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Obese Entity In The Corner on 2017-08-16

This took place in my apartment in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. It was almost 7pm, and I had to go get my boyfriend from work at 8. I planned on cleaning and finishing the laundry for the next 45 minutes, so I put in my headphones and started cleaning. I was listening to a song called "Demons" by Tech N...

Haunted By Fire Victim on 2015-02-18

When I was 15 my father and I moved into a new apartment in Jonestown, PA. The apartment was above his restaurant, and the building had quite a history. In the early 1900s, a little boy accidentally started a fire there, and he was killed. The first strange thing that happened there was one night...

My Daughter Meeting My Mother on 2014-11-19

My mother passed away in a car accident 16 years ago when I was 5. I am now 21, and have 2 children of my own. Obviously, they have never seen my mother, and I do not speak to them about her, because they aren't old enough to understand yet. My oldest daughter, who was 2 at the time this happened, ...

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Date: 2015-03-08
The first fire happened in the 70's, and the second happened in 2009... The place was called Smokestack Lightning, but it is no longer there obviously. It has since been a mother restaurant, but the land is now for sale. [at] ifihadyoux
Yes, the little boy started the first fire, and then he hid BC he was scared, and that is why he died. [at] sam22
And yes, the second fire could have been prevented. The last person in the restaurant that night was being very careless! [at] Countingcoups
My mother passed away when I was 5, and my grandmother tells me that the day after my mom died, my grandma saw her in her car while she was driving. My grandmother says that my mom looked like a real person and she just kept telling her that everything would be OK... And then she just vanished!
Nope, we just had these experiences! Not much since then either!