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A Strong Presence on 2015-11-05

I am a firm believer in ghosts, spirits and the supernatural but I have never really experienced anything like that until the past couple nights. A little description: I live in a three bedroom townhouse the rooms are upstairs. In the one room is my son in a crib, the second are my two daughters...

Traveling Spirit? on 2014-11-10

Since I was about 12 years old I have seemed to have a spirit that follows me, despite the fact that I have moved many times since that age. The spirit has never been aggressive and though the encounters I have had with it have left me a little unsettled, I have never feared for my safety. I will li...

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Date: 2014-11-07
I suffer from sleep paralysis and this sounds like something similar to that. With sleep paralysis you wake up from a dream but the chemical that keeps your body from moving during sleep has not worn off. Because your mind is still groggy and it is an unsettleling feeling to not be able to move your body your brain often creates disturbing scenarios to go along with the frightening feeling of paralysis. When it happens to me I often think I hear people coming in my house and am powerless to get up and do anything. Or sometimes I will think I have gotten up and envision myself downstairs checking things out only to realize I have fallen back asleep and still cannot move. Many people believe sleep paralysis to be a somewhat super natural experince, and even though I have educated myself on it I too cannot complete rule out super natural influence on some of my episodes.

If you think it could be possible that this is what's happening to you then its worth reading up on. I was to the point where I was scared to go to sleep because I was having so many sleep paralysis episodes. Now that I have educated myself I have been able to find out what triggers me and how to coerce myself out of an episode. (A good trick if you are awake and can't move your body is to wiggle the fingers and toes first rather then try to flail your body around, then work to larger extremities.) It hasn't stopped them completely and its still not easy to break out of an episode but it has helped me immensly. Also it has given me piece of mind in knowing that I'm not alone and not crazy.