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Footsteps In The Day on 2016-08-02

I haven't written on this site for a while (I have checked on it from time to time), but something happened this past Saturday and I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this happening. I was walking home from the grocery store with my groceries hung over my shoulder, now it was...

Experience In A Haunted House on 2015-11-10

Back in 1983-84 I was attending a prep school up in Maine when I saw something that could not be reasonably explained. The school was started back in 1908 but before that the lands used to be a farm. I was housed in one of the dorms, Mass Hall, which was originally built in 1850 as the farm house. W...

Must Have Been A Ghost on 2015-10-22

This story happened back in October of 1996, when I went down to visit the City of New Orleans. I had just gotten out of the Army (was still on final leave) when I and a friend of mine, call him Tom, decided to take a trip to the city. Yeah, I know most people think, New Orleans-Mardi Gras, but ...

Someone Else's Memory on 2015-10-20

I am not really sure where this fits in, not sure it there is anything ghostly about it, but it is definitely paranormal. I would begin by saying I have regular medical exams and nothing unusual has appear in any tests, and I am in reasonable health but this is something that is just so strange I ju...

Definite Feeling Of Evil on 2014-11-26

I've written about a couple incidents that have happened to me, some could have been explained, others I'm not to sure of, there is one incident that has always made me wonder. This happened after I had move into an apartment in Somerville, MA, back when it was know as Slummerville, not the best nei...

Who Where Those People? on 2014-11-18

I have written about a couple incidents that happened when I was growing up in Mass, but this one happened when I was a bit older and was stationed at Fort Drum in upstate New York. I had seen a couple things out in the woods while on training exercises, but, that could have been from many things; l...

Dover Demon on 2014-10-20

I just wanted to post another incident that happened to me when I was much younger. I don't know how many people are from the area I grow up in, the Town of Westwood, Mass, which is right next to the town of Dover, Mass. In fact, we lived less then a mile from the Dover dump. I don't know how ma...

Cats And Spirits, Demon? on 2014-10-08

Not sure if I'm a truly a believer in all thing paranormal, I think a lot of it can be explained if it's look at, let's say, in the light of day. I have had a few strange experiences but I can't say for certain if anything paranormal has really happened to me. I just happened across this site with t...

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Date: 2016-10-20
Greetings Janny,
I would be interested in any of these other paranormal things that may have happened in this apartment. The problem with electronics is there are so many things that can affect them. Just wiring can affect how a person feels. I would definitely be interested in any other incidents.
Mr Monty
I can imagine this being very frightening but I think you have to consider a few thing. It was late at night and it was poor weather-this and since your adrenaline level was probably crashing (I use to play for a short while, I remember the rush from being on stage) left your mind very tired. A car on the side of the road and maybe a few frogs on the side of the road (I remember driving down some rural streets and you'd see the suckers all over the place) and your mind can play all sorts of tricks on you.
And the fact there where no accidents reported could be because it was locals?
It must have been frightening, but I think is was just an overactive mind-You make it seem like a Stephen King Story (Rainy Season)
Date: 2016-09-08
I thought about the foot steps being echoes from somewhere else, maybe from inside, but the nursing home has a tile floor and the foot steps definitely sounded like they were on pavement/the sidewalk. I have passed this place and have been disturbed by one of the residents banging on the window (maybe he had dementia?
Date: 2016-08-02
I am just wondering if you have had a complete eye exam where they look at the back of your eyes. I had one recently and was asked about seeing flashes or "shapes" since they had discovered some tares in the back of my eyes. Just a thought.
Mr Monty
Date: 2016-08-02
I just have a couple questions-What time of the day did this happen? You stated it was after a long day so I'm thinking evening/early night. And the second question is how long between going to your parent's room and you opening the door with your brother? I am thinking that's why you didn't see any sign of your visitor upon your return. I have also seen people standing in the snow and then found no signs of a person there. Now if you had the footprints just leading away that could be explained (wind, weather, time) but just leading up to the porch, unless he was a very intelligent thief, I can't explain.
Is was frightening at the time but I never felt threatened. There were a couple other things that went on while I was as school there, included the teacher who had someone not his wife (or living!) get under the sheets with him. There was a lot of stories/history around the place.
Date: 2015-11-13
If could be you giving yourself these scratches, even though you might not toss and turn you do move while you're in deep sleep. I noticed you said you have allergies, even thought the pets don't sleep with you-it might still be you reacted to the allergies. However, I can't say for sure, it could be something else. You did mention you were sure there is a spirit in your house, I don't know if you are religious, but prayers never hurt.
Date: 2015-11-13
Thank you for your thoughts on these events. I'm pretty sure it's not past lives I'm remembering since the "memories" are kind of "here and now". The places (offices, other buildings, shops) are modern. Maybe someone is telling me to have more "empathy". LOL. I have been doing some meditation and nothing has happened lately.
Date: 2015-11-13
Hello AA,
I read your story with some interested because it is like something I have had going on in my life the past few years-I wrote about on this site "Someone Else's Memories". It also happens when I'm close to a sleep like state and does make me feel right afterwards. There were a couple suggestions-that I could be an empathy-or might be past lives. I'm trying to do a little more research on it. I tried meditation, and I haven't had any incidents lately, but I'm still interested.
Date: 2015-11-09
Greetings beautifulsoul,
I can imaging this had to be terrifying, I have had a couple friends have strange experiences down in Mexico (though I haven't been to Mexico yet). I am interested in the legend as well, however, I'm thinking the weird laughter sound of the birds and knowing about the legend, along with the fact that you had been clubbing might have made you more open to the suggestion of the legend. It does sound like it was a very frightening experience.
I would like to O/P returns and give some answers as well, but somehow, I don't see that happening.
I try to read these experiences with an open mind, and do have some theories on paranormal events, but when you see someone who refuses to open their mind to all the possibilities you have to think it's either BS or a personal problem.
Date: 2015-11-04
Hi Triden,
I was able to look at most of your pictures, I did see the two orbs (a little higher up then the wing) you where talking about with the light bomber, and there seemed to be a light blur between them, but I did not see a face. The others your could maybe see something in them, but were not conclusive. So I would have to again, you might have been sensing something, but I'm not sure if you caught anything on film, except for the orbs, Thank you for the story
This is a very interesting story. Does bring up some interesting questions about mass belief possibly holding a spirit to a place. It sounds like something was definitely trying to get your attention and maybe didn't like the fact you weren't willing to give it. Thanks for the story
I have a few problems with this story,
You state you went to medical & psychological doctors but did not tell them what you where going though-How could they even attempt to find out what was wrong.
And you do not people to try and debunk it-I'm sorry but if you are not looking for a reasonable explanation, and it's obvious you're not, I really don't think anymore can help you.
Your absolute dismissal of any help only makes me urge you strongly to speak to a professional about your experiences, I think they are natural and you can be helped
Date: 2015-11-04
Interesting story, have spent a little time while in the Army (TDY assignments) I can attest to more then a few interesting characters in Germany, interesting as they're just not right. I just wondering how the guy got into the dayroom, had to be a friend of or know someone. Thanks for the story
Date: 2015-10-30
Okay, I think things are getting a little away from the original question. I was intrigued and did a search on the Christian view of ghosts. I did not see anywhere a denial of human spirits-in fact there is a view of a separation between the human body and the spirit or soul. Rook is right about Jesus, he wasn't just a ghost or spirit returning, he was resurrected.
So KayKay3313, it could have been the neighbor's ghost (or spirit) still there maybe just to make sure everything is in order before she left.
Welcome Stephen1, and thanks for your story. I read your story and even though some of it might be explained, I just feel like you might be drawing something to yourself. Sounds like the changes have got you a little stressed, and a dark room can really affect the way you feel. But I don't think crazy. Since you are close to the new construction, I was wondering if they were doing any electrical work. That could possible explain the TV (even the colors). I am also thinking, because of your age, it could be poltergeist activity, especially the way the dog it acting. Hope everything goes let, Let us know how things are going.
Date: 2015-10-23
Here's the interesting part, I wasn't really asleep, kind of half asleep. And the memories? Where not of anything exciting. (Doing inventory, come on!) I wish I knew the people who I am getting these thoughts/memories/dreams from-I would beg them to be more interesting
Date: 2015-10-22
Rook, Kaykay3313 and db,
Thanks for reading my posts and giving me some ideas of what might be going on. I will admit it happens when I'm drowsy, and usually on the commuter line, on the way home from work, so maybe I'm, or other people are more "open". I'm not sure I want to get stronger at doing this, maybe if the memories were a little more exciting. LOL. I sometimes do meditate, the next time I feel an incident coming on, I'm going to try that.
Thank you
Date: 2015-10-21
I'm not saying I don't believe you, I'm just saying it's not the best way to get people to believe you. I truly believe you felt and saw something. Thanks