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The Tall Dark Figure on 2015-08-24

I must start my experience with a quick prequel: The house I grew up in was in the central valley of California, and I believed it to be haunted. My mother, three out of six brothers, cousin, and uncle all experienced paranormal activity in the form of apparitions, unexplained noises/voices and nigh...

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Date: 2015-09-01
Yes, I agree, Cerberus asked some great questions. To be honest, a lot of the sexual/physical/emotional abuse started before I was even born. I was the youngest of the family at that time, but even then, the abuse caught up with me too. My home hardly ever was a 'light' place. There was so much anger and sadness going on, it just became a theme. My mother was fanatically religious, but I believe she used religion to yield and project her rage to her children. Any moments of happiness were short lived. I know my mother loved us, but she was a broken woman. My parents seperated when I was young, so my father was never in the home (until now, after their official divorce). According to my mother and sister, when my dad was in the home, he was a huge source of the abuse as well. Throughout the years, my mother had cousins move in and out, even people from the church who needed a temporary place to stay. So there were many people to project energy in the home. I guess the person who was most affected by his childhood was my older brother, who lost himself in meth addiction. He struggled a lot in the home. He claimed voices talking to him, seeing demons and having visions of his own death. My story is just a drop in the bucket compared to what he's been through. What's ironic is that when my mom moved out of the home, my brother later moved in with my dad and became his tormentor. He verbally, physically and emotionally abused my father. A lot of that was drug induced, though. In the end, the reason I still visit my father in the home is because my dad is 79yrs old and can no longer drive. I go and take my two daughters with me, but we stay in the home for a couple of minutes and then take my dad out to eat or run errands. I make it a point to not linger in the home for very long (10min or so at most). Although I must say that since my dad renovated the home, it has felt a bit lighter. But not enough where I'd want to stay!
Date: 2015-08-31
Tweed, thank you, I appreciate your feedback and support. I have never read others experiences with these dark entities. I will definitely have to do some research. You're correct, there is definitely safety and strength in numbers! While I am not fanatically religious, I do believe in God and in his protection. My meditation comes in the form of nightly prayer. In the end, I consider myself to be more spiritual. I definitely believe in cleansings. I make it a point to sage my home when I see fit. But I'm not familiar with protection rituals. Again, something I will have to educate myself on. Once again, thank you for your warm support.
Date: 2015-08-31
Cerberus7, thank you so much for taking the time to read my experience. When I submitted my story, I didn't really know what to expect. Your comments/observations are definitely appreciated:)
In regards to your question, I really don't know if my family acted on negative forces, causing them to do the ugly things they did. I have thought about it, but it's almost like asking yourself what came first, the chicken or the egg? I can say that the house itself harbors a heaviness, a sense of anxiety and sadness. That may be the residual effect of what many of us went through living in that house, causing a permanent stain on the foundation itself. In the end, I'm thankful that I've been strong-minded enough to work through my childhood trauma. But truth be told, the experience of the dark entity still lurks in the shadows of my mind. A gnawing thought disrupts my life from time to time, wondering if it will ever re-appear. It might sound silly, but I even wondered if sharing my story would give it power to come back. But in the end, I realize that the fear itself is what fuels such negativity and I decide to keep my spirit, mind and body in positive light. This is my armor.
Once again, thank you!
Warm Wishes,