the time I was a college student, pursuin...

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Date: 2014-10-10
I don't think you are crazy. I think what you are saying make sense. However, I wouldn't say I am more spiritually sensitive than other people though, that first night of sleep paralysis I was very vulnerable. Which may be the reason, like you say and I agree, why she went for me. After the incident, I did become more aware of my surroundings but I think it was because I was scared... And less of the gaining an ability of a 6th sense. I didn't see or hear or sense anything after the incident but I did know it was the same entity that bothered me every night and in my sleep.-- maybe because the routine was so repetitive ans similar? I never thought about her wanting me to astral out of my body to meet her... This to me is very interesting. In my culture, we believe that when a soul leaves its living body... The body can become ills and eventually die if the soul do not return. Anyways, did you think she tried to do this (have me astral out of my body) through my dream?-- I would like to know more about this if you do not mind sharing.
Date: 2014-10-10
1) At the beginning of my dreams, I would feel normal as in not threaten or afraid or anything. By the time I realized she is not human, I would feel scared and very much afraid. But due to not wanting to alarm her and fear of what she might do to me, I would pretend to be normal. Though, she can often sense something is wrong and that's when she become very possessive but not harmful.
2) no I have never seen her 'true face' because she would always posses as a friend of mine whom is still living.
3) She does not feel familiar. I don't think I know her.
4) Before her, when I was younger, I had other paranormal experiences such as seeing lights turn on and off, hearing noises/voices but I had never seen or been disturbed. I have reoccurring dreams but nothing that resemble this or, at least I don't think is related to this.

Thank you for your questions, it made me think a little more about why this happened and potentially who this entity can be. My thought used to be, and maybe still is, that I was venerable at that moment, which then open up the door for spirits. She happened to be at the location and out of playfulness messed with me but got carried away. And because I have never done anything to wrong her, she left quietly and nicely when asked to.
Date: 2014-10-09
I don't think 'the girl' ever meant to be harmful therefore she was not evil but she liked scaring me so, maybe she was more playful. However, I felt that overtime, she got attached to me and she tried to communicate a relationship with me through my dreams. But, she scared me so badly that I couldn't and didn't know how to accept her friendship. I felt this because in my dreaming of her, she never harm me but was just really possessive, in a way, afraid to lose me. I hope this makes sense.