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Little Girl In The Bathroom Dressed In White on 2014-12-18

I was about five years old and living in Mexico. My mom used to work at a bridal shop. The shop was next to a candy store that my mom's friend owned. One day I wanted to use the bathroom and my mom took me to the candy store because our store didn't have a bathroom. Her friend's wife let us use ...

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Date: 2014-12-19
wow that is some strong experience during sleep paralysis some people I know have had similar cases aswell
Date: 2014-12-19
my sister that lives in AZ has had similar experiences in the hospital she works at
It's symbolism for a stronger bond between two souls that have had crossed paths before. In one past life or the one you're living now, or if it's a relative of yours.
To clarify things, the story happened when I was little so obviously it was scary,, I knew she was in my doll already for about two years ago when I had talked to my psycic friend who I hadn't told him about the story, when I said that I can feel her strongly around I meant that it is when I meet someone new and she sees wether that person is going to try to cause harm to me, in that case her presence gets so strong that the hairs on the back of the person's neck stand up and causes an erie feel that the person I meet persieves and backs off. Sorry for the missunderstanding ❤
Yeah in my doll, she goes wherever I go I never leave her behind
Not to mention the fact that I am of indian decent as well makes her connection to me stronger ❤
I tried that but she doesn't go as if wants to stay watching over me, she does no harm to any people close to me, I recently made a stronger bond with her, I talked with my friend who sees and senses ghost as well and he told me that he saw a little girl in my doll (I hadn't told him the story just showed him the doll). She had gotten attatched to what particularly is my dearly loved Heidy (Holliday Heidy), he also said that the girl had some indian heritage dessent as well as european and that I had seen her before and that she adores me. So I put a blue ribbon on her (heidy's) hair as well as my birthstone ring and a lock of my hair... She defends me agains bad stuff or warns me...
Elnoraemily, that I know of no one else other than me had an experience there.
I can feel her around as if she keeps observing me as I go on day to day in my life, feels erie but she doen't bother me excpet when on one ocation a year ago she started messing around with the door bell, I also hear and see creepy stuff in my house now as a 19yr old