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Our House Behind The Cemetery on 2015-01-15

I never thought I would write in this website. I've been a silent reader for many months. Although it may sound stupid, I'll let you know my experience. I'm a very scared person when it comes to paranormal stuff since young. I'll be the most interested person to join in for a horror movie or a spook...

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Date: 2015-03-22
Jinzy, that is really scary. I never shared to anyone in my entire life (except my parents). But I had the almost similar experience too. I was around 6 or 7 years old. And also remember I was about to sleep. Then when I woke up, I saw this glowing form of a man but he looked like a thick stick man. He just stood there and smiled at me. (I think) It was a white glow. I screamed and got my parents to come and see. They convinced me that it was a dream. But it is still very VERY fresh in my mind until today. I've tried googling what was that, but never got an answer.

I was surprised to see your story. There is someone who have actually went through something almost similar.

Date: 2015-03-20
Okay, I don't mean to scare you or anything. But the exact similar thing happened to my granny. (Not exactly my granny but my husband's) She was 88 at that time (2011). She kept saying that she sees someone. She sometimes told my mother in law "there is someone outside the door, waiting." And other times, she can be seen scolding someone near the stairs, asking them to go away. This freaked us all out. She passed away in a month or so (i'm really sorry, don't mean to scare you).

The same thing happened to her sister (80 plus as well). When she was nearing her deathbed, she kept saying there are two dark bald guys waiting outside the house to take her.

Some believe that when you're nearing your death, you can see this weird stuff and all. Especially old people
And guys! A small confession. In my story, I've put that the tenant gave us the place to rent. (small confusion over the word tenant) suppose to be owner! My bad! Sorry!
Valkricry, we had the same thought too!

Ifihadyoux, Lol! Will do, although I don't really want to experience anything like that anymore! Hahah >.<
Hahaha, thanks everyone. You guys put it in such way that now it sound funny. Much relaxed.:D