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Sounds From Attic on 2014-11-12

My name is Akshath. I have experienced these paranormal activities two times in my life and I would be writing down one of it now and the other one later. (Please bear with my English.) This must have happened when I was in my schooling days. Being a resident from Mangalore, I visited my uncle's...

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Date: 2014-11-11
This is not a ghost... It is called sleep paralysis, It has happened to me as it followed after a bad dream... So I thought that it was a ghost sleeping on my chest... But its called sleep paralysis, even your fingers will not move and you can't shout. But only your eyes will be open and you will feel someone sitting on your chest... Try reading in Google about this... Its completely natural
Date: 2014-11-11
Freak...I always loved to read ghost stories and Horror films... But these stories are real... Really freaks me out and get goose flesh wen I hear about em.

Always wanted to see a ghost but hope I will in future, if I do then will definitely post