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Is My House Haunted Or Am I? Part 3 on 2014-11-27

I am hoping to get the rest of my stories into this one piece so it may be quite long, I apologize in advance. I have two previous stories by the same name, this story is a continuation of my paranormal experiences that have occurred so far in my life. My last story was based at my uni in England...

Is My House Haunted Or Am I? 2 on 2014-11-19

I'm sorry in advance that this is so long. This is my second story carrying on from my first one with the same title. I want to do my stories in order so this one happened when I went to university in Cheshire, England. I do believe that this may have been a different spirit than the one in my ho...

Is My House Haunted Or Am I? on 2014-11-13

Several things have happened in our house since 2005 when my younger brother passed away, although I know that these experiences have nothing to do with his spirit as the spirit in question feels harmful like it wants to scare us and hurt us. It started with small things like my brothers toys turnin...

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Thank you for all your comments:)
[at] seafordMuse I never knew that about the light frequences, that's very interesting.
[at] rookdydin No I don't think any students have passed away as the accommodation was nearly brand new but the campus is on what looks like would have been an estate for a wealthy person in the past so maybe there is some history there, I must see if I can find anything. With regards to the figure in the corridor, it was almost instantly that the corridor was checked as one of the girls was at her cupboard near the door at the time so she definitely would have seen if anyone had left even if it was just the door closing over.
I am no longer at uni, this was about 5 years ago now so I wouldn't be able to get any photos or things like that unfortunately.
I will definitely keep you's up to date if I find anything online about the history though.
[at] BJJ no I never did check for signs of mice although we have never had mice, before that or since. We made sure all the toys were changed to OFF before we put them in, would they still start with low batteries? I agree that maybe that could explain it but the dream is what really made me think paranormal, and before any of this happened I was a complete non believer and thought people just made things up to scare other people
[at] harrypotterrules no I meant that I demanded my parents take it out of my room.
There was several occasions around then that I asked whatever it was to leave me alone and that it was scaring me but it never helped.
I think that it wants us to fear it as it has never done anything other than terrify us