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My Second Story on 2016-03-16

This is my second story I'm posting about my childhood in St. Charles, IL (STC). I've been hesitant to share it as most would think it's not paranormal, but I honestly have no explanation of how it could have happened otherwise. I'm a female engineer who's very logical and good at troubleshootin...

Childhood Haunted Home In Stc on 2015-01-05

Ghost stories - here are a few of my remembrances... My parents built our house and we moved in a year after I was born in 1970 on Ron Sue Lane in St. Charles (STC), IL USA. So there were no previous owners. Nor was there any death on the property that I am aware of. The land was a wooded area i...

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Date: 2017-03-17
It's been awhile since I checked in and thanks for the comments. I actually agree with the majority of them. Everything you all are raising are things I considered (other than elemental or Big Foot). There wasn't a strong smell in the air that I remember. Logically it would seem like a an intruder but everything about this situation just didn't sit right with me. But I can't find words to explain why. I actually drove past the house a few weeks ago when I returned back to IL for my Aunt's memorial. The house is still there looking the same albeit looking a bit smaller than I remember and weathered. The current owners have been there for 15+ years if Zillow is to be trusted. But even if I were invited I don't think I'd step foot in the home. I've been fighting the nightmares and managing them too long to stir them up again.
Date: 2016-03-17
Thank you for your comments. I am a person that naturally tries to debunk things so I take your feedback to heart. I am very familiar with raccoons and that was too small to come close to what I heard. I must admit logic says there were larger predictors like coyotes in the area but I was a wilderness girl and I never saw any. The area was wooded but there wasn't more than a few acres between houses with paths. Unlike kids today we spent a ton of hours outdoors so I knew the woods like the back of my hand. Honestly the closest explanation is a person but it has never sat right with me that this is a possibility or else I wouldn't have shared it on this site. I don't know how to explain it but my engineering mind says there was a human prowler but my gut (and a bit of logic knowing how remote we were) says it was something more.
The name of the street is now Ronsu Lane. I'm not going to put the house number in. It was named Ron Sue when I was a kid. It was named for the "farmers" 2 children. I put farmer in quotes because later I was told he wasn't a farmer but the accountant for the Baker family and inherited or somehow got the property. He lived across the street from us and his son owned a farm on the land a bit north off of Crane Rd. His last name started with a Z. They were a lovely family and very, very nice. The grandson was also named Ron (from what I remember) or similar and he was a few years younger than me.