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I'm happy to finally share my experiences and make new friends with common interests:-)
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Ghostly Goat And That Weird Creature In The Valley on 2008-08-11

The following 2 stories are short so I added them together. One of my grandmother's hobbies was to sit down beside me and relate her ghost stories to me. That sounds very weird as I'm only one of her 52 nieces and nephews. But it seemed like I was the only one to listen to her. She told me tha...

Mysterious Woman In Car Accident on 2008-08-11

As I have already said in a previous story, I work as a part-time care worker apart from my studies. One day a friend of mine needed a lift home after work and as it was late and there were no buses at that time, I decided to drive her home. Unfortunately on our way to her house about 100 meters ...

We've Come To Say We're Fine on 2008-07-29

My grandparents from my father's side died a year before I was born and those from my mother's side died about 4 years ago. My father's dad was a soldier and even though I never knew him, I always had an interest in his life as I have a huge interest in military stuff. I used to ask dad loads of ...

The White Light On The Central Strip on 2008-07-28

It was a summer's day about 2 years ago and it was around 11PM. It was so hot I couldn't sleep so I decided to get my car out of the garage and take the road. Something told me to drive through this particular by pass where about a year before there had been a terrible MVA and 2 girls were killed, i...

This Is Martha, My Angel Of Death on 2008-07-28

I used to work as a care worker with the elderly in an elderly home. This home is a private one and has 3 floors and on the third one there's a sort of specialized unit. In it patients with CVAs, CAs, Alzheimer's and Dementia reside. Once I was on night shift on this particular ward and I knew t...

The Frame In The Upper Corridor on 2008-07-21

As I had said in my first story, most of the happenings in our house happened around me and in the bedroom I used to sleep in and also the upper floor corridor. Recently I realised that my 13 year old sister, who now owns the bedroom I used to sleep in, is afraid to go into her room because she's...

Strange Happenings Around Me on 2008-07-21

I am really happy to finally submit my experiences in this site. I would greatly appreciate comments about them too. Basically all my experience happened in one place; the house I live in with my parents in Mosta, Malta. Dad bought the house (which was still being built at the time) back in 1992....

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Well whitebuffalo,

I could see clearly in the car and it was not headlights. It was a woman in flesh and blood, plus no, something just told me to prepare myself for the hit, it was after that I heard the breaks.
Date: 2008-08-13
Hi dinosaur 1993,

You have an interesting story here. A very similar thing happened to me when once I took a photograph and a man came in the shot and it also was a digital camera. I think I agree with other posters here, can you please publish the photograph for us to comment? Apart from that, is the dress the girl is wearing a modern one or does it seem from an other era?

Take Care

Well actually, yes the girl was looking at me, she had dyed blonde hair and piercing balck eyes. No my friend didn't see her but she heard me ask him if she was ok... Bellissima if you read my other forthcoming stories they have something similar to what you're saying and a round about is a round concrete "island" in a main road that from it cars choose directions for other secondary roads. Sort of an intersection of which in Malta we are invaded with! The road the accident happened is at the end of a runway, and as far as I'm concerned I don't think that on the exact spot any accidents happened.
Hi whitebuffalo,

No for sure it's not my reflection, I don't know how to explain it but what I see is not my face. It's like a greyish/white face of a woman. I thought of it being an optical illusion and nowadays I avoid looking at the picture, even though sometimes it pulls me towards it but that's probably my subconsious.
The streak of light was the height of s humsn and thin. Sort of a person walking but a glow not a real person. Well it passed from one window to an other and all I could feel was cold and I was literally stuck, couldn't move, probably with shock.
Date: 2008-08-07
Hi early16,

I must say that yours was a very scary experience. Some say that people who are possessed by demons and bad spirits have the "habit" of using dead metal music and when the disc is played other way round they can hear praises for the devil. It might be that your brother purchased the CD from someone who believed in satin and that's why you saw that deon creature. Though this is just a hypotesis.

Take Care
Date: 2008-08-05
I think to make some arrangements in your story you have to resend it on the "submit your story" guidelines, I read somewhere in the guidelines that if you want to change some detail in the story or add, you have to resend the whole story as you want it again and if I'm not mistaken you have to mention in the email that you would like some changes, but better to read the guidelines again.
Date: 2008-08-05
Hi nightmare0308,

I agree with lilblackpom, it would be nice if we could see some picutres and I think you're right, with negative art, paranormal beings show more. Nice story.

Take Care ๐Ÿ˜‰
Interesting story, a bit creepy at times too. It might be that someone kills his family but in my opinion you should search deeper into the story for more concrete results.
Date: 2008-08-04
Hi Athena,

I really like your writting style, it's flowing, to the point and in detail. I still would have been scared not to approach the lady beneath the tree!
Date: 2008-08-04
hi Surya,

Wow that must have been pretty scary! I know the feeling because that happened to me once but not breathing with footsteps. Nice story:-)

Take Care
Date: 2008-08-04
hi, on reading this story I confirm what I just commented on in your first story. But it's good that yoou're staying there with your wife.
Date: 2008-08-04
Hi mjlain2,

Your story immediately struck me and as I kept reading, I knew what was going to happen. I believe that in some way the man you saw "possed" your wife, he's trying to take her for himself. Excuse me being this blunt but evil spirits tend to reach out to anything at their convenience. All I say is pray for your wife because at this stage she is helpless and will become more withdrawn if you try to talk her out of the house. Find different ways to help her, as I'm sure you've already tried.

Is it possible that the pressence pushed you down the stairs as you were not welcome in "his" area? What I'm saying is that you should speak to someone who can help you professionally as this is a very SERIOUS matter. Try going infront of the house or in it and read from the bible out loud, but try to get your wife out first.

I'm sorry if I was a bit hard but trust me, I think that the only person that can help is an exorcist at this stage or someone who is involved in the church.

God Bless and Good Luck!
Date: 2008-08-04
Hi bette31,

On reading your stories about Kimberly Street I must say that true, that whole street must be full of restless spirits. On the other hand, it might be true that during a frightening moment our imagination flows further more than we expect but I agree with immikeswife2008, maybe there is a burial ground some place near that street or even it was there where the houses stand now.

Take care

I really don't know what to say about your encounters but I'm praying for you wishing you to get better.

God Bless You
OMG! I would have to agree here that it's really creepy to experience something like sseing an object in mid-air as if someone is holding story!

Take Care
Thankyou my friends for the nice comments you're leaving about my stories, I just posted one yesterday and I hope I'll have the time to post more๐Ÿ˜‰
Date: 2008-07-29
Hi atouchofdeath,

The world we live in has a mixture of people. Now loads of us people are skeptic non believers but I am a skeptic/believer. I had many strange encounters and someone in here even called me paranoid (I encourage you to read my stories). I also have pictures taken of me with orbs in them and in one of them I also have a blurr behind me but I would never, ever publish them on a site becuase I hate to be badly critisised on them. Take care and keep faith, if you believe in something, keep on doing it don't let anything or anyone get in your way.
Date: 2008-07-29
Hi ChrisB, I really thank you for your nice comments on my stories. Firstly I would like to tell you I'm really sorry about your mother passing away and it's true, she's at rest now and I'm glad you experienced my exact same feeling when someone was about to pass away.

Take Care
hi All,

Thanks for your comments, well on readng I decided to answer some questons. The house we live in is about 16 years old and dad built it from scratch, plus on the ground I don't know of anything being here before. My sister doesn't know of anything I feel or hear.