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2 Year Old Daughter Seeing A Baby on 2014-12-01

Last year, we moved into our home in West Boylston, MA with our two children who are 8 and 2. My two year old daughter seems to have trouble with nightmares and sleeping restfully if we don't use her essential oils. Usually, her essential oils were working for her to sleep through the night. Before ...

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I honestly think that there was a spirit baby in her room because after the cleanse in her closet she hasn't been screaming anything about the baby lately. Now, it might just be nightmares but of course she's very vague so she doesn't say much. It's a possibility the baby might come back too. Once I make them go away, how do keep them away?
Thank you for all the feedback. I have not thought about a journal but that's a great idea. She does sleep with a nightlight. I do plan on getter her checked out but I'm trying my methods first and then will see from there.

She's been a little better since I cleansed her closet a few times. Since the closet cleanse, she hasn't screamed about "baby" yet. She seems to still wake up upset so I'm starting to really get a feel for this situation. It seems she's having nightmares. But I'm still taking my precautions and cleansing every so often because it does help. Who knows what's really affecting her. I can only be there for possible solutions and support.

I'm pretty positive no one says "no baby" to her. She has the same people watching her and none of them say things like that. They refer to her by her name. She also doesn't have any interaction with other children even remotely her age.

As for her sleeping issues, she's always had a few but never anything where she wakes up screaming. Most of her issues were just restlessness and getting a bit fussy. Other than that, nothing that involved screaming in fear.

When it comes to cleansing, I'm not a pro but I call upon the Angels of protection and angels that clear and that particular one that I had been using seems to work ok. I say ok because it works for a few days but then again I'm not sure if she's having just nightmares.

I'm still playing everything by ear and it seems to be less frequent and less severe lately. I appreciate everyone's feedback and I would be forever greatful if it wasn't a bad spirit because when I was a child I had a few bad experiences myself and so has my husband. So we are both fully aware of the spirit world and how they like to interact with children.
So My husband and I have asked about the baby and at first she would just say it was a scary baby. Now that it's more in depth as to what she says to it, she won't open up about it. I'm not sure if she's scared to say something about it or if it's just a night terror and she doesn't remember? It's very hard to tell.

When it comes to others experiencing things in the house, my husband and I have actually experienced weird but harmless things. We heard conversation when our fan was on or when there was some sort of white noise. Also, we felt something push on our mattress right in between my husband and I when we were watching TV. Also, we just recently, before we did the cleanse of the house, heard literally a knock on our bedroom door. It totally freaked us out! It's fine now that I've cleansed the home. But my daughter is still having issues.

Overall, my daughter is a happy child throughout the day and will act like nothing ever happened. She doesn't mention the baby in the daytime anymore, but last night, her new phrase to the baby is "no baby! I don't wanna!" Only some nights she'll talk about what happened, to us, but she's not specific. She very vague. She's two so I don't expect a novel but I can't help but worry. I've been doing a cleanse every other day just in case it didn't work all the other times. I know it may be excessive but I'm desperate. My next steps will be to rule out night terrors. In the meantime, I have a cross and a dreamcatcher on its way.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm just going to take it step by step and see what works.