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Something's Up on 2015-07-22

In the last few weeks I have had odd things happening to me around my home. They have been enough to get my attention and creep me out and now one of my coworkers came to inform me weird things are happening at my cubicle. This morning I come in to work, set my things down and got my computer on...

My Big Brother Lives On on 2014-11-18

This is a very personal story, My only older brother died on 10/07/2014,leaving so many unanswered questions and sadness behind, you see he killed himself. In just about 3 weeks before his death something happened to him, and we don't know what and will never know, all we know is that in those last ...

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What a peculiar story, I have to say that what really stood out to me was that your boyfriend did not leave with you when you were asked to leave, but later, not cool, and also for Gina to blow up over that seems rather much, better to have good people around you then that flip out for nothing.
Date: 2015-07-23
Death by Donut, Sorry, should have said that my brother passed away October 2014, his death is something I struggle with, and come to think of it these incidents have started with me having all these recent thoughts about him, and just regret and blame, his death was a suicide, so there is just a lot of intense feelings
I would definitly concur with the previous comment, and would like to follow up with that you truly need to be under the care of a good psychiatrist for medication effects and treatments you have been diagnosed with some serious issues that need constant care. I wish you the best, and it worries me when you say that you hear voices to harm your self and others, I hope you have a good support system in place, if not get someone you trust to talk to about everything going on. Be strong
Date: 2014-11-20
I attached photo for posting don't know what happened, I will attempt to add it but am having issues trying to post it. But it really needs to be seen to appreciate it.
Thank you all for your kind words, even reading your comments I still loose it emotionally, you assume that you will get old together as siblings, and I worried often about his future, but who knew there would be no old age or future for him, he was 37.