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Sri Lanka
i did not believed in ghosts. My logic was how can you believe something you don't see? Every ghost story I heard before told about a man getting drunk before the encounter. That type of stories did not made me believe them. After all, how can you trust a drunken guy to get the facts right?

When I was 17 teen lot of things happened to me and my house. That starts a small journey around the country meeting people who deal with paranormal. Seen many things, heard stories, watched many exorcisms and listen to stories of men and women while they are possessed (they always refuse to leave the host body without his or her soul) so, needless to say, I believe now.

I also realized I have been seen ghosts as long as I can remember. Problem was I did not see them as black and white pale figures. I see then as I see real people. Some faces are so scary I don't even remember to eat or do anything for all day. I can do it anywhere if I close eyes and consecrate or without closing eyes. Mom tells me it has to do something with her and my fathers' bloodline. I don't know about that. But I do know one thing. Able to see something that others can not see is a gift and a curse.
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On My Way To Home At Night on 2016-05-03

I don't like to see sprites, it confuse me sometimes because I am unable to identify real people and dead ones. I was a vegetarian before and I meditated a lot before. I stopped them just to stop seeing them. I protected my house from them and all I did seems to work for a while. I don't have an...

We Never Crossed That Fence on 2016-04-28

Originally I wanted to post this story as a comment and realized this is way better story than a part of a comment. This is about a small wooded area in my home town. I don't know the name of the place but when I was in my school years I, as well as many of my friends, had to go near those woods...

I Never Go To That Hotel Ever Again on 2015-02-04

My friends and I get together every Saturday evenings. Every time we go to this hotel to drink tea and coffee. We sat there for hours and talks about many things, none of us are alcoholic and we don't smoke. That is the main reason we empty many cups of tea or coffee while we talk. We are not bunch ...

She Is Stll With Me on 2015-01-26

I can't remember when I first started to recognize faces. But I do remember my mom and dad as first two faces I saw and recognized. There are other faces too. I remember them watching me in my crib. They are the few memories I still have about time the when I was a baby. I don't remember any other r...

Man In Black And Woman In White on 2015-01-13

This is also happened to me at my house. Growing up, I used to see men and women standing near me and they never talks or disappears too quickly. Feeling like invisible arms touching me, faint voices calling my name or other strange languages. Soldiers marching wearing beautiful uniforms (later I di...

Someone Digging Outside My Room on 2014-12-29

As I promised, this time I tell you about what I experienced in my own house few years ago. At first little background details. I have two brothers; my father built houses for each of us. The house in this story is the house I still live in. It is a big house and has three floors with beautiful view...

A Body Guard? Or Stalker? on 2014-12-29

This is something still happens to me since my childhood. I can't remember when it all started but I was a kid when I realized something I don't understand is going on. I grew up alone in a big house. My parents and brothers are always away. One day when I was walking in the house I heard footsteps ...

Sounds In The Night on 2014-12-23

All of this happened at my brother's house. This is the first time I publish my experience on paranormal. I have experienced few things at my own house that I plan to publish them later. My English is not very good so I apologize for any mistakes in my grammar. I haven't researched about ghosts ...

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I am also from Kandy too. I'm sorry that it took this long to reply you. I was busy. During the last rainy season, few houses I own got damaged. Now all of them fixed and safe. Anyway, I heard about those myths too. Never seen them or met a guy that claims to saw. But some of these stories have some truth to them. I am sure you heard not to go out after 6pm if you ate oily food and did not drink water. I did go out like that few months ago and next day I woke up feeling bit of burning sensation in my shoulder. When I looked in the mirror I saw three stretch marks. Amazingly the marks vanished in few minutes after I notice them.

About that rode, anyone I know tells me it was haunted. It seems I am the one can see stuff. My friend confirmed me I can see things by testing me few weeks ago. That will be my next story. Due to privacy concerns I can't tell you the place even though I am sure you will not see anything. But it is clear to me that my ability to see ghosts getting stronger. I stopped meditating and stopped being a vegetarian just to stop seeing crazy things. It seems being normal is not meant to be for me.
Thank You, Yes I protected my house. Because I am a Buddhist I play Buddhist Sutra every morning and at night. It is something normally done by most Buddhist in this country. Ignoring is the best way to deal with this apart from the protections.

Thank you. Yes there is another route, but compare to that and this, I take this road gladly. Actually story I posted before this one is about that road. Like you said, ignoring them helps a lot. I am getting really good at ignoring.

To identify a grave without its marker is bit easy here is the grave site is less than one year long. Because the grave have this pyramid shape raising above the ground. It is made from the soil when they dig the ground. It is long as the casket. After some time maybe a year or two, it is difficult to identify. As the guy who told the about the land, well there was a old man lived near the edge of the land. He knows the history about the town. He told me which family owns the land. Over the years I saw the family that owns the land buried their dead on that land. And I saw the head of the family supervising the construction of the house few times and talked to him. The house suddenly stopped building.

About not marking grave sites, well some prefer grave stones and others don't. I have talked to few guys who dug grave and they told me about finding bones or coffins while they dig. Hope this answers are enough for you because it is quite uncomfortable for me to comment. Everything related to that place makes me uncomfortable.

Thank you!

You don't need to imagine anything to meditate. It's about controlling your mind. We think many thoughts in a one minute or our mind travel many places in seconds. Meditation help you to keep that mind in your control.

Take a deep breath, can you feel the air traveling through your nose? Breath out, can you feel it going out?

Now if you want to meditate, find a silence place, sit relaxed and comfortable manner and close your eyes. Then breath in and out. Concentrate on the air coming in and going out through your nose. Or you can count them. Breath in (one), breath out (two), end the count at nine and start again. That way it will help you not to lose concentration.

When you do this, certain problems and difficulties will arise. You might experience irritating itches on the body or discomfort in the knees. If this happens, try to keep the body relaxed without moving and keep focusing on the breath. You will probably have many intruding thoughts coming into your mind and distracting your attention from the breath. The only way you can deal with this problem is to patiently keep returning your attention to the breath. If you keep doing this, eventually thoughts will weaken, your concentration will become stronger and you will have moments of deep mental calm and inner peace.

This meditation is called Mindfulness of Breathing (anapana sati)


I hope you are not upset about my comment because it has nothing to do with the story. I hope this is also helpful to you too because you like meditation.
I am late to comment on your request on meditation, but hope you read or anyone else find this helpful. I am a Buddhist so meditation comes as a part of our religion. In here I describe one type of meditation you can do without any religious problems.

Metta Meditation - This is good for anyone. It will help you to get good sleep and if you are a person to see nightmares or dreams, I can assure you this meditation will help you to stop them (not instantly. Takes a week or two). I know that because it helped me.

Metta is about love and kindness. To practice this meditation you need to start by loving yourself. First you need to sit in a place you feel comfortable and relaxed. Close your eyes and take one or two deep breaths to feel relaxed. You don't need to do take deep breaths all the time you meditate. Let go of other thoughts (I know it's hard. Even during the time you meditate a random thought might enter your mind. If it did, just start again. There is nothing wrong with that. It just our mind resist to stay in one place. More you meditate more you find hard to concentrate. Don't stop. After a while you will not have any diffculty.).

This meditation about loving yourself and others. Start by loving yourself. While your eyes are closed, mentally repeat, slowly and steadily, the following or similar phrases:

" May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease".

Don't just repeat like a robot. You have to allow yourself to sink into the intentions they express. After sometime doing this you can concentrate on others. It can be someone you love or hate. I do it for every living being in this world. Mentally repeat:

"May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease".

You can do it any time you want. I do it every morning and night. To meditate, it is important to be in a Silence place so you can not get distracted easily.

Please note that this is not a religious post. I hope this is helpful to anyone interested in meditating. There are many types of meditations, it can help you to see ghosts too. I'm not going to say how to do it. I like if you don't see them.
I understand how you feel about this. But be careful what you wish for. Sometimes they are very funny but sometimes they are scary, very very scary. I remember seeing one that scared me so much that whole day I stayed in my room. I even locked the door and did not came out until next day. Sometimes it takes few seconds to realize that I actually saw one. Happened few days ago. I am actually thankful that you can't see them and hope it stays that way. 😐
I agree with Dee-J. I also have experiences of stuff like that happening. Most recent one a day before I post this comment. I also feel being watched. Sometimes when I walk, I hear footsteps behind me, so when I turn back to look who is behind me to find nobody.

I have to thank you Lucas because I typed a really long comment and then realized this is good story to post. So I going to post it today and hopefully will be posted in this site soon... 😁 😳

Thank you for reading the story. It was a difficult life because some of my friends thought I was crazy because at school or at playground they noticed I was talking to myself (from their point of view) or looking at something they can't see. Later I learned few things so I can act as everything is normal.

I never eat any from that hotel, only my coffee. And that was terrible. I often asked them why we always go there. For some reason even if I was hungry, I never wanted to eat anything from there. My friends never had a problem with the food.

I have met many experts in paranormal. In here it is bit easy. They are devoted followers of Buddhism. None of them ever asked any money for their services. They also told me stories like that. They find it funny. I later found out why.

The thing you have to learn is there are no permanent protection against them. So there is no point doing anything.
(for the ones at the hotel) I know for a fact they are everywhere. The hungry ghost (pretha) is born from the desire. They haunts because they loved someone or something when they are alive. If that is someone, it has the negative affect to that person. Ghosts (butha) are normal spirits we all know. Some are bad and some are good. There is also few mind there own things. Like playing like kids or some actually go to work (I find that part funny)
hello everyone!

I am still disgusted by what I saw and that only few of the things I saw. Sometimes I saw stuff I found so funny.that's why I always say one can accept the unaccepted in the world of supernatural.


I agree with you. I thought they are "hungry ghosts" I use that name not because what they do. If you can get your hands on about Buddhist books about ghost (in here I found very few), they have very interesting stuff to read. Hungry ghost are the lowest level spirit. Reason for them to born is the desire. Desire to protect a loved one, for money etc. They behave the way Buddhist texts describe. In short, disgusting.


I have that ability as long as I can remember. Sometimes I have difficulties recognizing real one from a dead one. Had trouble making friends when I was a kid because of that. Thankfully I don't see them always as I used to.

Thank you all for reading the story. My next story also some thing like this.
Date: 2015-02-06
Thank you BroghanM for your input. I sometimes thought about that possibility too, because I feel deep affection for her. Then I always tell my self " come on get real. How can a person love a spirit". I started to meditate again and try to contact her.
Hi Sheetal,
I agree with sds. Try the one he suggest. I also had few problems at my house, I met many priests, did what they called a cleansing. But nothing happened apart from waste of my money. It is hard to find a person who actually know his stuff. Try rook's way. I know it will work because what I did for my house was almost the same.
I know from my experience that blessing a house is useless. If you are lucky, it might give you a week of peace. After the week ends, it's the same old story or worse.
Date: 2015-01-31
notjustme, meditating is a good thing. It is also can give you the ability to see spirits, good ones and bad ones. Don't fear them. Seeing them and being haunted by them are totally different. If you can, one day see them, you'll see there is a funny side too. Like how much we think impossible are lies.

I am a Buddhist. In Buddhism, there are different types of meditating. I am going to lean about them first and starts meditate again. I stopped because I had no idea what I am doing. It is not going to happen this time.
Date: 2015-01-29
elnoraemily, thank you. No, my mom have no idea about her. I do not plan to tell her. Not many kids go to their mom and tell her he is a soldier who died in an ambush and do military drills correctly to prove it. I do not remember doing that but my mom told me I did some wired stuff that time. So I don't want her to know. That way she do not have to worry.
Date: 2015-01-29
thank you notjustme. I thought that too. I looked up about spirit guides and what I learned made perfect scene. I also can hear footsteps behind me. I heard that last night too. Now that I learned about spirit guide, I think that's her following me. I say this because one day I met a guy and out of the blue he said to me " do you hear someone coming behind you and every time you try to look no one is behind you?" when I said yes he told me this " don't worry about it. That person is to protect you, some people born like you have a guardian always behind you". I never saw that man again.

I did meditate for a while and I stopped it because I started to see ghosts everywhere I go. But I am going to start again. I can see ghost and I am going to use that ability to do something good if I can.

Thank you all for reading my story.

you should read the profile of rookdygin for learn how to do a cleansing. It is important that you should believe in yourself. Don't let the fear control you. I had trouble at my house too. I avoided my own house. But one day I thought to myself "I am not going to give my house to bunch of dead guys. Dead should stay dead and not mess with my things". That thought gave me courage to do what is necessary to do to reclaim my house. I still live in the same house and I don't have any trouble anymore. Courage is what you need.
I used to see a shadow person in my house too. All it did was standing few feet away from me and watch me. It was a really creepy experience because I saw him day and night. He moves so fast if it notice I saw him. I always kept him on my sights as long as I can from the corners of my eyes. I did many things to stop seeing this thing but only a cleansing worked for me.
TeilyBrianne, same stuff happened to me in my own house. It was also newly built just for me. Sounds,voices, feeling someone touching me, seeing ghosts (shadow man, woman in white, big black cat, or some men standing and watching that only I can see) I became a stranger in my own house. If I get a chance to stay away from it, I always took it.

But one day I thought this is my house and dead should stay dead than live in my house freely. So I went around looking for experts in supernatural. I met many, tried many things and lastly a cleansing (I do that two times for a year now) after that I don't have any trouble at my house.

So don't give up your place to guy who passed away long time ago. They feed on fear. Take control. Keep your house and land clean. Let the sun light in every room if possible. Don't keep any room closed and dark every day, use them for something. I got rid of them. So you can too.

Others also made good points in their comments. Consider them too. Hope you get rid of whatever that is.

I understand this story might sound unbelievable to some readers. Trust me, if this not happened to me, I also will have trouble believing it. But I don't gain anything from a fake story. I joined this site because I want to share my experience. I learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to supernatural.

I am sure many of you have watched The Haunting in Connecticut 2 Ghosts of Georgia movie. Just like them I can see ghosts if I close my eyes and concentrate enough. And just like that movie, I see the way they see ghosts in the movie. Even the colors are correct. That's how I saw those buried boxes.

I also can say that is the first time we both met. We found him on pure luck. Later I found out he moved away. To where I have no idea. He also did all this for free.

Thank you all for reading my story.
Date: 2015-01-20
a creepy story. I think your child may have seen ghosts. I tell you this because I grew up like that. I remember when I was a kid, I met all kind of people. Some I like to see and some I don't. Only I can see them. I remember few times when I wake up, my bed was surrounded by people, standing there and watching me. I was too young to care about it back then. I had few troubles making friends at school. Because some have noticed I was talking to myself or someone invisible or staring at thing only I can see. That is why I tell you this could happen to your child.

Some spirits can attach to items. Also a reason I don't keep any old items at my house. If you have any religious items, have them blessed by a priest. If not they don't mean much. Keep your house clean all the time. And please do a cleansing.

About your father, did he believe I supernatural or not? Is he always angry? If he is, does he eat same type of food every day (also not very tasty)?