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Wide Awake on 2014-10-23

I don't know if you can amount these experiences to ghosts or entities, but I want to share and find out if anyone has had similar experiences or if anyone may know what is happening. It began when I was little. I remember loving ghost stories and being spooked (I still do). However, like any ki...

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Date: 2014-10-30
Those I have talked to who have experienced sleep paralysis have described it like the feeling that someone is holding them down. They feel a pressure on their chest and panic because they are unable to move. I've never felt any pressure and I have experienced other things along with this. One was the person sitting in the chair, I was wide awake and was not in the half state you described, but I was so scared to move for a long time. Basically when I was fully awake, the man/thing was sitting in the chair and did not disappear until I turned on my light. Another instance was when I was at my boyfriends house, I woke up the same way (shaking myself awake) and when I finally was fully mobile, I looked up and saw a white face hovering over the doorway of the closet.

I am a very rational person and thought it may be summed up to sleep paralysis, but paired with other experiences, the only way I can describe it is my subconscious waking up my conscious before something (possibly bad) happens.
Yeah, dolls are creepy. My mom bought be a porcelain doll when I was little. She had blond hair, blue eyes, wore a white dress, and held a small bible between her porcelain hands. I kept her because it was a gift from my mom, but she remained in the closet where I never saw her. Dolls freak me out, clowns not so much (unless it is Pennywise).

My word of advise would be to not focus on the doll or what it does. It would seem that the more attention you give paranormal activity, the more present it becomes. I'm not an expert, just insight from what I have read.

Para-Hunter-Anne33 - (just a side note) I think it is awesome were able to gain insight from the Warrens. I probably would have geeked out a little because they are truly amazing and very professional. Plus I would love to hear stories of their actual accounts first hand.