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Spirit Who Kept Me Holding For Some Minutes on 2015-01-21

Friends this is my second encounter with ghost. This encounter happen when I was Finishing my board exam in 1998. On last the day I finished my last paper, and came to home and was very happy. As we all know we get big relief after board exam. I was completely free and on that day only my friend ask...

A Lady In White Saree At Night on 2015-01-14

My name is Sushant, and I am from Badlapur (Mumbai). My encounter with ghost happens when I was 13 years of age in year 1995. It was gokulasthami on that day. I was out from morning with my friends roaming in the City to watch Dahi Handi. I enjoyed whole day, at last at around 8.30 PM we had dinn...

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Hi sheetal,

I have visited so many times because beyond the River is my native place. And I born in Badlapur Only. 😁 😁 😐 But I tell you don't go there specially on new moon day, you will be risking your life. But if you want you can go in day time with some one just for visit another day.
Yes sheetal Its Quite Interesting place, But No one knows the real thing on that place. Only those person knows who have been staying in Badlapur Gaon And Badlapur stn.
Hello burris,
I think you should first to gather some info of that place from any old staying guy in that area specifically beside your house your neighbor or some one who know that place from long time. If you get any positive reply its mean yes that's the deceased person spirit which is still owning the place.
But I think you should not get worry the more you afraid, the more you will get scared and that spirit will give you hard time if you worried more. So just be relax don't let his power over come you.
If really that spirit is annoying you then its clear, that he is giving you a message that get out of my place I don't like you.
But one thing I say you if you do believe in prayers then no need to worry at all. Just keep on praying everything will be all right. Prayers work if you completely believe in prayers. God bless you.
Sheetal yes you need to gather Lots of Guts, cause you will be risking your life by going at that place. Its the most Haunted place. If you know River Ulhas in badlapur. You need to go across the river when you cross the river, you should move towards Badlapur village direction after you cross the river bridge, on right hand side there is one big huge Tamarind tree. That is very very old tree, from my mother teens age. Thats the point its by road side only attached with old graveyard and the river. That's the only location. That tree is 65 years old still the tree is present there.
Today also my mom say when ever you pass the tree never ever stop there. Go as quick as you can.
So are you ready to go there.
Sheetal do you want to have experience?
1 place I know in badlapur where still today you can experience paranormal activities. 🤔 🤔
Hi Val,

Iam glad that you gave me some detail. Yes now I got it. Thanks for the help.
Yep that's correct Valkicry.
Did You Ever Encounter any kind of Paranormal Activities in your life.
Sheetal, Did you experienced any paranormal activities.
Hi Sheetal,

Yes the only one part that was palms & backside of palms was white the rest was shadow.
Yes off-course I spoken this to my mom, and she know s this thing. As I told before, that in 1990 until 1998 our place badlapur was not well developed it was little bit of forest area. So this Paranormal Activites were more at that time. Dam & river is far away from my house but there was one small canal present at that time but now it has been diverted from another place. Its near AVM school If you know that school.
Hello Valkricry,

No Its not Sleeping paralysis. Actually this thing happen to me twice on that same place where I was sleeping. I was sleeping normal with my both hands rested on my chest. And that spirit was holding my hand & pressing my chest from above. I cannot say holding my hand but it was hold which I saw by my naked eyes. Both Palms and back side of palm were only white the rest part was dark, that's why I could not say whether it was a woman or man.
Hi Tinaa,

Yes of course you will feel that way, because what I had experienced my self I had wrote each and every detail what happen at that time. I think that lady was the nice spirit that's why she gave smile to me but not harmed me.
Did you experienced such things in your life.
Hello sheetal,

Yes I also heard that there are ghost take shelter on mango trees, but you know that my mother says that tree was planted by me only when I was a little kid. My Mom also said me that our house is on built on grave yard, she says that she is not well sure about it cause when we put foundation for our house 40 years before, at that time we found lots of human skeletons which was burried below the soil. But we never got any type harassment from those Paranormal Activities. Also no one saw such things only me and my mom had been experienced it.
Hello Paranormalgal25,

Iam not sure about that, but I did the query to one of the Saudi who was working with me since beginning from my employment, he told me that Previously these place where our camp is situated now was known as bad area where dirty job was done. He also told me that this paranormal activities did happen before also with our Camp Staff.
Thanks Everyone for all your nice response. I appreciate your all comments. I have some Other experience also, I will post it after some time as soon as I get free from my work. 😊 😊
Love you all
Take care.
Sushant d