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The 100 Year Old House on 2014-12-15

My mother, brother, and I lived in an older house in a small town near the Kansas and Missouri border several years ago. The house was built around 1905, had three rooms, a large front porch, and an added on kitchen with a back door. I remember thinking the house was kind of creepy to begin with, be...

The Man In The Bathtub on 2014-12-10

When I was two years old, my mother used to set me on the counter in the bathroom while she did her makeup and hair to keep an eye on me in the mornings. She said I often liked to make faces in the mirror and giggle at myself, like a normal toddler. However, one morning, she said I was looking into ...

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Date: 2014-12-18
My brother and I described him as an older male. My mother never actually saw the man, but what we said did give her the chills.
Date: 2014-12-15
My mother said both my brother and I described him as an older man, however, we did not see him as a threat of any sort. I don't personally recall the incident, but like I said, I have always needed the curtain pulled back while in the bathroom. I'm not sure why that it is, but it may be because I somehow remember the man. I didn't mention this, but while living in that house, I used to have dreams of a male African American man standing behind the curtain in this bathroom. His eyes appeared to be foggy, like that of a blind person, and his face was always expressionless. I had this dream several times before moving out of this house. I do not know if it at all relates to this older male my brother and I saw, but I do remember the dreams rather vividly. All I know is that a man passed away from a heart attack in the house, but I'm not sure of the location of his passing. I think the real estate agent told my parents this back when they bought the house in the early 90's. I do recall there being one more incident in the house, where I heard footsteps in our living room walking in circles, and every time I went to investigate the noise, the footsteps would stop. However, I don't really remember anything else unusual about the house. Hope this helps!