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Well I'm an 18 year old guy who loves paranormal stuff. I also go to various haunted places and sites to investigate. I'm mostly alone while I do such things because I feel more comfortable. I believe in Ghosts, Demons, UFOS, Aliens, Zombies and everything else! I love to read about all these things. I've dedicate my life to help people who don't know what they're dealing with. I'm also a Model at Men's Weekly Magazine. Plus I love to take photos. I own a Nikon D7100. I'm a really humble person who doesn't take things negatively. I'm good at controlling my anger. I'm really friendly. I'm planning to go to LA in order to enter Hollywood. I'm photogenic and I don't brag about it.

My biggest wish: To witness and survive a zombie apocalypse.
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The Cow Faced Demon on 2014-10-16

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I read a lot of stories here so I felt like sharing mine too. When I was younger we lived in Pakistan. It's awful, I know, but my parents loved it there. I remember I was 10 years old when I first saw that thing. It was a warm and beautiful day. My cousin visited my pl...

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Date: 2014-10-17
notjustme - No problem at all (:
You all are wonderful, honest and well mannered people.
Date: 2014-10-17
Mister Magic please get off my post and stop threatening people. We don't care how well connected you are. And to be honest your advice was really unusual. With all due respect sir I ask you to leave (:
Date: 2014-10-17
One more thing, I know you're going to tell me what I did was wrong but I used an Ouija Board many times. In order to communicate with spirits. It worked sometimes but mostly it failed. I always think of it as a toy. Because I highly doubt it really works. I always felt as if I'm dragging it.
Anyways thanks for the advice. I'll look that up. (:
Date: 2014-10-17
This is really interesting! Did you try it with something else? I have soo many questions to ask but people already asked too many. Anyways I'm anxiously waiting for your reply! Love your story.
Date: 2014-10-17
Changed my username! ^_^ Thankyou BadJuuJuu
Thankyou all for your comments. (: although they didn't really help:p
But it's fine, I guess