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My Grandfather Stayed Here on 2014-11-24

My grandfather passed away in February 2007. Even though he was already 80 years old at that time he was in very good shape and liked to go skiing (cross-country) almost every day during winter. He passed away on one of his skiing trips without any warning. Quite soon after that it became clear to u...

Foggy Beings - Opinions Wanted on 2014-11-13

I'm going to start this of by telling you guys that this is not the first time I have encountered something paranormal. I know my late grandfather is hanging back in this world on some level and there have been other sightings here and there. I don't usually pay much attention to them but this time ...

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Thank you everyone for your comments.
RitaCMW - Not strange or naive at all, I've been wondering the same thing. I have never noticed anything already done when I'm supposed to do it (at least not in a way I could say it was definitely my grandfather who did it), but there are a lot of tasks that are only done when needed so I can't say for sure. Most of the work is quite heavy though so I wonder if he would have enough energy to do them. I mean it's one thing to move tools but a whole other thing to move something heavy in a precise manner.
Woah, I think you might be right BadJuuJuu. I hadn't even considered past pets. I've had several pets before and one of them might be this thing. I had an old black bunny that got sick last spring and had to be put down. It happened at my parents' farm and she is buried there too. There is some activity at the farm so I haven't paid any special attention to anything there, but I have seen something similar moving around there before this, I just hadn't connected the dots that it might have been the same thing that is now in my house and follows me around where I go. So maybe a few weeks ago it decided to follow me back to my place for a change. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am. The bunny used to kind of "tiptoe" around when it didn't want to be noticed and it was very similar to how the dark being moves.

I'm having second thoughts whether the dark and light beings are actually connected like I suspected in the story. The light one only appeared that one time and maybe it was just a coincidence that it was placed directly between me and the dark being.
Date: 2014-11-19
First thing that came to my mind is that it was just curious about what you were doing and stopped by to check it out. You say you had some old wood from a barn you took down in your back yard, I'm wondering if you ever noticed any activity around those that might've drawn Mr. Winfred there.
Thanks for all the comments.

I should've been more clear, I don't see the "things" all the time. The dark one has been appearing on and off for a few weeks now. Like one day I may see it a few times and then the next day not at all. It's not usually there for more than a few minutes and then moves away. At first I was wondering if it was something bad because of the color, but I never feel scared of it or anything. The lighter one only appeared that one time.

I have had my vision checked and my eyes examined because of other reasons. There is nothing wrong that could explain this. I was reading about ocular migraines just now and it didn't sound like what I see. The dark thing moves calmly and some times stops, if I turn my head far enough I don't see it anymore and when I turn my head back it's there again. If it moves behind a desk or something, I don't see it, but if I go and take a look behind the desk it's there.

In Finnish folklore there are all kinds of creatures living everywhere. I can't remember anything like this ever mentioned, but I'll definitely take a look if I can find something.
Date: 2014-11-18
Aww this is cute.
Though I agree, something about small ghost girls creep me out. One too many japanese horror films I guess.:D