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The Hacienda on 2014-12-23

I am stuck in the office waiting for Christmas shutdown so I decided to write about yet another experience of mine, it is not terribly spooky but it was validated by a coworker. This happened in Mexico, in a factory that was originally built as n Hacienda (Ranch). The buildings were a "patch" be...

Swimming Pool At River Grove on 2014-12-15

I would like to apologize, first for my English, although I live in Canada, my native language is Spanish, and second, I'm not really sure if I'm making a big deal out of this experience and there is a perfectly logical explanation to it. I am a true believer of ghosts, having experienced few odd...

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Can you take your daughter to sleep somewhere else for couple of nights?, if she still have those nightmares, it could be something physiological?, if she sleeps peacefully, then you can look into cleansing the house/blessing the house, but if it was my daughter and the house is affecting her, I would strongly considering moving out of there 😭
Hi TinaA.-Thank you,:)
3nj0y.-Hey neighbour!, I work in Etobicoke so we are definitely very close, what school is the one you mention?, and yes, sometimes things happen and institutions try to cover them up, specially public places like the community centers or schools because, honestly, if you know it's haunted, who would want to go?, (me! LOL), anyway, thank you all, keep you posted!:D
Date: 2014-12-19
That is scary, what do you think it would have happened if you answered "yes"?,
Be safe,
Thanks for the comments, yeah, weird indeed!, I'm more like an occasional swimmer but I intend to go back over Christmas break (When I have more time) and check if I see her again, I might even ask if something strange has ever been reported (I'm sure the staff will look at me like a weirdo), 😭

Jwarren.-This is the super strange part, I didn't took my eyes from her, not for a second, I was just waiting for her to get bit closer so I can take the line, 😕 Anyway, I know it is very strange, promise will come back to post if I hear anything or see her again. Thanks:)