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Originally from Arkansas but I travel a lot and live in different places.
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The Experiences Of My Youth on 2014-11-25

I want to start by saying that I am for the most part skeptical of many paranormal claims. I personally feel that it is something people use because they want there to be more. That being said I have experienced things of the 'paranormal' variety. I am inclined to believe certain stories, things goi...

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The 'bumps in the night' are a literal bump. Like small knocks or creaks. Some find it creepy and call it a ghost automatically. When some things can be explained. Such as glue on furniture coming loose and making a popping noise, or wind blowing though a crack. Maybe an animal that one isn't used to hearing made a sound and maybe it sounded creepy but that doesn't mean that its a ghost. Scratching sounds can be caused by animals, people read into that the most. Rats, mice, raccoons, and snakes all live in walls and can cause sounds. Pets can also be alerted to animals in walls. Small sounds, to me, feel like they shouldn't cause alarm. A phantom voice on the other hand, yeah that's creepy.
I personally feel that I shouldn't read into every sound since they are mostly caused by nature. Again what I said isn't meant to be an insult just how I think of things. If I caused any offense I apologize. I gave a sample of how I think as to provide a basis of my personality, that way my experiences don't sound like a person freaking out over nothing.
How I do this, meaning how I deal with things with cold hard logic is just how I am. It's my coping mechanism. The experiences I have told I do believe were genuine. The things I was referring to when I was a teen, were referring to 'feelings' and 'matrixing' meaning I may have just seen things because my brain put it together but it may have not actually been there.
Thank you for your comment and questions! I hope I answered you fully and you can understand what I meant. I hope that you find no offence here. 😳
Date: 2014-11-21
I have a question for you. Were you afraid of the dog or just curious? It could possibly be a spirit guide/animal. Some people describe seeing an animal before experiencing the paranormal. They help channel and guide sensitives.