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A Horrible Night For Me And My Son on 2015-06-15

This is the most recent happening and scary one too. I think my baby is sensitive to the paranormal (or maybe all babies are, I don't know). This was the time of 15 feb 2015, we (my mom and dad, husband, I and my baby boy) went for a short trip to pachmarhi, madhyapradesh, india. There was a plann...

Eternal Love on 2014-12-17

This is the true incidence that has been experienced by my mother. Nothing in the following incidence has been made up or exaggerated. This story revolves around my grandmother who passed away on 1st April 2004 (April fool's day). She was 75 years old and died of a heart attack. My grandfather...

My Baby Saw Something? on 2014-12-15

This is my first personal experience about something weird. I am sharing to know what you feel about it. Positive or negative comments and suggestions all are welcome. Please share your views. Background of the story: My grandmother ('Aaji' as we call in Marathi Hindus) passed away in 2004. I was...

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Date: 2015-06-24

Thanks for your concern and suggestions. I don't have build any rage or something but I am totally upset with thw way things go on YGS.
I am not a rude person by nature and not only the rejection made me comment in such inappropriate way. Rejected my submission, okay, but there are many stupid and insensitive comments from posters like lady-glow, who not only insult others but also disrespect their religion and rituals.
And by the ways, there are many recent submissions those were allowed, which were far away from paranormal and a sure headache.
And miracle was defending them by an excuse of the training of new moderator. Please keep a track of those before alleging me of anything. And that goes for everyone here.
Date: 2015-06-19
Hi Sushant,
I have read those stories but I didn't know it was the same ghost you were talking about. Thanks for clearing my doubt.
How is your health now.?
I wish you good health and prosperity. And may you get rid of all the negative phenomenon around you.

With best of wishes and love,
Date: 2015-06-18
CREEPY indeed.
Who was the spirit that you got rid of? If you don't mind me asking. Did you mention it in any of your stories?
Thanks for sharing this story.

Dear Sushant,
Sorry to know about your father. I think people know when it is the time to leave. As was the case with my nani. The last time she was admitted to the hospital, she knew she won't be coming back, so she made chits of names of all her children and put them with the respective ornaments she wanted to give to them. She also saved lot of money before going to the hospital, that her 3 sons had to spend just a penny or two on the final rites. She had hidden money in kitchen conrainers and told it to my grandfather a day before she died.
Likewise, it might be that your dad wanted to tell you that he was leaving.
Sorry for your loss.

Hi sushant,
Thank you for reading and explaining. My kid's behaviour always bothered me and I thought his sun/moon sign must be responsible for it 😆
That was a very useful piece of information and I never thought to Google it, silly me.

Regards and Love to you too.
Date: 2015-06-11
Hello sushantkar,
I am happy you like it. My grandparents are very dear to me and so is this incidence. Everytime someone appreciate this incidence, I am overwhelmed with joy and old memories. 😊
Thank you!
Respected Sir,
I am sorry I am picking up one of your submissions to write to you but I don't know how to contact you otherwise. My apologies for the same.
I have noticed that my boy, age 2 is sensitive towards paranormal. I have noticed that on few occasions. But I feel nothing. This worries me. Could you tell me anything that I can do to comfort him if he is distressed. He is a May born child.

Sorry again.

Date: 2015-06-09
Scary incidence! I have some memories attached with rohtang pass.
In 1998 november, my family had been there, we were in a bus. Something happened with other tourist bus, it skit and was half on the road and half in the valley blocking the road. We were stuck all night until army soilders came to our rescue. Few couples travelling in our bus chose to walk all the way down to kullu. In the morning, we saw one of the couple with police and asked them the matter. They said a couple just disappeared while walking down the hill. Only 6 people among 8 made to kullu on the same road you mentioned.
I am not sure was it any wild animal, or ghost, or they fall of the cliff. But they said they were together all the time as it was pitch dark.
From that time I never to places where it snows.
Sorry for the lenght but your incident reminded me of it.
Date: 2015-06-08
I am glad you liked them.
Thanks for the same. 😊
Great story khili. Similar incidence happened to my maternal aunt before I was born but my family members were so affected that they hardly mention it. She was then cured by exorcism and had no problem after that. She was studying in govt., medical college in nagpur which you might understand how difficult is to clear the entrance exam. She was in her third year when she was 'possessed'. She had to leave college. But once she was okay she studied further. Now she is a retired professor and a ph. D holder.
Sorry to hear about the sufferings your family had to go through.
And don't bother about some of the comments doubting your age and education. Few people here are difficult to make them understand.
This is sooooo creepy. And indeed one of my favourites. ❤
God be with you always
Date: 2015-05-27
Hi vaishtn
Thanks for the comment. Sorry for your loss too. But I am sure the spirits stay close to their loved ones, as does your aunt and they watch over you. When I am stressed out and feeling low I would always dream of my grandmother. And I wake up happy and fine. As if she says don't worry I am there.
Date: 2015-01-25
Guys it seems that this is sort of 1 against all battle
Any ways I know that the support and concern goes with the old posters.
Signing off now.
No more comments from my side.
Date: 2015-01-24
If you had really read the story, could you just explain how the image in the flour circle was made? All people respect the dead, so I don't think anybody will get up to make those images at night and pretend innocent in the morning. I will really be obliged to hear any explations from you (if you can explain it). Why don't you just try it at home? Make a circle on the floor with wheat or any flour, keep an oil lamp in the center, cover it with something and just leave it there for the night. If you get any image then I would send you my apologies for causing you trouble.
If there can be a paranormal explanation to the rattling of the hanging shelf then there can also be something paranormal about the images made on the circle.
But it is really a pity that you are not able to understand such a small point. And I am also tired of it.
Date: 2015-01-24
Thank you for pointing out my fault. But the comment passed was due to the rejection of one of my stories that is a true incidence and miracle was the evaluator. So no hard feelings for anyone. But I just wanted to make a point that if this story has something to do with a ghost then why refrain me from submitting my story, which is a true incidence and a ritual. By rejecting it, Miracle have hurt not only my beliefs but also showed her close mindedness towards the rituals from other communities. Wasn't that rude? I am not here because I love to make up stories and submit. I am writing here after being a reader for very long time. And all that I am writing is true. So I think that because I started a story with "this is not about a ghost" doesn't mean that it should be discarded right away.
Date: 2015-01-23
Where is the ghost? You can have as many possible rational explanations as you want to the above incidence.
I am not able to find any ghost in this. Better read your own stories before evaluating stories by others.
I would like to add something. I am from India and a hindu by religion. We believe the white owl to be the carrier of goddess. It is thought to be really lucky to sight a white owl, as it is said that it brings good luck. So in my opinion, it should be your protector and feel good the next time you see it.
Date: 2014-12-19
Thank you all for your lovely and encouraging comments. They really mean a lot to me. 😊
Date: 2014-12-18

I will try out what you have suggested. And will surely get back to you after 4 days.
Thanks for showing me the way.
Date: 2014-12-18
You are so right about the wall. The wall seperates living room and dining room, as mentioned earlier. There is a small wash basin attached on the wall and above that there is a mirror and above that there is a light that focuses on the mirror and the wash basin.
So that means that there is both water pipes and internal electric wiring. I now understand that why only that particular area is sonsitive.
I am really thankful to you.