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Mounting Evidence on 2015-02-26

So you know how a lot of people come to the conclusion that they're being haunted when a few minor things happen? They hear a slight knocking... Maybe something is misplaced, and all of the sudden it must be a spirit from beyond trying to make itself known. Most would consider that jumping to conclu...

The Cabinets on 2014-12-16

My name is Sean and this happened to me almost 2 years ago now. This took place in Bangor, Maine in my old apartment with my fiancee. The place was definitely haunted. One thing about the place was the bathroom mirror. You would get zoned out if you stared at yourself too long and eventually your fa...

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Have you considered this was a malicious spirit trying to keep you distracted or detained while the fire started? I would think anyone trying to help wouldn't hold you down until you started praying.
Date: 2015-03-16
The crackling sound is absolutely coming from my tv without a doubt at this point... It seems to randomly pop pretty loudly and sometimes multiple pops like it's being nudged. I have no idea what would naturally cause a tv to do this periodically and more so at night. (It is not getting lost in ambient noise during the day. It's very distinct and can be quite loud.)

Also I have a question... Those energy saver light bulbs. Do they blow out or can they act strangely as in dimming, coming back to full strength etc before finally giving.

I noticed the light was acting odd and the moment I told my fiancee about it the light went out for a second and came right back on. Then it was pulsing for a while before it finally died. Is this normal? I have no reason to think it could be electrical as it's never even remotely acted funny... But perhaps a mouse chewed a wire or something. No idea what to think on that... But I am assuming it was a coincidence.
Date: 2015-03-10
The plastic tapping is much too rapid... It's either a settling sound, or a nudging sound. Sounds exactly like when I nudge the top of my tv. Crackling plastic.
Date: 2015-02-04
Have you considered perhaps it's your mother? Maybe she never returned because something happened to her.
Date: 2014-12-21
The only thing strange I saw in that mirror was myself. It was just an ordinary medicine cabinet with sliding mirrors.

I'm not sure exactly what was happening when the cabinets slammed. I wish I had a more specific memory. I'll never forget the look on my fiancees face though.
Date: 2014-12-18
Actually also the fact that my mom didn't smell it, even though I clearly could, until it was so strong it permeated the room. And even when she did smell it she couldn't place it either, and didn't offer much resolution.
Date: 2014-12-18
I appreciate your explanation, Miracles. And I am sorry for my reaction...

There are several reasons I believe this to be paranormal. 10ish years of random appearances of the same smell in my room alone. I mean if it's going to permeate my room, you would think at least one time you would catch a whiff of it somewhere else in the house. If only the adjacent rooms... I did check the few times it was that strong and it stopped at my door. My room had two doors. One had a little hallway attached and the other lead directly into the adjacent room. The smell didn't extend beyond either doorway. Any time it was near the door I'd check too usually.

I remember trying to air out my room with both doors open and the smell wouldn't leak. I had to wait it out. I almost moved out of my room several times because of this thing. I'm not saying there definitely isn't a non paranormal explanation, but from the way it behaved and how I felt in that room... It was something.

I have never had that feeling of being watched sleeping anywhere else... I mean maybe that could be something emotionally wrong with me connected to the room... But I doubt that.

My mom mentioned once the previous owner of the house was an old lady that was a bit touched. My mom had to remove a bunch of crumpled up stuff in the corners of the house before she moved in.

I also have a quick story that my mom told several times. She had just gotten home from work and parked in the garage. There's a sliding door that leads to an ell that is connected to the kitchen. The sliding door was open which was strange as it usually wasn't. So my mom closed it thinking that was weird. As she was walking out of the garage to go to the back porch of the house, the sliding door flew back open. She said it was the only time she was ever afraid of the house. She had observed no person in the ell as she closed it... No one would have had the time to get there and open it. Especially not quietly. She was just like "Oooookay... Stay open then." and scooted into the house... Lol. This is a decent size wooden sliding door on old rusty parts. It takes some force to open.

Anyway I don't mind objections... And of course I can offer any details that may help provide a better explanation. There were raccoons in our third floor ceiling when my brother lived in there. You could hear them skittering around. But I never heard any movement in my room.

This one time the plaster on the ceiling directly above my head fell off the boards and smacked me in the head waking me up at like 5 in the morning lol! I was just like wtf?!?! We had to replace it all.
Date: 2014-12-17
Also about the mirror... I don't think it was really the mirror so much as something occupying the bathroom. The mirror was your normal sliding medicine cabinet mirror.
Date: 2014-12-17
Animals were definitely not the cause. Unless it was some bug that made no noise whatsoever. I was on the second floor in a middle room. The smell would sometimes come from my bay windows where nothing could be hiding.

I'm fine with skeptics but don't just flat out discount my experience. I've since become more sensitive... But even then I could feel it... Something was watching me.
Date: 2014-12-17
The mirror definitely had something unnatural about it... I've never been compelled like that anywhere else.

Also the smell was not one you could easily describe... Not quite as bad as say a rotting carcass... Maybe a little similar but it was also similar to feces... And just mold and rot in general...

Now this smell would magically appear in some area of my room. One day it would smell fine in there... The next day this same unidentifiable smell would appear somewhere... Anywhere it decided in my room. On a few occasions it would permeate my room fairly thoroughly. The times where it was strong were the only times my mother could smell it. When it was weaker she would tell me she couldn't smell anything peculiar. On the times it permeated my room she admitted she could smell something.

It would take place over the course of a few hours usually... Sometimes over a day it would linger in the same spot. Then it would vanish pretty much just as quickly as it came... It usually never faded in and never out... Whatever strength I first smelled was usually what it remained at until it disappeared again. Once in a while it did get stronger over the course of a few hours though. It did not show up in any other room in my mom's house during the 19 years I lived there. Only my room.

This happened with no pattern or rhyme or apparent reason. It took place all times of the year and there was nothing necessarily unique to all the occurrences taking place. It would make an appearance and hang around for a while and then disappear... Only to come back again in anywhere from a week to several months.

And I could feel myself being watched if I tried to sleep in the dark in there. I never believed in ghosts for the longest time but I could never forget the feeling I got and it always scared me.

Never got that feeling anywhere else in my mom's house either.
Date: 2014-12-17
Yeah I am not there anymore... But my new place isn't much better... Have had a few strange occurrences... I'll get around to writing them sometime... I actually submitted a story prior to this one but it got rejected. Apparently there was no indication it was a ghost... I'd just like to know what else caused a random unplacable smell to occur in my old bedroom off and on in various spots in my room and only my room over the course of years... Oh well... I'll just have to rewrite it and tie in some other activity that happened there...
Date: 2014-12-17
I meant nothing else physical happened. The mirror phenomenon was always present... The cabinet slam was the only physical occurrence.