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Transparent Creature Or Creatures on 2014-11-03

Early one morning between 2 am and 3 am, my dogs woke me. I let them outside and they took off running across the patio and down the slope behind my house. Normally they walk out. At that moment, the bending and swaying of two 7' blue spruce trees 30' from me caught my attention. I could see mov...

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Two days ago online, there was a story in my news feed about a woman who had taken a photo of the landscape with her phone. When she looked at it later, there was a transparent human-like form standing right in the center of the photo. That photo is what reminded me of what I saw. My creature was crouched on the tree (like a ape) and moved very quickly. I tried yesterday to find that story and it was gone.
What I saw was different but the transparency was excactly the same. There are no research facilities close by. I live in a small town in a rural area.
Thinking about this (it happened 2 or 3 months ago), I realized there was no sound when this creature jumped on to the tree. The tree bent over but the creature didn't make a noise. It was the movement that caught my eye. It was like fluid water almost. Transparent movement with a outlined shape. The dogs were unable to see the movement I suppose because there were tall grasses planted between them and the spruce trees. There was also no noise to alert them. They are pugs and small for their breed. When I heard the noises on the patio roof, it sounded like something up there. Not as heavy as a human but more weight than a cat or possum. It was a creaking noise that started as the dogs ran back to the patio.
The dogs seemed to know something was in the yard. As they ran down the slope, the creature jumped into the tree. The distance between the dogs & the creature was about 40'. The dogs were already half-way down the slope. They continued running the length of the embankment.
We are on a half acre covered with fir trees, shrubbery, and ground cover. They are small dogs. When they came back up, they didn't seem worried and didn't seem to smell or sense anything.