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Its Tormented Me My Entire Life on 2014-11-13

Ever since I can remember I have always been terrified in my own house. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania and my house was one of the first built here. My house was a farm house and where the majority of houses are now, used to be the farm. When I was younger I used to have these night terr...

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This is Chris' (biigcountry) girlfriend he's unable to reply right nowand wasn't able much today because he was at work and had to rush, so that is why some questions are unanswered.

1. We are Catholic and we've had the house blessed by our priest 4 times now. We even took the advice of the nuns and bless the house by ourselves. It will stop for a few weeks and as soon as we forget about it, it comes back worse than the last time. Talking louder, yelling in our ear, throwing things right behind our backs. And not like paper I mean a big glass ashtray. Or I'll be sitting on the bed with our dog while its just us home and the bedroom door will start going crazy. (handle twisting and shaking like someone is trying to knock it down) the whole time the dog hidebehind me and is wimpering. He's a big German shepherd and he never gets scared. He's always trying to protect us, same with our other dog. But something in this house terrifies them

2. We've thought about hiring a paranormal team but there are four reasons why we haven't. We do have houses on every side of us and his parents don't want to draw attention to us. And we just don't know where to start looking. We don't trust just anyone. Anyone can come in and say whatever they want. We don't know if they're legit or phony. How do you research something like that? Also denial is kind of what keeps us sane. We can brush it off SOMETIMES and say oh its just a coincidence. I guess we're kind of afraid we don't want to hear its actual voice on tape or see what it truly looks like. Because if we had real evidence we wouldn't be able to actually not act afraid when stuff happens. There's just no way.
And the last reason, we don't know what's truly here and so we don't know what we're up against. It could very well be one thing portraying many things to frighten us more, or trying to earn our trust. So we don't want to piss anything off and make things worse. We're afraid for grandma. We don't want anything to target or hurt her because she's already so weak.

3 everyone keeps saying she's mean from the cancer but if you knew her you'd think it was weird to. I'm not dismissing that it very well could be because of that, its just she had cancer before and it was way worse it almost killed her and this time it was just a small piece on her ovary and they removed and just did chemo to be safe. Yes I know how all cancer is bad because of the chemo, I see it first hand. And even though she's not my blood I've lived here for almost a year and a half now and I've helped her with it all and love her like my own. My point is shell be nice and then we'll have a day where so many bad things happen in the house and she becomes this hateful woman out of no where. And she won't even have enough energy to move three feet.

4. Even though cancer is hard and rough, right now this is not the worst this family has seen. They've been through much worse hardships than right now. I understand your point of how things happen when there's hard time in the house, but its never been has bad as it is now. It stopped for a long long time and just started getting violent towards us in the past year. Yes people are stressed, but we still have dinner together most nights and we all laugh and have a good time we try to get grandma too but she only does on her good days. Every one has stress ours isn't abnormal but we're all getting more and more stressed each day from lack of sleep and always being on edge. We don't think its a poltergeist because we can feel when the bad "thing" is in the room. You'll Be perfectly fine not thinking about it and the next second you have this feeling that your life is in danger and you have to get out asap. I've never experienced more terror in my life.

I'm 22 and nothing like this has ever happened to me in my life. I wasn't a non believer but I had my doubts like everyone does. Now the only thing that gets me through is God and Chris. I'm sorry if this was long but you guys wanted answers I did the best I could its just hard on here. We have so much more that we'd like to tell you but like he said we'd be here for days. And its hard to express everything through a computer.

Thank you everyone for your opinions. And input it is all appreciated and I'm very sorry if I missed anything I did the best I could. If anyone else has questions or input please don't hesitate he will get back to you as soon as possible.
Lol no the clocked stopped in my time zone. But if you account for the time zone changes. It did stop on the exact time. Like if you added the 6 hours, it was the same time.

The thing with the houses burning down and the deaths. Was that they were all on what used to be the farm. It all happened when stuff started to get bad in my house again. That's why I mentioned it. But Like I said my house was the farm house and the surrounding land was the farm. They built houses on it later. There is just a lot of strange things happening.

When I used to get off from school my grandmother would pick me up off of the bus and take me to my house and she would stay with me until my parents got home.

And yes I am very stressed out from the house because I don't get much sleep. Its always waking me up and that's why I have to wear ear plugs. The house is one of the main reasons but its not everything.
And I'm not blaming my grandmother. I don't hold anything against her. She is the one who raised me since I was a baby. Her and I have always had a special bond because she was always there for me. I talked to her about everything. That's why it is so strange. Because she Is very very mean to me now. Before this she has never once in my entire life gotten mad at me, yelled at me, or anything negative in anyway.
I'm sorry if that last comment was rude in any way. There is just a lot going on right now and I'm very stressed out.
Please understand that I never said that the 3 A.M and stuff like that was because of what is going on. I mentioned it because it was a very strange coincidence. I wasn't going to put it on here because I knew people wouldn't believe that. But I wanted to tell you guys exactly what happened, So I can maybe try and make sense of it and to see if anyone knew if it may be connected. I mentioned some things because I thought it was a strange coincidence because I did not know if they could be connected. I told you guys exactly what happened. I did not exaggerate or make any of this up.

I am getting very frustrated because It seems like no matter who I talk to about this. They just act like they don't believe. I put this on here so you guys can help me. Not tell me its hard to believe or that its in my subconscious. I tell people stuff that happens to me and they always say "Chris your making this stuff up". I honestly wish I was making all of this up.

You guys have no idea what kind of effect this had on me growing up. Up until I met my girlfriend a year ago, I had never once watched a horror movie. I had never watched any type of scary tv show. I can't even watch commercials for scary movies. I can't be in complete darkness or I panic. I have to sleep with a light on, so I can see the entire room. I also did not mention everything that has happened because we would be here for days.

When I say "when things started happening" I mean when things started to get bad. It happens in spurts. Like nothing will happen for awhile or even a year or 2. Then things will get bad and happen a few times a day. I'm sorry for not being completely clear in my story. I just wanted to get it all out. It seems like everything that is thrown, is focused in my other room. Its very rare for that to happen outside my room. It feels like it gets mad and throws things. But it doesn't go crazy and destroy my room. I mean like one or two things will be thrown and I can hear it walking around in there. That's what scares me.

I know that the dogs are hiding because when I get home, they are to scared to come out. Usually they get so excited and run to see us. But they stay hidden until we go find them and they know its us. Sometimes they will get so scared that the won't come out from hiding even if we are home.

I am very very skeptical about this, every time something happens I try to convince myself that its just in my head or its just the wind. Because I really don't want to believe it myself. But when stuff started to happen to my girlfriend I couldn't tell myself that its all in my head because I have to be there for her. I'm not going to let her tell herself she's crazy. I thought I was going crazy, I really honestly did. But when my dog, my girlfriend, and I all see it at the same time. Its pretty hard to convince yourself that its not real.

Every time something happens I go and try and look for an explanation. Sometimes I find one and I go with that over the paranormal. Sometimes there is no explanation and it just really makes no sense at all.

I really don't think its a poltergeist. I see the shadow. It has no facial features but it has an outline. Like if it was night and you were outside. You see a figure off in the distance but you can't make out who it is or anything. Its like that but its right in front of me. You can tell that there is 2 different energies in the house. Its very obvious and it feels like they want us to know they are there.

When I was younger my parents acted like nothing was happening. They used to joke with me and make fun of me about it. It was kind of there was of dealing with it. They thought if they ignored it, it would go away. But it made me feel like something was wrong with me.

I understand about my grandmother being grumpy and all of that. Once again I'm not saying that has to do with the paranormal. It just seems that way because the more sick she gets the more stuff happens. I put that because I wanted you guys to know everything that's going on. Stuff has started to happen to her as well. She says she hears someone knocking on the wall right behind her. She said a chair in her room moved a couple feet and she constantly hears people talking.