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Very Frightening Childhood Experiences on 2014-11-24

Since I have never posted on this (or any 'supernatural' forum) before, I will first introduce myself. I am a twenty nine y/o female living in the UK and have been a front line soldier and a hospice nurse, and in these areas of work I have witnessed, along with my colleages, many 'unexplainable' phe...

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Hi, thanks for your input, I never thought of it in that context, but you could well be right, since the physical violence I was getting off my step-dad was becoming more serious as I got older, not that I ever antagonised him, he didn't need a reason, but if he wanted get a rise out of me he would kick my very gentle placid dog really hard for no reason, then kick and punch and choke me when I tried to stop him, the ghostly goings on became more frequent and escalated as he became more violent to me. (The dog came with me when I left of course)

No I never experienced anything like this after I moved in with my dad, quite a few experiences as I got older, but of the 'residual' type, attached to locations I lived and worked in, but nothing that seemed 'aware' of me in any way. Thankyou x
Date: 2014-11-24
I don't understand how you saw this and didn't just run, you 'stood there crying', despite the sudden appearence of this very vivid and gory 'ghost', for how long?

Why didn't you just run?

How come you were calm enough to retrieve the bikes following/during such a horrific visitation, which would leave most people totally traumatised?

To be honest it sounds more like something you put together in your mind, as children do, to explain your feelings of a presence, then 'saw' in your imagination, maybe with your sisters input, because you were in a situation where you felt uneasy.

No offence meant. Good story