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Passerby in this crazy world, but wise enough to know there is more that meets the eye.I'm a sensitive and still trying to figure out my way around... Easygoing and love to have fun and enjoy life as it comes...I'm very comfortable and happy with where I am now (although I wish I was a bit taller) .I believe in the paranormal but I'm skeptical enough to know what is paranormal and what is not I've had lots of crazy experiences.I'm a deep old soul (as mum always says) .old soul or not I love my morning coffee and can't do without ice cream... And the rest...we'll see
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My Afternoon Delimna on 2015-04-20

This is a story to share my experience at a family friend's home when I was younger. We were all very close and we lived just a few streets away so their home was like a second home to us. The family consists of the mum, the daughter (who is my very good friend) and the son. I, my sister and brot...

Dad Almost Fainted Lol on 2015-02-02

This is one of those stories that keep your mouth wide open and your eyes bulgy. So this is not mine but my dad's story. When he was a young adult, before he got married to my sweet mum, he had this very good friend, they met in school and hit it off. This friend we will call John. John's mum had a ...

Unsettling Experiences In My New Home on 2015-01-15

I and my siblings recently moved in permanently with my mum and I've noticed some strange things in the house. I get the feeling of being watched especially in my room and I always feel unsafe in my closet that aside, about 2 weeks ago my dad was having a nap in mum's room (he came to spend a month ...

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Date: 2015-05-20
That's the link to the cleansing. Hope it helps
Date: 2015-05-20
Lightgoddess: there are bits and pieces missing in your story and it seems jumbled up but from what I get every house you've moved to has been haunted, and you've been attacked and bitten (correct me if I'm wrong) ...has there been anyone in your family that has experienced these things too? Maybe there are other explanations for these events but to feel comfortable I think you should give rook's cleansing method a try... Most people that have used it have had positive results.
Stay safe and keep updating!
This is so touching. He probably chose to communicate with you because you are some kind of empath; you sound like a very caring and sweet person and I can see how Dr C will feel the need to share his sadness and frustrations with you. I hope he has found peace wherever he is now... This is definitely going to my favourites.
I do agree, at 14 you shouldn't be dealing with all these fear... But whatever it is know that you are stronger. I applaud your teacher for being there and I know as much as the people from the site can;you will get all the help you need.

Is there anything stressing you out besides this? School work can be quite stressful and stress plus lack of sleep aren't good a combo.
As the other members suggested... A little prayer to whatever you believe in can help give comfort. Are there other things that help you relax?... (nothing relaxes me better than a cup of ice cream and my favourite book)
Right now you need rest and good sleep to get your mind at ease.
If this is PMS or a poltergeist, or even an haunting... Know you are stronger and you will over come.
If it's possible you could talk to your mum. Please no more breakdowns... You will be fine.

Keep us updated.
Date: 2015-04-27
Something quite similar happened to my dad, you can read about it on my profile if you want. Personally I think its their way of saying goodbye to people they care about/ people that care about them.
I also had my mum's older sister and brothers call me their mother because I supposedly look, act and walk like her. My guess is that they would grab onto anything that reminds them of their mum (my grandmother). And I can understand that... Afterall its always hard to lose someone you love. Just as long as they don't take it to whole new level. Stay safe!
This put a smile on my face.It's nice to know we aren't alone... Everyone needs support every now and then. Best wishes to you and your son. 😁
Date: 2015-04-27
Sam she is not my daughter she is my friend, and I am not sure it was a shadow person. Nevertheless they both opened up and told me different experiences they've had since living there.
Date: 2015-04-23
Just to put my two cents in, you should know for sure what you are getting into... Its nice that you actually made time to research about astral projection but I suggest meditation first to prepare your mind and body... Then learn some kind of protection... I personally use this (I close my eyes and envision a white light covering me up from head to toe, protecting me and since I'm a Christian I also add the blood of Jesus) but you can use whatever you feel comfortable with.

And if by chance you experience sleep paralysis and you want out, I suggest (and this has worked for me) you focus on your toes or fingers and focus on moving it... It may seem hard but if you succeed in moving your fingers... There is a 50% chance you'll come out of it.

I also suggest you try to get as much rest as possible as sleep paralysis may be as a result of stress and lack of proper sleep. Stay safe!
This is quite interesting,I'm sorry about your great grand father and your great grand mum. I myself have only one grandmum left and I pray everyday that's she stays with us as long as she can.
As for the house, Ofcourse with it being old it will have lots of history. A journal perhabs to keep track of experiences will be useful. Please share any more stories you may have.
Date: 2015-04-23
Thanks,funny how that day opened a whole new door in our relationship, because they spilled and started telling me all sorts of experiences they had in that house. Made us feel even closer. But the boy himself seems to be an empath but might not know it yet.
I can imagine the fear you must have felt. Did you really feel that deep down the man was evil? If yes then he probably was. I believe in following your intuition as most times its right.
And you could try reading more on the mines, maybe there was some accident or something... Local old newspapers could shed more light and who knows you might come across more information.
As for the time 3am being witching hour, I think its really the negativity people give that hour that makes it "bad" also like you mentioned. Its when we are most relaxed and susceptible to experience the paranormal but one can't say these days lol. Wish you the best... Be safe
Date: 2015-02-28
Not every unexplained/paranormal entity is bad. This just goes to show there is some good both in our physical world and the spiritual.
I'm glad you chose to listen and leave. She sounds like a mother figure lol with the whole "scolding and almost slapping" know how mums can be.
Date: 2015-02-20
[at] OP: that must have been pretty frightening, anymore info on the child would be really nice. Wonder what made him so sad. Still becareful, you never know these days. Stay safe

[at] notjustme
LOL,hit the nail on the head, being as curious as I am I don't think I would wait around to find out after seeing a floating kid.I'll literally "fly with the speed of light" outta there
My heart was beating as I read this "please let nothing happen to the baby",I hope he is ok now?...while I was reading the beginning of your experience I thought you trying to wake up and not being able to are all signs of sleep paralysis but as I read that your husband experienced the same thing, your in-laws and finally your baby I believe there is more to it than just SP. Good thing you blessed your house especially your son's room and yours. And if it happens again you should ask whatever it is to leave your house because its not welcomed there. Stay safe.
Date: 2015-02-11

I too got that feeling and unfortunately she's late. Strange world indeed.
Date: 2015-02-11

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Its one of my favourite out of all dad's experiences.
Wow very well written, I could almost feel your fear! But reading this I have two thoughts:the first was that the entity was some type of fae. And elemental and not the good kind but then I thought if it was protecting its territory if won't delight in your fear all it wants is for you to get out, that led to thought two. The one thing I know for sure enjoys tormenting and taunting, that feeds on fear...demons.I don't know for sure but it seemed more intent on scaring you as deep as fear can get.
All the same I'm glad you are ok. And have you noticed all the comments have tended towards supernatural conclusions not one skeptical explanation... That says something. All the best
Date: 2015-02-05
If that happened to me I will definitely be scared at first then after calming down I'll realize how special I am to him/her.
Date: 2015-02-05
Thanks,whenever I bring up this story to my father you can see the play of emotions on his face from sadness, fear then happiness. What I've eventually learnt is that there is more to this life then we know. And some day we will know. Thanks!
Thanks for your kind words. I know other people have been through worse, makes you wish the world was a better place...
Wishful thinking huh... I know.thanks!