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I have long been interested in ghosts and the supernatural and have on many occasions witnessed what I believe to be ghostly encounters. Rarely have I ever found anyone that believes me, however, and I'm constantly met with skepticism. I like to hear back from people who can help me make sense of the things I've seen, even when their answer takes a more 'logical' and less 'paranormal' outlook. I do believe that I've experienced the paranormal, but it is possible that some of it may be misinterpreting things, after all.

Aside from my interest in the paranormal, I also have a strong love of animals of all varieties, dogs in particular, and I have been a lifetime gamer. I like to crochet and listen to metal and I am also an aspiring writer and will likely end up using some of the stories I read here as inspiration somewhere in the near future.

About my name: Parabol is a song by Tool. It's a thoroughly eerie-sounding one, so I thought what better username for a site about the paranormal than the title of an eerie-sounding song? (Also I might have been listening to Parabol while I made my account.)
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A Stowaway From Gettysburg on 2017-03-10

My previous story mentions in more depth my trip to Gettysburg where I was attacked by an evil or demonic spirit, but to make a long story short, something assaulted and strangled me on a haunted bridge while we were ghost hunting. Here is another tidbit on something freaky that happened regarding t...

Ghost Hunting At Gettysburg on 2016-07-21

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted in a while because I was beginning to run out of stories from my previous location. I have a new one now that happened just yesterday (at the time of writing this). We were on vacation in Gettysburg and my mom had booked us on a midnight ghost hunting tour, as in...

Possible Contact With The Malevolent Entity on 2015-07-08

I have yet more stories that take place at my ex-friend's severely haunted property. Quick recap of backstory for those who haven't been keeping track: These stories take place in a more rural part of Pennsylvania where there is more open and unused farmland than there are houses and people. I belie...

Stay Away From Ouija Boards on 2015-07-01

I have more stories to tell from the same haunted location as my creek stories from last time. A quick rundown of backstory for those who haven't read the last one or don't remember: These stories take place in a more rural part of Pennsylvania that has few houses and is mostly open farmland. I beli...

Stalked At The Creek on 2015-05-27

I feel it's finally time I talk about this place, which still sometimes comes up in my nightmares. I joined this site with the intention of eventually talking about my experiences in this location and decided to start with the least scary of my ghost experiences and work my way in. So the stories I'...

A Phantom Cat on 2015-03-04

I have just had the freakiest experience of my life. I'm staying home alone while my grandmother is visiting another country. I'm 24, so I'm used to being alone by now, so I'm handling this pretty well. At least I was until a few moments ago. I got up to feed the animals and was preparing the cat...

The Invisible Roommate on 2014-12-08

I was talking to my mom while I was helping her make our Thanksgiving dinner and the conversation got to the house she had just moved out of two weeks ago. We all strongly believe that the house is haunted, though we believe the spirit (s) to be benevolent since s/he never did anything all that thre...

Visited By An Old Friend on 2014-10-22

First a little backstory. I'm moving in with my grandmother. At first I was scared to do so because I have never once moved in my entire lifetime, so I feel as though this is uprooting my entire life. This is also complicated by the fact that I had some bad experiences in this house as a child that ...

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[at] Wish-Not: It does. There was a haunting in my mom's home and it ignored her and only bothered everyone else because the second she realized it was there, she asked it to please not make itself known to her because it was scaring her and it listened. The only time after that that she saw it personally was when she was in the process of moving out, so maybe it just wanted to say goodbye.
I would think for the overwhelming majority of people, nothing like this would happen. I think it happened to us because we decided to go on a ghost hunt. There are other things in Gettysburg to do besides and we plan on going back to experience them. There's a ton of really cool shops you can explore, we found an amazing ice cream place with friendly staff that go above and beyond to help you when you need it (dude realized he gave us bad directions and literally ran down the street to catch us before we got lost again), and several historical places you can visit. I recommend the Jennie Wade house tour (the normal one, not the ghost one). The history behind it is amazing. (Note that this is an unendorsed advertisement of the place.:P)

The only reason we had an attachment is because we went on a ghost hunt and attracted their attention. Otherwise our trip probably would have been like any other vacation.
[at] Myst Chalk it up to an error on my part. That thing was only vaguely human looking. It was clearly a face but there was something seriously off about it.

[at] shelbyloree The problem is, if it's a hot spot for ghost activity in Gettysburg, it's going to attract crime. From what I heard, probably about half of it seems to be tough guy teenagers who watched Ghost Hunters and then thought it would be fun to go screw with a few dead people after hours. They can't take people to the Sachs Bridge anymore because it's gotten three times worse than this one, so my guess is if it gets that bad, they'll have to stop bringing people up there too.

In hindsight, I think that maybe whatever we photographed and what had attacked me was probably a demon. The area clearly has some form of negative energy attached to it due to the large amount of tragic deaths, so it's possible it could have attracted and/or trapped a demon. Maybe it's trapping souls there or maybe it's just a byproduct of suffering and tragedy. I don't plan on returning to ask it.
That sounds like a poltergeist to me. I'm not sure if they cause cold spots (but it seems plausible), but the rest of your experiences seem to point to a poltergeist type of haunting.

That's just in my opinion though, based on what you've said in your posts here. I'm only just now starting to research the different types of hauntings, so I'm not in any way an expert.
[at] Tweed: Yeah, it was that exact part. I've also thought about it and wondered if maybe it was trying to tell us it was a war vet (assuming that there actually was some kind of significance to it and I'm not just reading too much into it). The homes in the area were built just before or after WWII and had a sizable community of elderly war vets and their families living there.

[at] Everyone else: Thanks for reading.:) Sadly I'm starting with the less disturbing things and working my way up. Believe it or not, my experiences there got worse over time. I'm currently revising my next collection of experiences for submission and will hopefully have them up soon.
I've been brought up to have respect for the dead, so the fact that someone would do this was horrifying to me even then. This is only one of many insane things they did to try to provoke spirits, but fortunately I usually only heard of them second hand after they'd already done it.
Date: 2015-07-01
Unfortunately, if I went back I'd probably be chased off the property with a shotgun. We aren't exactly on good terms with the property owners anymore. I'm also not sure I want to go back after some of the things I experienced there (more on that in future stories). The place still comes up in my nightmares from time to time.
Date: 2015-05-28
It's a bit late but I just noticed your comments now so figured I'd reply anyway.

Fear not, my cat doesn't spend her entire life in the room by herself, at least not anymore. I bring her into my room with me most nights or if I'm in there during the day and we let her roam about freely now while we're fixing her food or if my grandmother is working in that room, which is a lot. We mostly just keep her in there if we can't watch her so we know she's not rubbing herself all over my grandmother's belongings or breaking things by jumping up. It's also a fairly large room so she has a lot of space to roam.

I also asked my grandmother and no, there's no cat that gets into the house. It would be pretty hard for it to even do so since we have the house locked down pretty tight as a necessity for where we live. The only way it could have got in is through the dog door, which is downstairs and would have left it trapped in that room by another sealed door.

My dog's a lhasa apso. She's also not afraid of anything, no matter the species or what size it is compared to her. She's actually jumped at a Belgian shepherd at the vet and tried to get at a horse when we took her for a walk at the park (we had her on a leash both times and the dog and horse weren't actually in danger). I don't think she'd fear a cat.
Date: 2015-03-12
[at] Femaelstrom Huh, interesting. I never heard of cats doing that before.
Date: 2014-12-11
I have heard that demons will sometimes appear as or mimic the voice of someone you know to deceive you, but I'm not sure that it was a demon. Demons cause physical and mental harm to the person (people?) they're attacking, but it never really did anything harmful other than spook us out.
Date: 2014-12-10
You know, I'm kind of wondering if something might have happened in the hallway or that bathroom, since two people saw it walking through the hall and into the bathroom, and when my mom's boyfriend saw it for the first time, it was walking up those same steps into that same hallway. My cellphone also ended up in the bathroom... Or alternatively maybe the ghost is just dropping hints that we need to clean the toilet more often?
Date: 2014-11-29
I believe my deceased great-grandmother has visited me in dreams before, so I believe it was possible that he came to say goodbye. Someone upstairs must have been trying to save you. Like Vanessa said, perhaps you have something left to do before you go or maybe someone you love was just looking out for you.
Date: 2014-10-28
Thanks for the welcome guys.:) The transition to the move is going a lot more smoothly now, especially now that I know Rascal is still there looking after us.