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I'm a sceptic, but curious...

I believe that we do not yet know everything about the world we live in.
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The Man With The Mask on 2014-12-22

Before I start telling my story, I should mention that I DO have a history of mental illness. Psychosis to be more accurate. There are two reasons that I still feel this might be something paranormal. First off, when I was ill I never saw things (hallucinations), I'd just imagine stuff (delusion...

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Date: 2014-12-22
[at] elnoraemily

Thank you for giving my story that much thought. I appreciate your knowledge. If you have any other theories or questions, feel free:-)

I've never met anyone with knowledge of both paranormal acticities and mental illness, so I find it very interesting.
Date: 2014-12-22
[at] notjustme

Thank you so much for praying:-)

I don't know what a pineal gland is, and google translate isn't much help?
Date: 2014-12-22
- oh and also: Neither Occupy nor Anonymous are very big in Denmark. And definitely not in Odense.
I don't think I have ever seen a person wearing such a mask, except on tv of course.
Date: 2014-12-22
I'm diagnosed with schizophrenia, but have very good results from Abilify (aripiprazol).

It might have been an actual guy in a mask, but it just doesn't explain where he went. He literally vanished within a second or so... In the beginning, after the incident, I was waiting for new symptoms as I thought it was a hallucination. But I haven't had ANY symptoms about a year previous and ever since.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask:-)