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In case any of you are wondering, yes my name is after the band Nightwish. I am 27 years old. I have always believed in ghosts and the like as I never had the chance to not. Growing up in a house with ghosts does that to ya I guess. We co exist with them and never have any bad things happen with them. But I can always feel when they are around.

I'm Wiccan and have always been into witchcraft. Even as a kid I loved the subject. Granted like most kids thought it was like the movies at times. The craft was and still is one of my favorite movies.

I am a practicing witch. I do not go strictly by the book. I see no problem with mixing different beliefs and such on my path. It is my path and I will decide what is right for me.

I am a definite believer in the paranormal as I said before. However I do retain a good skepticism when it comes to things. I always try to debunk something before I "cry ghost" I do tend to get angry when people don't believe in the paranormal only because they always say they only believe what they can have proof of. There is plenty of proof of the paranormal. Sadly we live in an age where it is so easy to fake and evidence of this and when fakes are outed it makes the rest of the claims that are true less realistic.
But when people don't believe I just say "well how bout we go to a haunted house and when you see a ghost i'll laugh at you while you run like a scared little b***h..." lol
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Doppelganger Cats? on 2014-11-17

This time I will tell two stories in one since they are short and related. I do not remember specific dates nor do I remember what time of year they happened, so I will just say they happened a few years ago. I know it wasn't more than 6 or 7 years ago. One night I was laying in bed listening to...

Black Cloaked Figure on 2014-11-11

I have had lots of experiences with the paranormal in my life. They have mostly been little things. More stick out in my mind than others. This one is one of the many that do. This is not my first, but it's the earliest bigger one that comes to mind. I think this occurred over a few months when I wa...

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Date: 2014-11-20
pickabiggerweapon: yes it definitely made me wonder. I wouldn't of been so surprised if they were cats that had passed on before the experience. But while they are still alive is definitely odd. And yes I think that too. After all if our human loved ones can come back to visit us why not our animal loved ones.
Date: 2014-11-20
sushantkar: yes I definitely didn't confuse which cat was which... Also I wasn't saying they were doppelganger cats was just saying it's something they could have been.

Elnoraemily: my cats rarely got on my nightstand so that one was out. And as for the first one yes they sometimes used to get on my bed but they wouldn't just stand there. Besides I haven't seen anything that clear before or since those two experiences dealing with the cats. I'm not necesarily dismissing your viewpoint. I'm just saying that if it was the energy imprint I would see it a lot more often just as clearly.

GypsysHeart: at least I'm not the only one. Lol. And it is annoying when you see them at the corner of your eyes and everything because you never know if it's just your eyes playing tricks or something really there.
Date: 2014-11-19
hm that is interesting. 13 has always been my lucky number... And yes hotels usually don't have a 13th floor... So if it was 13 flashing that is odd... If it is your grandmother do you know if 13 is of any connection with her? Besides the 13 weeks since she had passed... Also I find it interesting that you were on floor 26... As 13x2=26 could be a coincidence... But who knows...
sorry for your loss. Now I know that paranormal experiences are creepy but this only sounds like it just wants attention. Maybe your fear of it is just making it feel harmful when it could just be trying to communicate. I do agree with the others that it could just be electrical malfunctions with the toys. But like I said if it is a spirit I would see what it wants. Maybe do some EVP work.
Date: 2014-11-15
to be honest here I don't think there was any reason to be scared. I know loud noises with no logical explanation can be frightening. But it didn't seem to be a malevolent force. So that is most likely why the blessings didn't work. Those usually only get rid of negative spirits.

This seemed either residual meaning that there is energy there but it is not interactive with the living. Kind of like playing a recording. Or it was an intelligent spirit wanting attention. Now if it was a spirit and my guess for the reason it stopped after the nuns did their thing was because they might have done a crossing over ceremony.

Either way I'm glad that it has been dealt with and you are not scared anymore. And also if this was an intelligent entity i'm glad it was moved on. Also don't worry about your English. You did better than a lot of people who's first language is English. Lol
Date: 2014-11-13
that is interesting... Though you said 4 keyholders but only mentioned 3... Or was that a typo? I'm inclined to believe it I mean that would take a lot of work to be a prank... I would say it could be light play or tired eyes playing tricks but you are very adament and sure...
hmm... I agree with ifihadyou on all their points... Though maybe this man is a different one than the one that used to follow you... Or maybe she suddenly thinks hes negative because he won't enter her house. Either way it should be investigated... Maybe take pictures when you feel yourself being watched... Even try to do some evp work.
Date: 2014-11-13
i found some interesting things about them mostly posts on forum sites. Some say they are harmless like skully said... Others say that they do intervene in people's lives... The way they described it was like scientists almost, that put their subjects in scary situations to see their reactions.
Date: 2014-11-13
skullyturtle: I never heard of that before but it's an interesting theory as to what it was. My only wonder like jwarren said if it was a watcher why did it feel so negative? It coulda been our fears making us think that. After all when it showed up in my room that night it didn't feel as negative. If it was still around I would get rid of it myself if it did anything harmful. I know a couple cleansing rituals that have worked well.

Jwarren: yes it was creepy but like I said to skully it could have felt so negative because of our fear. Although that is the only paranormal experience i've had that has scared me. So who knows...
to be honest I have had activity in my house pick up when I watch paranormal shows and movies... So I believe that... And I like rooks possible explaination for it. That your heightened energy after watching affects the entities... As to explain some other things too... People with psychic/empathic gifts have increased unique energies... You could be unwittingly creating some of these energies around you. But also I believe as you do that there are different levels of demons. I also do believe that demons can maybe not fear us but not be able to have power over those that do not fear them. There will always be those that don't share our beliefs and that doesn't make us anymore wrong or right... Beliefs are beliefs and not fact nor fiction. Also one last thing... Your bathroom sounds like a portal... You may want to look into closing it. Something that can eventually wear you down and make you fear it could come through... Good luck in your life... Be safe and well...
Date: 2014-11-12
first of all it seems that your rituals and cleansings worked to dispose of the negativity. I see no problem with mixing beliefs as long as they work for you and believe them. And also there is nothing wrong with making your own rituals/spells etc. After all arent all rituals made up at some point? Personal power is a very powerful thing and can go a long way in ridding negativity from ones self and environment. I do agree with some others research is always importand... Never stop learning. But never be afraid to mix beliefs and come up with your own solutions. As for ouija boards as you already know procede with caution. You seem to have a handle on things contrary to what others may believe. Ofcourse you don't know everything... No one does. Be safe and well.
firstly I'm sorry for your loss. Evil spirits/demons definitely latch onto negativity... And also cause it. It is odd that the first priestess you went to said someone hexed your family. As to who it could of been... How well did you know your father? You said they divorced when you were 3 but never mentioned him again... I'm not trying to be rude just he was the one that popped into my mind as someone who could be responsible... I do not know the details so it may be a wrong guess... Also yes that so called friend of your mothers either was evil or very stupid. One thing I grew up knowing is that you never take anything out of a cemetary or leave anything behind... I hope you and your family are well and your mother at peace. I must say this sounds like it could be from the movies. But it doesn't mean I don't believe it. I know evil like that exists.
Date: 2014-11-12
i agree the dream could have been just a very vivid dream and maybe the rope marks could have been you pulling your shirt or covers really tight around yourself non intentional ofcourse while the nightmare was taking place... I also agree that your mom very easily could have had things follow her home. As for why spirits would be in a new house... They could be attached to the previous place that was there... That was weird about the original owner just leaving. He probably had experiences too.
Date: 2014-11-12
yeah those damn rational people... Lol. I'm rational to a point but if there is no normal reason then its time to look into it more... Granted I live with spirits who are quiet for the most part... Occasionally theyll let us know theyre still here... Anyways though it doesn't sound residual the footsteps maybe but if its touching people and things... Most likely not... Also cleansings can cross them over IF they want to... Which is why I suggest finding out more. Maybe have someone else come in to investigate? Just a suggestion. You shouldnt be scared unless you feel threatened. And you don't seem to feel threatened...
Date: 2014-11-12
well wind could move them but they would have to be hurricane type winds. But anyways I'm not sure why that scares you so much I can see when it happened. And to be a bit freaked out when passing it. But if there have never been any malicious activity there is nothing to fear. Its interesting that you have dreams about it still. Maybe there is something trying to tell you to go back... Also maybe going back in the daytime could help stop the dreams/nightmares. I hope you figure something out so you can move on from this experience that frightened you so.
ok first of all I'm sorry for your loss... Must be hard to lose someone like that... But now I must caution you... This may be your sister... But it could also be a demon... They often pretend to be deceased loved ones to make you let down your guard... They can read your mind and can know everything about you even things you forgot... Proceed with caution man... I really do hope it is your sister... But demons are tricky and remorseless... Be careful is all.
Date: 2014-11-12
firstly sorry about the loss you encountered there... Now that house sounds amazing... I would have lived there always... I find it interesting how the house keeps getting brought back into your family's life in one way or another... It could mean it wants you to know something... I understand you don't want to research it... But me personally id investigate the history and the haunting... But that's me... I love the paranormal... And love experiencing it and reading personal encounters. Thanks for the great story... Be safe and well.
i agree with nectarvore... I have had an experience where screams were not heard by people right downstairs... When they clearly should have... Its in my first story actually which I just submited today... So itll be a few days before its up... But anyways... Honestly not sure what it could have been if it was a demon it would still be plaguing you... Hmm... Maybe some entity getting its jollies out of scaring you... I know that sounds weird and movie like but ghost were living people once... They would be the same in death more or less... But they can show themselves however they want to... Have you seen anything like it since?
Date: 2014-11-11
Hello, ok a few things here. Have you asked your boyfriend if he has experienced anything in the house? And if so were his experiences before you moved in or only since you've been there? Also I may be the oddball here but I don't think a cleansing is the best idea. At least not yet. Because like you have said it has not been harmful in any way. And has just been seeking attention from the sounds of it. Even if it is a negative entity hiding behind the guise of a harmless spirit just looking for attention like some do. It still would be a bad idea. Doing a cleansing may only make it angry. It could be a former tenant or something. And that would make it angry because you would be trying to evict it in a sense. Wouldn't you get angry if you were being pushed out of your home by someone new in the house? And if it is a negative entity cleansings rarely work at first especially if you do it before knowing the true nature of this entity. I know you have that rule of not investigating where you live. At least acknowledge it. Talk to it say that you are aware it is there and that you are not there to harm them and have no problem co existing there with it. As long as it doesn't harm you or scare you. If things take a more negative turn after this and you feel the atmosphere of the house has darkened then yes you may want to do the cleansing. But remember cleansings only work on negative energies. Unless you do a crossing over ceremony as well. But again I just think doing the cleansing before knowing anything about the entity is a bad idea. Because like I said before it may get angry that you are trying to get rid of it from its house if it used to live there. (sorry for the long comment I tend to ramble when it involves the paranormal.) good luck and keep us informed as to how you go about dealing with it.