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Ghost From The Cemetery on 2017-01-19

This incident happened in the month of August 2014. I was a fresh graduate and started my first job at a telecommunication company. I had to work about 8 hours a day. In busy days I had to work until 9.30 PM. So if I'm getting late, I usually ask one of my family members to drive me home from work. ...

Wounded Man on 2016-12-27

This story happened about 10 years ago. It was a rainy night and my sister was at her private tuition class with her friend. Only two of them were taking tuition from that tutor at the night time class. Her tuition class was about 8km away from our own house so we usually go there to take her back h...

Scary Figure In The Camp on 2015-01-07

This is my second story on YGS and please ignore my grammar and spelling mistakes because I'm not very good in English. In the summer 2012, me and few of my friends went on camping in a far away camp site in a forest. We were planning to take some nature photographs since the forest is very famou...

Screaming Girl on 2015-01-01

This happened few years ago when I was about 20 years old. I was doing my undergraduate studies in a prestigious university. The university was situated in a huge garden like land where the buildings were very old and there were huge and old trees all over the land and it looked like the university ...

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Date: 2017-01-06
Yes Vanessax1995. As I've heard from some of my friends that road is very famous for haunting. But still don't know the story behind the wounded man. I tried to remind his face. But the image I have on my mind is not very clear. All I can remember is how he was covered in blood.
Wow Great story. Thanks for sharing. What I know is little children got some connections with the spiritual world. That ability goes away when they get older.
Date: 2015-02-15
Interesting story. You should ask someone from the management about the kid. And maybe there's a story about the Kid. Good luck.
Date: 2015-01-23
Dear nikhilj536,

Wow. Your story is very interesting. I would have fainted if I was you.I've heard a similar story which happened in Sri Lanka. During the JVP insurrection in Sri Lanka lot of young people were murdered and the souls are still running here and there.
Dear wolfhunterxx,

Your story is interesting. You know when our parents are depressed it normally effect the children. When my mom was depressed I used to have very bad dreams. Its because I could feel her depression but couldn't help her since I was small. Hope your mom is ok now.
Date: 2015-01-09
Dear Khizie,MandyyNicole,TinAA,Nectarvore,elnoraemily,MandyyNicole and demonshauntme

Thanks for commenting. The thing is we all couldn't see the figure. Some of us did see while others couldnt. And the meat was smelling bad we had to throw it away.
Date: 2015-01-07
Dear Khizie,

Thank you for commenting. Is 'kapre' a demon? Or is it an animal? How do you avoid it?
Date: 2015-01-07
Dear demonshauntme,

Thank you for commenting.
Yes we did pray. Of course we are not going to that place again. I'm wondering whether that incident had a connection with the barbecued meat? Are they coming because of the smelling of burning meat?
Date: 2015-01-07
Dear twisterwatcher7,
Usually the spirits in our houses are not harmful since they are relations or friends who died. But if the spirits are not related we can't assure them. Maybe one of your relation wanted to scare you a little bit.
Date: 2015-01-07
Dear Chatham_Mann2012,
In Sri Lanka we do 'pirith chanting' to send away spirits from us. If you can meet a buddhist monk he'll tell you what to do. He'll give you a piece of thread to be tied in your hand and you won't be troubled by any spirits again. And your mom will be safe too. When you do that the spirit can't enter your house.
Date: 2015-01-06
Thank you all for commenting TinAA, Angel9090, sheetal We gave free food for some orphans as an alms giving and wished her good luck today morning. As Buddhists we expect those spirits to be happy by doing that. Me and my friends prayed for her after that Angel9090 I asked her to leave the hostel premises and go to a near by funeral. This story happened exactly two years back. But I'm stll in touch with the current hostelers because I'm doing post graduate studies in the same university. The friends who helped me today were current hostelers and were scared so much. We lighted some candles in the garden as well.
Date: 2015-01-04
Dear angel9090. Thanks for the comment. I think we should do that. Its an easy thing to do. We should definetly try that. Thanks again for your great idea.
Date: 2015-01-03
Dear shushantkar.
Thanks for the comment. I tried to get some information about the girl but the management won't give any because they think the story will scare the current students. But me and some students thought of organizing an alms giving and a pirith chanting in the name of that girl. Ill keep you updated. Thank you again
I don't know why we keep hearing things like this only at night. Do you know that some sound waves travel from far away places and enter our ears? I'd like to know what kind of a cleansing you did?