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The 4 Am Haunting on 2015-05-12

I think I might have caught something when I stayed the night over at Zati's in Malaysia. And these are the incidents: Since my return, I have been hearing unexplainable knocks at weird timings of the day. The apartment made different kinds of noises but they seemed to have grown in number. Befor...

You Know You're Dead on 2015-04-28

This happened 5 days ago while I was in my colleague's house in Malaysia. I was in Malaysia for my project and I decided to stay in Zati's house on the night before the submission of the project report. Her husband had gone to the other city for work and her sister was baby-sitting Zati's 11-month o...

Road With Voices on 2015-04-13

(I'm using my brother's name as Jay and his wife's name as Ren.) Last month my brother celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary in his wife's hometown of Tekhuba near Kohima in Nagaland. Nagaland is a state in the North Eastern India which is famous for its World War memorial and Hornbill festiv...

Imaginary Friend From The Chinese Ghost Month on 2015-01-28

I am writing this after long emotional talks with my grandma & mother, trips to temples, trip to my childhood home, and research on internet about all the paranormal stuff which happens around the world. My last experience happened in a northern city of India, Dehradun which totally freaked me ou...

Disembodied Voices on 2015-01-07

I didn't have any ghostly visit for a very long time and I was beginning to think that maybe I'm not the one haunted and I have just been sensitive enough to experience whatever I have experienced in the past. After I came to this site, I researched somethings about the paranormal and kind of made p...

White Woman Of Singapore Mrt on 2014-12-08

One day, I had an appointment at Clarke at noon. I finished the meeting with my client early and being near Orchard Road, I went for shopping. By the evening I got ready to go back to the flat (the same flat which is in my story "An Invisible House-mate"). I was filled with dread due to the previous...

Invisible House-mate on 2014-12-01

After finishing my education in India, I left my parents & shifted to my country, Singapore. I moved in with my cousin Neo & her boyfriend Eden (For privacy sake, I'm using their nick names). She had rented a flat in Geylang. It was on the ground level. Before I write down the incident, everyone...

Hearing Whispers - Black on 2014-11-25

I am Angie from Singapore living in India. I was raised as a Christian. While I was growing up, my family moved to different cities across India and I got to live in different houses and eventually stopped being a regular church goer. The "zeroth" incident happened back in July of 2008 which I r...

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Date: 2015-05-10
I am worried that maybe I caught something from that house. There have been weird incidents in my house since my return. 😢
Date: 2015-05-10
Hi Rook. First of all, thank you for the cleansing method which is written on your profile.
Secondly, I do not know about the other children in the apartment complex. I would have to call Zati and ask her about both the points which you have mentioned.
Though, the voice which I heard through baby monitor sounded so clear (without any disturbance/noise) that I would really say there was any interference. But again I do not really know how it works really.

Zati had narrated me about the kid's spirit a bit lot which I didn't write in my experience as I do not remember it fully. But she had mentioned hearing footsteps and running along with his voice (but she was hearing a full sentence for the first time.) And one night she had seen the apparition too in Eli's room.

And what really upset me was the rough voice in the bedroom. It was really mean. Maybe not so evil. But really angry. It was a dread-inducing tone.
Date: 2015-04-16
As babygoatpuller said, welcome to shadow people club.
Maybe it was a visitor from beyond...
Firstly, Assam is a beautiful place.

Secondly, I totally get how unknown entities venture on those isolated roads. Have experienced it.

Thirdly, good, you didn't look at them. It is believed that these entities could attach themselves to the one who looks at them.
Waking up to an unknown face staring at your face is like a nightmare right in front of your eyes...Scary! How was the ghost of the man associated to the house?

Personally I do not think idols could help banish spirits but if cursed objects could exist then maybe blessed idols could help. Good luck.
Date: 2015-04-16
Well, it would have been scary at that moment, especially after a nightmare.

But because, you just saw the shadow of the man from underneath your blanket, so maybe it was a shadow of something else which you imagined as a man. That happens sometimes. Did you feel any weight on the edge of your berth? Or some weird cold-hot sensation?
Date: 2015-04-16
Thank you Lynev. I am constantly praying for them and my sister-in-law has spoken to her mother and they are working on a blessing. I understand the fear of being haunted.
Jean, I hope so.
It sure might have been scary to see such a figure. I know how it feels. And according to my experience and research, sometimes the apparitions seem to be taller than normal as they are floating. And moreover, because it was shapeless, so we never know what parts were figments of our own imagination and what was in fact in front of the eyes.

Nonetheless, pray and see for other paranormal signs.
Hi everybody. I was out for a project work so couldn't access this site. Personally, I do not believe in the Chinese superstitions. I don't think I know all of them either. And I feel Evelyn had more of an impact on my elders rather than me as I don't clearly remember her.
Moreover it's hard to find any info about her as there aren't any historical records to begin with. But I'm pretty sure that there is some entity out there who's with me even while I'm writing this.
Date: 2015-01-28
Hey, Thanks for your suggestions. I had gone for a trip to my hometown after meeting the Buddhist Monk and my grandma and mother revealed a lot of things which has made my life a little better (at least in the area of supernatural). I have submitted my experience. Do read it as it explains much of the stuff. 😁
Date: 2015-01-08
[at] Khizie, [at] Miracles51031 & [at] Revajane Thanks for reading my experience. I did get my place cleansed and blessed from a Church Pastor. Strangely, yesterday after submitting my experience, I received a call from the Buddhist head monk and he asked me about any of my imaginary friends (which I have none!). He asked me to visit him once again. I hope I get some info. To help me out.
And I love Supernatural too. And I searched on internet and yeah, many cultures use salt for protection. So, I'm sticking to it for now, drew lines of salt on doors and windows. (just in case!) :)
[at] sushantkar & [at] Montu Thank you for the info. I would research more about the past life connection though it looks highly unlikely. Though personally I do not believe in reincarnations but can't be so sure about it.

[at] sheetal I do not know about the "star" but yes, one of my indian friend does call me a ghost magnet. After having a chat with her, I came to realize that all my life I have seen the paranormal entities. The site I saw it was a blog of a guy who had written an article about the Woodleigh MRT and the controversy why it hadn't opened for so long. He had written about all the possible causes & the haunted stations. But now, I'm not able to find that guy's blog anymore.
Christmas spirit is for real and this story is the proof of it! Merry Christmas! 😁
Date: 2014-12-02
Hi Sushantkar! I thought it was only haunting me but Neo later told me that she had seen it herself. Eden had a few experience of hearing knocks at night, but owing to his upbringing, he really didn't want to believe in the paranormal. They got a priest to bless the house after I told Neo about my experience. Nothing much happened afterwards.
Why I left was because I was scared of seeing things (for a week, I even thought I was going crazy and went for therapy session and my shrink told me I was too old for an imaginary friend)
Date: 2014-12-02
Hi Sue! It didn't do any harm but hearing knocks and the thought of staying with some invisible being which manifested itself once, was scary. Moreover, I felt that I was alone being haunted because my cousin & Eden never expressed their share of incidents before I moved out. My cousin saw something but after the blessing, she claimed that everything calmed down. Yet, she shifted after 3 months.
Thanks for reading.
Date: 2014-11-28
Hi NB, your story reminded me of an experience I had when I was a child. I had gone to visit Ladakh in India, and I was sleeping with in my host's guest room and I had a dream (Well I am still not sure whether I saw it with my eyes or was it just a psychic nightmare) with similar details, just to find the next day that the lady in that house had committed suicide an year ago. I was scared then but I didn't question much and forgot the incident.
Date: 2014-11-28
Hey [at] SapphireChild, I was living in Geylang and I also had a black misty man inside my flat. But it kept moving from room to room until it disappeared.: (I can totally understand how you must have felt.
Sir, I just read the second paragraph of your experience and realized that my room mate (we were in India) had also seen the same little spherical lights spiraling on the ceiling. But we switched on the lights immediately and saw nothing & nothing happened.
And after reading the whole experience, I am sort of scared of what those may have been.
Date: 2014-11-28
[at] Sheetal and [at] magicman This was the beginning episode. Later on I had experience at Singapore and again in India. I will write about them as soon as the site starts accepting new stories. The third big episode happened at Dehradun and I jumped out of my bed and couldn't sleep. I have heard that most of the "ghosts" are active during the night, but the entity which is haunting me (if I presume it's haunting me and not the house) is active at any time of the day.: (
Date: 2014-11-28
[at] Triskaideka For me, black doesn't mean much. It's a colour for me which I liked way back in childhood. But yes, my mother used to burn black candles and told me that it banished the negative energy around the house.

Though after reading [at] PortiaTrinabel's comment, I think it can relate to some hidden secrets in my heart as I have been a secretive woman all my life. Yet, it doesn't really add up somehow. Why would some entity, come and say it to me? Is it warning me?