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Second Haunted Mobile Home, Part 2 on 2014-11-10

At the end of the first part of this story, I mentioned something that would go past the windows of this mobile home. I don't think it started right when we first moved in, maybe a year later. I'll try to explain the layout of the living room and dining room to give you and idea of where I was se...

Second Haunted Mobile Home on 2014-11-10

I would like to tell you about a mobile home that I lived in from 1989 until the spring of 2000. I bought it from our neighbors up the road. Growing up, I had been best friends with their youngest daughter and we spent a lot of time at her home and mine. Her family had bought the home brand new ...

Something Very Heavy Dropping Near Me on 2014-11-05

This is another thing that happened to me and left me scratching my head and wondering WTH? There were two separate incidences, one outside and the other inside, but both were similar so I'll put them together and see if anyone has any ideas on what this might have been. The first time this happe...

Grandma Came To Say Goodbye on 2014-11-05

This experience happened in May of 1979 when I was 15 years old. My maternal grandmother had passed, maybe a week or two before this event. I always loved going to her house as a child and spending the night, she was a wonderful grandma. She had moved to California after her last husband died in 197...

This Has Puzzled Me For Years on 2014-11-04

I believe this happened in 2005. I know, I know, I will start a journal of these things. Anyway, I was at work when I started feeling very sick. I worked overnights and decided that I wasn't going to be able to finish my shift because I was feeling so ill. I'm thinking I left around our lunch tim...

My Nephew's Dog on 2014-11-04

My nephew was given a small mixed breed dog when he was around two years old, I'm thinking about 1978 or 1979. His mother named him Benji, but my brother always called him Ralph. Myself, I called him Benji-Ralph. My brothers, my mom, and myself all live on a 160 acre farm that my parents bought i...

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Date: 2015-10-24
Just a thought... Maybe past life memories? Possibly because you are in a relaxed state, your mind can tap in to these memories. Try to remember details of your surroundings when it happens. If things look like you are in a different era, past life memories might be an answer. If everything looks current, maybe you are picking up on others thoughts around you. I have no strong belief that we are reincarnated, but it could be possible.
So true ifihadyoux! We have a cat that passed in 2010, she still shows herself from time to time, and I'm always glad to see her. It's bittersweet, but I know she's still around and comes through to let us know she's okay.
Thanks Wish-Not, that was the most active home out of all the places I've lived. I know that this land was an area where Native Americans were held before moving them to other locations. That could have something to do with the things that happen. Nothing much happened in my parents house though, it's only about 200 yards away. I hope we're not parked on graves or something. 😐

Hi Rich, yes all the mobile homes I've had here are all basically in the same location. The first two homes sat in, what is now, the front yard of my current home. The things I saw were definitely very different looking. The one I wrote about in this post moved north to south, the one I saw in my current home moved south to north. But, I never thought about them being connected, interesting thought!
Thank you Wish-Not, that home had the most activity out of all the places I've lived. Yes, my daughter had a lot of things happen there. The "gift" seems to be passed down the line to the women in our family.

Thanks elnoraemily, I know she still has things happen from time to time, but I can't imagine dealing with all that at 6 years old.

I don't know why mobile homes seem to attract activity, I wonder if there are any theories... 😕
jynnantonnix, thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. 😊 I really wish, at the time, I hadn't been so frightened. Or at least I could have controlled my fear enough to have made some kind of attempt to communicate with her.
Date: 2014-11-07
Thank you all for taking the time to read my story.

MandyyNicole-Yes, that was my favorite part, seeing him young, healthy, and pain free.

Jetson-It broke my heart when I found him, but I am honored that he chose me to help him.

RedWolf-I will find your story and read it. I've had several of these types of dreams, I think this is the only one in which an animal came to me. I will do some research into precognitive dreams.
Thank you Rich, that is an interesting theory. I do live in the country. I grew up here and only spent maybe a couple of years living "in town" twenty miles away. I find it odd though, that in all the time my family has lived here, that nobody else has mentioned seeing these kind of lights, outside or inside. Aside from being curious what it was... I also wonder why it was inside my house. Maybe next time it will do some cleaning. One can always hope. 😆
Thank you bhataktiaatma. 😊 I have felt my grandma a couple of times since that experience. I'd like to think that she comes around to check up on me from time to time. Even though she's not her with us in the physical world, I will always love her very much. ❤
No problem sushantkar. Thank you for reading my story.

Wish-Not and elnoraemily, if faced with a similar situation, I think I'd still run! 😆

I've had a lot of odd experiences, but they seem to pop up out of nowhere, without any warning, when I least expect it, and it always makes me almost wet my pants. LOL
Thank you elnoraemily and valkricry for the info on the orange orb. ❤

I've only seen one and it was quite small, maybe a little bigger than a BB, but very bright. The strange thing about it, it appeared to come out of me! Around my chest area. I was sitting on the couch, all leaned back. It seemed to come out of me, hovered for a second, then zipped off and to the left, over the arm of the couch and down.

It may of started somewhere else and I just didn't notice it until it made the movement like it was coming out of me. I looked beside the couch, but it was gone. 😕
Femaelstrom-I don't live in an area with oil or if there is, not enough to be worth going after. I have seen oil wells further south, more around the Wichita, KS area, over 100 miles away. I live more in the area of Topeka, KS in northeast KS. Would fracking cause something like that at such a distance?
elnoraemily-There are no mining operations near here that I've ever been aware of, I know there are old abandoned coal mine south and east of this area. But, nothing currently in use.

DandelionQueen-I've never had that happen when dozing off, but anything is possible. The main thing that makes me think it was not that while I was at the computer, is the dogs reacted to the sound. As for seismic activity, not that I'm aware of, southern KS near the OK line has had some recently, but it hasn't effected us here in northeast KS.

Miracles-I did my best to debunk the sound. There were no fallen trees or branches. Nothing that I could find that would have caused such a sound.

Wish-Not-If something was trying to get my attention... Mission accomplished! 😆

CountingCoups-I also live in the country and have experienced sonic booms. As a teen, I was home alone during summer vacation, and swore someone's house had blown up after hearing one. This was more of a giant thud, plus my pug turned around at the sound and looked at the same spot on the ground.

I thank everyone for their ideas and suggestions.❤ Really, anything is possible. Explainable sounds or not... They both scared the bee-jeepers out of me. 😆
elnoremily-It was mostly a white light with a smaller amount of red swirled through. I don't remember getting a "feeling" from it, good or bad, I was frightened and curious at the same time.
You just reminded me, when you mentioned red orbs, that one time I saw an orange one. I don't know what the color orange means though. We live in the middle of 160 acres, no street lights, car lights, or anything else... All we have for night time light is the moon.
Thanks, I love Steven Tyler, he's an awesome performer. 😊

Miracles-Yes, I started reading stories on this site a couple of weeks ago, I decided to join and share some odd things I've experienced.
About the mobile homes... The first one was a used 1973 12x50, very small but well constructed. I think we gave $2500 for it in 1986. Sold that one when my son was 3 (two kids) because we needed more space and bought a 1972 Magnolia 20x50 for $3000 in 1989 (an entire side of it folded up to travel as a single wide). By 2000, that home was in bad shape. My now husband and I bought a brand new 2000 16x80. When it was delivered, the company had torn it up really bad trying to get it down our mile and a half gravel road, it has several sharp turns (New driver, his first delivery). We fought them legally for almost 3 years and they ended up having to replace it with a new 2003 16x80 in which we now reside. All the homes had different activity, the used ones I can understand, but I'm stumped why the new ones would. If it's the land, why would the two new homes have completely different things happen?

Wish-Not-I've went over this experience in my head many times over the years, I've never came up any logical reason for what I saw that night or what my husband saw. I have ruled out everything that I could possibly think of for the weird lights. Balls of lights have been experienced in two other homes on the farm, but they were unlike what we saw.
I started going to concerts in the 70s also. Didn't see Aerosmith until the early 2000s. Where we live in's always a long drive to any concert event and some times bands just skip over our area or I'm just flat broke.

Hopefully someone else will post with a similar happening. I did see something like this mentioned on Ghost Hunters one time. They were investigating an asylum or old TB hospital and in on upper floor strange lights like my husband saw were reported coming from one of the rooms. I was so excited to see what they had to say, hoping for an explanation to my own experience. But they never figured it out one way or the other. 😢
Date: 2014-11-05
First, thank you all for reading this, it's my first story here.

Notjustme-I have also had visits from two different cats that I had that passed. It makes me feel so much better when they let me know that they are okay and hopefully happy on the other side. It's hard to say about the barking under the window, we live in the country and there are a lot of wild animals around. I guess it's nice that he decided to protect our home from whatever was out there though. 😊

Elnoraemily-It broke my heart when I found his body, but I guess I already knew that he had passed. But there was that little bit of hope that I would find him alive.

BadJuuJuu-I didn't mean "enjoyable" as it was a happy story, but that I made my point and it was easy to understand, not confusing. I guess I used the wrong word, sorry for the misunderstanding. The story is 100% true, my memory may have lost some tiny details over time, but to the best of recollection, it is exactly what happened. I can understand you questioning my story as true...I'm new to the site and you have no reason to trust me. I'm not one to make things up, but as you said, "time will tell" and that is very true. (That was not meant to sound snarky in any way, sometimes the feeling of things get lost when you're not speaking to someone face to face and I just wanted to clarify. I totally understand.)

Wish-Not-Thanks! I am always heartbroken over losing a pet. I still have not really recovered from losing a young cat over 4 years ago. I don't know if I'm emphatic or not. I'm not sure what I am, but I've had unexplainable experiences since the passing of my maternal grandmother when I was 14. (Only one weird incident I can remember from childhood.) I believe she came to say goodbye, but I was so freaked out, I panicked. I'll submit that story also. 😊