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I'm 16 years old and have an interset in history of the area I live in and also haunted houses.

I love to read about haunted houses and learn about other peoples experiences with the supernatural. And most of all go to the areas where then had these experiences.

I look foreward to hearing all the ghost stories I can. So stay safe, have a great summer, and keep on writing those ghost stories!
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The Story Of Three Generations on 2008-07-22

To let everyone know, this is my first time writing a ghost story. To start off the story, I was very young (4-5 years old) so I do not remember a lot about what went on in the house. All I know is mostly from research and stories from my mother and grandfather, and a few experiences of my own. ...

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Date: 2010-07-27
Well if that is true then there's your problem. If not then who knows. I would investigate and find out more about this person that vanished. All in all, who really knows.
I would get the house blessed by a priest, then look deeply into the history of the house. Ask around and see if there are any stories about the house or if anyone died there. Try and contact the previous owners of the house and see if they have had the same experiences. Personally, I think the activity may have died down but the worst is to come. Act fast and do what you can, who knows it could be an evil spirit or just a spirit passing by.
Date: 2010-07-27
No I have never seen anything like this before. All I can say is maybe your seeing things, I'm not trying to offend you, but rocky recently died when you started to see this shadow thing. I myself am Catholic so I don't believe animals have spirits, only human beings, so my best guess would be your seeing things since you so loved rocky, you maybe wishing he was around still or wish he was alive. My second guess would be a Demon, but personally I don't think it is. Demon are leaning more for harassing people to the extreme. So as long as this shadow your seeing doesn't hurt you its probably just your mind playing games.
I believe you got a DEMON following you. Yes, it may seem its nice and may even act like what a normal person/child may act like when not getting any attention, nut still you got a problem that I believe to be out of your control. Please, believe me, I not joking, take you friends advice, that thing is a DEMON and nothing else! I'm telling you this because I believe there is either good or bad in this world, heaven or hell is where the soul goes to upon death of the human body. That means there are DEMONS or ANGELS, now I can't say why they maybe there or how evil or good they are, I believe that varies with the spirit, all I can say for a fact is if this thing was an ANGEL it would never, ever hurt you! No matter what! But I've heard stories similar to this and everything always goes well until they decided they've had enough or want to move on with life. Now I take it your a Senior or just graduated, so you won't be moving or doing much of anything that may aggravate the DEMON, but I'll tell you this, if it is what I think it is it will follow you until you do something about it, it will only get worst as time goes on, if you want to settle down and have a family it may terrorize your family or even prevent you from having a family. Basically what I'm trying to say in a nutshell is you have a potential problem and you may not realize it know but when you finally deiced to go into the real world this DEMON will hold you back and prevent you from achieving what you may so long desire. I say this because this thing wants a lot of your attention already and when you can't give it to it it hurts you, what's it going to do when you want to move on with life?. This thing will on hold yo back in life and cause you pain and misery, nothing else. I advise you get rid of this DEMON and fast. To prove its DEMON try saying the Hail Mary or Our Father, depending how it acts will tell you if its a DEMON or not. Have a priest or minister come to your house and bless your home. Talk to a priest, minister, etc. And find out what you have to do to get rid of this thing. I only hope you realize what trouble your in before it to late. Best of luck and may god be with you.
Date: 2009-06-22
It looks as if your granma loves you and is looking out for you and your family. She must of been a very sweet lady before she passed away.
Date: 2009-05-06
I blieve your story but you should try and find out why she (the ghost) wants to play, how she died, etc. There maybe more to the story than what meets the eye.

Date: 2009-05-06
I heard some stories like this before. All I can say is I believe your story and just keep on praying to god for help and this event dosen't ever happen again.

Date: 2009-01-12
You send that you say a figure in a robe, was the robe black and the figure all bones. What it sounds like what you say is "The Angel of Death" or the grim reaper. Either or sounds stupies but you never know. I hope you find what the fgure you say was.

Date: 2009-01-12
There has to be very interseting history behind this story. A nun with a bone face id a first in my book but the chill that must of run down your back must of been undescrible. I hope your hapy with the gold you found and as an offer for finding the gold I would go to the grave site of the nun and plant flowers and tell her thanks.

I'm so sorry your family and friends won't listen to your stories but I myself have experience things of that nature, dull quick pushes in the middle of the night, the uneasy feeling of being watched, etc. I'm assuming your not christian so by telling to have a priest bless the house maybe alittle to far, but try'en have someone holy come and bless the house. What I do know is this: you should never have any reason to get scared, being scared is the enemy and will only lead to more suffering. Trust me I've experience my far share of this.

P.S. You mentioned that you went to your house chapel and the spirt still didn't leave you alone, you may need to do a little more than to have you rhouse blessed and/or ask the spirt to leave you alone.

Date: 2009-01-12
Some of what your experienceing sounds like alien activity, the light, orbs, etc. I personally don't believe in aliens but in all the ghost stories I've read I have never heard of ghosts involving beam of light, only in UFO stories. As for the ghost/spirt trying to have sex with you I believe the spirt may of once been a rappest. I,ve have heard of stories where ghost try to have intercourse with the living. My advise would be to look into he history of the the house, look after your daughter/ children as they get older, they may try'en do the same to them as they did to you. Have a priest come and bless the house, if they haven't all ready and if it gets bad enough, god foribbed, pray to god to have the sprit leave you and your family alone. I wish the the best of luck in trying to get rid of this spirt.
Date: 2009-01-12
That story has to be one of the more interseting ghost stories I've heard. I have to say when I think something likle a chair, shoe, etc. Moves I just automatically assume it my imagine too. If you mind I would like to hear more of your ghost stories, epecially the about the demon.
I like the story but are you sure those where real ghosts? I'm not trying to say that you didn't see them. But don't you think they could of been real soilders helping out one another. My father was in the Marine Corps and served in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Him and his buddies got caught up in a few sand storms, minor shoot outs, etc. And when they saw a guy down/in troule they would try everything to help him or her no matter what. So do you possibly think that those soilders/ghosts you saw were really just real soilders helpping out one another in the sandstorm?

P.S. Do you remember what type of uniforms they where wearing, cause if they were olding miltary uniforms they were probably ghosts that you saw.
Date: 2008-07-28
What I personally believed you saw was a ghost murder. What I mean is someone may of killed someone else in your neighbors house many years ago. The only problem is I don't know old the house and you and your friends did't get a description on the persons in the house.
Now as for you and your friends checking out that house in the dead of night, not knowing what to expect, you are indeed very brave and I respect that.
If you could I would like to hear more about this house and any experiences you/your friends may have about this house.

Thaank you for sharing your experience!
Date: 2008-07-28
I can't really give you much advice but all I can say is maybe you hit your jaw on something in your sleep.
I've had similiar experiences, for example, well I'm sleeping feet at the bottom of the bed my head at the top.
I'll all of a sudden fell like I'm falling of the edge of the world then come to a sudden stop, it neave woke me up.
Only to wake up on my bedroom floor with my head at the bottom of my bed and my feet at the top.
All I could saw is you may of hit your jaw against your dresser or nightstand.

Thanks for sharing your experience!