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Be Killed Or Fight on 2016-07-05

I've been reading some stories from Philippines about the aswang/ghouls, and I happen to have a experience with those night creatures. I was 15 that time and my aunt (my mom's cousin) was 7 months pregnant with her first child. My aunt lived with me and my maternal grandparents since her husband ...

Creepy Old House on 2014-11-24

I want to share my experience. When I try to share my experience to my family and close friends, they will just laugh at me and they think I'm just crazy or making up those stories. I became more sensitive to the paranormal things when I was around 12 years old (you can read my story White Dog an...

White Dog And Little Boy on 2014-11-19

I'm new here. I want to share one from my many experiences. I'm not that good in english so please. This was happened about 11 years ago. By the way, I live in Nueva Ecija and I was just 12 that time. It's 31st of October, 8:30pm. My Cousin Jen (not her real name) was in our house. Her house was ...

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Date: 2017-02-01
[at] mhannerism I heard lots of stories about aswang in our part. Every barrio near us has experienced it so it was really scary. I thought aswang only exist in visayas and mindanao. I was wrong. I have a friend who lives in tuguegarao and she says even there, sightings of aswang was so frequent. Hope I won't experience it again. Haha
Date: 2016-09-14
It's a Church from 1800 not 80's...sorry for the wrong info. XD
San kayo sa nueva ecija? I'm from there too. Haha

Maybe he felt and realized that your grandma was so sorry that she couldn't make it to his funeral. Maybe the reason why her father appeared was, he was so worried about your grandma because not attending his funeral means there was a huge reason for it.
Date: 2016-09-12
Sorry for the late reply. I just came back from a 2 months vacation in the Philippines.

[at] mhannerism our province is nueva ecija which is in luzon.

[at] roylynx I wish it was the drama that I watched. But it's true.

[at] lady-glow hahaha just the butterfly knife and the rosary was under her pillow the machete and the garlic and salt was tucked beside the bed. Hahaha sorry for my bad english.
At the place where I stayed I heard that many people saw a huge bird with bat like wings and has the body of a human. There was this time that it attacked someone near our place they hunted it down and manage to wound it but they didn't catch it.

[at] redwolf I don't about golden crown flying fox. Even though we are so near in a forest, no sightings of a flying fox there. Many people go in that forest since there's this huge cross that was part of an old church from 80's. But no one saw any golden crown flying fox.
Date: 2015-10-04
hello after 10 months i'm back. I know i'm too latev to answers all your questions. It's just that when I posted this, I tried answering all your questions but sadly I can't post any comments. I tried and tried but I can't post the comment so I got pissed off and logged out. 😊

Mandyynicole- I consulted a shaman and without saying and not giving any infos regarding what I experienced, she immediately told me that this shadow figure is following me and I need to be careful because this shadow liked me. Then she told me that I need to talk to it and ask it to not bother me if I felt and see again this shadow figure (which I think I can't do because i'm too scared! Haha)

My parents hired someone to clean our house weekly, this man and his family told me that they're so scared to enter in our house. They felt like they're being watched and not welcome. This man nephew told me that her younger sister saw my dead grandma standing in our frontyard, waving and smiling at her younger sister.

I don't even know who that woman is or any history regarding about her but our neighbor who is an elder said that the land where our house is, was used to be a graveyard back in WW2 I think and later on circa 1980-90's it was used to be a dumping site for cadaver who is murdered and salvaged or raped.
4,5 or 6 years ago, I don't remeber it clearly. Outside the fence of our backyard, they found a murdered body in a state of decomposition. Then months later someone was killed just in front of our frontyard fence column then weeks later an accident happened on the same spot, the driver was killed immediately.
Date: 2014-11-25
After this shadow figure began to follow me, I began to have vivid dreams every night and woke up in 3am. It's always about a lady in white. She's threatening me not to return in our old house or else she'll do something bad to me and my family. I tried telling it to my parents but they don't want to believe. There's this dream that freaked me out, I dreamed of a man with horns, red eyes and fangs. I believe it's a demon. He's trying to get me by any means but a tall man with white ancient greek dress appeared and save me, but the demon say that after 26 he'll return and get me. After that my nightmares became intense that sometimes I don't want to sleep. They think i'm crazy. It's sad to think that everyone think of me as a freak or weirdo. It's not like I want to experience those things.

I tried but I can't stop haha. God Bless you!
Date: 2014-11-24
Hello, i'm from Philippines too. Unseen hitchrider was common in my province. They are often seen at the bridges, I don't know why. But thank God that you get home safely. Next time before passing on that road, be sure to honk.
Date: 2014-11-22
ramble - i'm more curious and amazed when I saw the dog. The same dog appeared to saved me, and that time, it talked, but it was angry because my dead grandma asked me if I want to go with her, I said yes out of the blue, i'm not dreaming but I'm out of my body, I saw lots of spirits and a huge black door. I was ab0ut to enter when the dog appeared and chase me out, he said that I don't belong there and I need to go back before it's too late.

Elnoraemily- the boy looked so wet and muddy and bloated, I saw the water dripped on it's hair.