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I presently live in Westmont, Illinois with my wife and two cats. I have had paranormal experiences since I was a child. In the 1990s I was an active member of two Chicago area paranormal investigation groups--The Ghost Research Society (GRS) and The Ghost Investigation Group (GIG). Had several great investigations, some of which I hope to share here at some point.

My interests include music--everthing from techno to jazz to hard rock and just about everything in between (2,000 cds and counting). I am a poet who has had a lot of stuff published here in America and the UK. I have a bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology but presently (and for the past fourteen years) have run a business with my wife called Pampered Pets. It beats working in an office!

Spent part of my chilhood growing up on an island off the coast of South Carolina where several interesting paranormal events happened. Lived for two years in an old building above a German restaurant that was incredibly haunted.

It's great to find a site like this where one can communicate with others who have had paranormal experiences.
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The Face In The Tree on 2015-07-16

A couple of YGS members were interested in my account of an incident I had with what I believe to have been an elemental or nature spirit--so here it is! This incident took place around eighteen years ago when I was thirty or thirty one. At that time I was living with my wife in a coach house in...

Demonic Voices In The Night on 2015-07-14

My Wife and I have run a pet care business for fifteen years. One of the many services we provide is caring for customers' pets in their homes while they are away. On average we spend half of each month at various houses, often together, sometimes apart if there are multiple house sittings. Through ...

Incidents At South York Street on 2015-01-26

I have been meaning to share the following incidents on this site for some time. These paranormal occurrences happened between mid 1991 and early 1993 at an apartment that was located on York Street in Elmhurst, Illinois. The apartments are now gone and the upstairs and downstairs have been complete...

An Invisible Clock Ticking on 2014-11-24

I am 47 and have had numerous paranormal experiences throughout my life. Some very odd, others quite intense. In recent years I would say my paranormal experiences have been much more sporadic, sometimes months or even years apart. Just this last Saturday night (November 22nd 2014) I had an experien...

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Date: 2015-09-06
Aliendewd--If it helps at all, it is commonly reported in cases of visitations of apparitions of close family members returning to visit a child, husband, wife etc. That the person perceiving the entity screams and or runs away once they realize that it is a "ghost". It is just a natural reaction, especially for a child.

You can rest assured that your grandfather (who sounded like a very special person), who chose you to appear to, understood your reaction. As the old saying goes, "the answer's at the end". Apparitions certainly suggest the strong possibility of the continuation of the human spirit and some day (many years from now one would hope) you will hopefully see him again.
Date: 2015-09-06
Aliendewd--I really enjoyed reading both accounts of your childhood home. Three things particularly stand out. The first is the luminosity apparent around the apparition you believe was your grandfather. The second is that he spoke to you. There are many reports of apparitions speaking but it is extremely uncommon. To use a term from a recent book on apparitions I just finished, he seems to have had a lot of "transmitting" power! Luminosity has been noted in many reports and it's always great to read of another incident where this was witnessed.

Your grandfather must have been very fond of you to appear AND talk to you. It is also intriguing that the vision of the old woman was also heard to speak. Seems you have an ability few have to actually hear apparitions. Many reports suggest an apparition appears to want to speak but doesn't, or can't. Between the entities you saw and your own "receptivity" you experienced something very few do.

Thirdly, and just as intriguing, was that you heard the sound of a slap when you swatted at the hand you felt around your neck. That is a rarer occurrence still than hearing an apparition speak. There have been reports of ghosts touching people but very, very rarely the other way around. Even though these incidents freaked you out at the time, you are, for lack of a different term, a lucky dude!
Date: 2015-09-04
Dunsu47--Your account is a very interesting one and does sound like a residual type of occurrence, especially as you saw these two fragments of a woman and a man over and over again doing the same things.

If you think your step-niece wouldn't be alarmed by your earlier experiences in her house you really should ask her if she has seen anything similar. It would be fascinating if she has!
Date: 2015-09-04
Razor--Bonifaz may be onto something. Brownie's (not the tasty treats) are supposed to be twenty inches high and are often invisible. Folklore suggests that a way to get rid of a Brownie forever is to give them a gift of new clothes. Apparently the little guys like going around naked or in ragged clothes of coarse brown wool. If you feel a tap again and you want to test the Brownie theory lay out some tiny clothes as a gift 😁
Date: 2015-09-03
Typo on my last email, I meant AIW and not AIG! I had something of a momentary brain cloud 😁
Date: 2015-09-03
Tweed and Miracles--Apparently AIG stands for "Association of International Women" and this group markets water bottles with their emblem on it. AIW according to their webpage, "Is a social, recreational and educational group of 250 women who come from all over the world to reside in Indianapolis, Indiana". I know I just learned something new!
Date: 2015-09-03
Razorback95--If what you describe, and emphatically insist has occurred, you should contact either the American Society Of Psychical Research or a parasychologist to document this highly unusual activity! There are thousands of reports catalogued by the SPR and nothing quite like what you describe. Get it officially documented! I would look forward to reading the findings. I would be the first to say I was wrong questioning the validity of a pool playing ghost if an official report states, " Incredible Pool Playing Ghost Clears Paranormal Skeptics From The Table Once And For All"!
Date: 2015-09-03
Razorback95--I just want you to be clear about what your stating. As I asked in my first comment about this, are you claiming that the pool cue moves around, making shots and rests while your buddy makes his? It sounds like a scene from the old movie The Invisible Man. Almost all interaction with "spirits" are short encounters. Theoretically it takes a lot of energy for the spirit to interact with people. Commonly (I have experienced it) you feel drained after even a short encounter with a spirit, as it can seem to draw energy from you to make itself known.

Did you notice anything like this? Does the pool cue actually move around or are you saying the pool balls just do? If what you say is true it is a first. As Tweed suggests, using sounds/knocks might as a communication method make more sense but you have suggested the ghost actually plays pool. Which one is it?
Date: 2015-09-02
Razorback95--What's the old saying, "ask a silly question..." 😕
Date: 2015-09-02
Razorback95--I gotta question you about a comment you made in this thread in response to Mimi81. You wrote, "I have a friend who plays pool with his spirit in his basement! I know it sounds crazy but I never would have believed it until I saw it. Although the spirit will only play if it's a one on one game". What!? Are you suggesting the pool cue picks itself up, considers shots and then hits the pool ball? I would imagine you filmed this once in a lifetime paranormal evidence on your phone at the very least. Where can we check out this incredible evidence 😜
Date: 2015-08-31
Tweed--Your account of the toy creatures is wild stuff! I have never heard or seen anything like it but they sound like they could possibly be some manifestation of a nature spirit. If I saw those as a kid it would have stuck with me too! Like you, whenever I experienced an unexplained paranormal event as a child I invariably kept it to myself. As children are still sucking in knowledge of the world around them, they don't have reference points or experience to call on and sometimes assume the event will be made clear when they are older.

As your strange account clearly shows, experience doesn't always provide satisfactory answers. At least you now know the St. Andrews Cross spider has flare--there's something adulthood has brought you 😜
Tweed--I do remember the ruckus caused by that poster. Maybe he should have claimed to be "a big time ghost hunter of mundane and insignificant incidents" 😁 It always pays to have truth in advertising! Also wanted to say I am happy to be back on YGS. Was just unusually busy the last few weeks.
Hi Tweed--One thing is for sure, if the guy from the link you sent did a paranormal investigation his findings would be "pretty true". 😆
Date: 2015-08-29
Matrix899--That's great that you ordered those two books! I really think you will find them thought provoking. Both intersperse theory with well researched first hand accounts. I was, just a few short minutes ago, stunned to read in MacKenzie's "Apparitions And Ghosts" book an account of a woman who heard a phantom clock ticking that grew louder before seeing an apparition. I got goosebumps as I experienced the exact type of ticking as the start of an encounter with what I believe was the sprit of my mother last November. I wrote about this incident on this site under the title "An Invisible Clock Ticking".

I bring it up because it is an incredible feeling to read a well researched book that validates ones own paranormal experience! On the subject of books, I have a great one I just ordered but am still waiting for titled, "Apparitions And Haunted Houses: A Survey Of Evidence" by Sir Ernest Bennett. It was published in 1939 and I was lucky to find an original copy for forty dollars. The copy I ordered is without a dust jacket. There is one on Amazon with the jacket for $147 dollars! Those dust jackets really hike up the price. This book can also be obtained in online versions. I love good case study books on paranormal subjects.
Date: 2015-08-29
Matrix899--I enjoyed your account of the woman in the cemetery very much. I wanted to point you in the direction of an excellent book that does bring up several instances of the walking movements of apparitions. The book is "Hauntings And Apparitions" by Andrew Mckenzie, who was a member of the Society Of Psychical Research. The copy of the book I have is from 1982 but it can be found easily on Amazon.

In a chapter titled, " A Haunted Road", the apparition of a clergyman from the eighteenth century was seen by multiple people (some multiple times) over a ten year period ending in 1900. Everyone who saw this apparition assumed it to initially have been a living person because he walked normally until he would suddenly vanish. His gait was noted by multiple witnesses as being like that of a living person.

A woman who saw this apparition more than once tried to get close to him on one occasion but, as she put it, "I could never get any closer than within a few yards, for in a moment he seemed to float or skim away." Of particular note is that the people who saw this ghost (at least on initial viewing) thought it to be a living person and so were able to note the way it walked without feeling any fear that might have tainted their perception.

The very famous Cheltenham ghost is also detailed extensively in the book. She was seen to move by nearly twenty people. In her case a long skirt hid her feet giving the impression to the viewer that she "floated". Interestingly, like the ghost of the clergyman, the Cheltenham ghost would also seem to "skim" away when a person got within a couple of yards of it. It's utterly fascinating stuff. I am presently reading an earlier book by Mckenzie titled "Apparitions And Ghosts" that delineates some extraordinarily well researched cases.
Goggzy--I assumed you all have full time jobs. I was agreeing with Zzgranny that charging for any aspect of an investigation where you have been given the privilege to enter someone's house, for instance, is a rare and unique opportunity that should be all the payment you want. I used to drive up to two hundred miles one way to do investigations and was thrilled I was being asked (or rather the group) to investigate an allegedly haunted locale.

I am not sure what, "it would be donations to keep everything running as charges change form (sic) 70 pounds to 250 pounds" means. Are you saying to keep your equipment running you charge between 70 and 250 pounds depending on the size of the location? If so, when I used to investigate, if the location was a large one (and to offset our own out of pocket costs) we would call in a few more people to pitch in. We never asked someone we were conducting an investigation for to pay equipment upkeep expenses. The people asking you in to investigate, and who usually are going a bit out of their way to do so, should never be charged. My philosophy was that it was something I loved doing so the payment was having people call to investigate their location. Charging anything for paranormal investigating makes it seem suspect.

Hobbies always cost something and paranormal investigating is exactly the same. There will always be a few people calling you in to get some publicity for their business but you really have to just forget about those and focus on the genuine locations that you are lucky enough to experience. The real hauntings should dispel any bad taste a fake haunting leaves.
I haven't been on the site for a while but wanted to comment on the subject of charging to do paranormal investigations. I was involved in two paranormal investigation groups in the 1990s and both groups varied in size from five people up to twelve and we never charged for any investigation, whether it was a private residence, restaurant or other public building. Zzgranny is spot on. Both groups I investigated with always paid for their own fuel to get to investigations/film/ cameras etc and did what we did out of a love and fascination of the field and never with any thought we should make money from it. I never had any equipment stolen during an investigation but the unexpected happens and you just have to move on. Actually it's unexpected happenings that brings those interested in paranormal subjects to the great YGS site 😁
Date: 2015-08-08
Blue Daisy--Your story is very moving. You and your husband went through an emotional roller coaster. I am curious what the voice sounded like? Was it a male or female or maybe the voice of a deceased family member?

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Tweed--You make a great point, that Wikipedia has its place but not as "the all knowing brain at the center of the universe"! As a rule of thumb, when you see a "citation needed" at the end of every other sentence, you can be pretty sure that wikepedia entry is full of errors. It's always a good idea to check how extensive the references are and to use lots of other sources besides the "the smart kid on the block" aka wikepedia 😁
Date: 2015-07-29
What a subtle and moving farewell from your father. That your dad had such a distinct hand and the fact you sensed no fear, actually quite the opposite, really does suggest he had come to say farewell. Your dad obviously wanted you to know he understood why you didn't visit and to say "goodbye" until you meet again.