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Evil Feeling 2 on 2015-01-14

So I should have put this in my original story but thought it was long enough as it is. Last week was when the sound of the light switches started, me and a different friend were down in the garage playing pool and when we came back upstairs she went back into my room while I stayed in the kitche...

Evil Feeling on 2015-01-12

So my dad and I moved into this flat about 2 years ago and right before we moved in we got given a key each so I went to see the house for the first time with my two friends. We stupidly tried to communicate with anything that was there and nothing happened so we just left it. After about a mont...

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Date: 2015-01-14
Hey, so with the neibours running up and down the stairs, we know what it sounds like when someone next door is running up and down the stairs and we know what it sounds like with our stairs and I can 100% say that it is deffinately our stairs not next door.

Also we have never heard light switches going on and off before and it has only just started just recently. There is something I should have put in the story but I thought it would have been too long so I will write another story about it.

It is impossible for a draft to make the blinds move the way they did, it was like someone hit them or something. It is also impossible for a draft to move the wardrobe doors as violently as they did also 100% sure of this.

There is no air vent in my room or and I checked the window for any drafts and there wasn't one, plus I have lit candles in my room before and the flame and never flickered so violently before.

We tryed to communicate because I just wanted to see if there was anything in my house at all, I don't usually do this but I just wanted to try it. Obviously we hadn't moved in yet so there was no furniture and we just sat in my empty room an tried asking for knocks and that kind of stuff.

I do live on a main road and trucks don't usually go past but busses do but they stop running at 12am and we were doing this at around 2am.