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I Don't Know What It Is, But The Energy Feels Wrong on 2014-10-22

As you know from my other story, I'm sensitive to spirits. So, my mom recently moved into a house from her apartment. Originally, I was living with her. See, my mom blesses every new home. Well, while she was blessing the upstairs of the new house, something knocked the bowl out of her hand. A few w...

Is The Wolf A Warning? Or Is It Causing Trouble? on 2014-10-20

I'm sixteen going on seventeen in a few weeks, and I've always been sensitive to the paranormal. Most of the time, I can sense when a spirit is near, or if someone has recently come across a spirit. But I'm not here to talk about those occurrences. I'm here to talk about the wolf. Flashback time. ...

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hazeleyes, I don't know. I knew someone once who had a possessed doll and tried to get rid of it, but it only angered the spirit and the doll kept returning to her room. Eventually they had to smash its porcelain face in the presence of a psychic who cleansed the house of any lingering energy. After that, they were able to dispose of the doll. I'm not saying it'll be like that, but if it's a particularly strong spirit, I'd say its possible. Just so you know, no one was ever hurt by the doll, but the psychic said it was feeding from their fear.
Thank you for your feedback. When I say I'm sensitive to the paranormal, it's because every female in my family is sensitive in different ways. My little sister can only hear a spirit, My mom can only see them, and normally, I can sense their intent and their energy, I guess, since I can almost always tell when their near. Very few times do I catch a glimpse of something that's not there, but I do see them sometimes. And I will do some research about animal guides and their meaning.:)